Five Tweets That Did Not Age Well In 2017

Five Tweets That Did Not Age Well In 2017

Five Tweets That Did Not Age Well In 2017

Ah, Twitter. What would we do without knowing the instant and unfiltered reaction of every single person with itchy fingers and wi-fi at the ready?

To that end, here are five tweets that did not age well in 2017. Some of them might have even been dead on arrival. For the purposes of this list, we’re sticking with verified (blue check mark) Twitter accounts. These are in no particular order.

1) Bill Kristol and tax reform

It took until the end of the calendar year, but this tweet by the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol now looks awkward and bitter.


Hey, Bill, we get it, you don’t like Trump. That’s okay. But this perpetual gloom-and-doom act is getting old. Trump is the president until at least 2020. Maybe you should try and find a few silver linings occasionally?

2) April Ryan, CNN reporter, and “Piegate”

When is a pie not a pie? When Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders bakes it, apparently.

Cue April Ryan, who demanded PROOF! NOW! that Sanders baked the pie.

When no proof could be found that the pie was actually a stock image, Sanders offered to make pie for Ryan.

Ryan doubled down.

She should have been eating crow at this point. And Sanders had a little fun at Ryan’s expense a few weeks later.

Ryan really should have taken Mike Huckabee’s advice.

“Let me tell you something, she’s been making this pie for years… makes them for friends, but here’s the warning that I would issue. Stuart, don’t ever and I mean don’t ever mess with a Southern woman and her homemade pies. It is as dangerous as when you hear a Southern woman begin her sentence with ‘bless your heart.’ It means you’re about to be gutted like a deer and just don’t know it.”

3) Lena Dunham believes all women, except that one

2017 will long be remembered as the year when Hollywood was rightfully ripped to shreds as a vacuous, soulless, heinous example of what happens when people have the power to make or break the careers and lives of others. Quite honestly, Ronan Farrow probably deserves a Pulitzer for his work in exposing Harvey Weinstein and opening the floodgates to stores that took down the likes of Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer, and Russell Simmons, among others.

And before the Weinstein story – and everything that followed – broke, feminist poseur Lena Dunham, who has a long track record of being a terrible human being, said this:

At least, that was her stance until this super woke feminist’s friend was accused of rape. Then, no, don’t believe all women, because that one MUST be lying.

Yeah, that went over just about as well as you think it did. Dunham tried damage control, but that ship had sailed. We can only hope that this is the end of Lena Dunham being taken seriously.

4) Linda Sarsour and Jerusalem

Here we have the tweet that was dead on arrival.

Oh, where to begin… maybe with a map and some history?

You see, Linda, the nation of Israel calls Jerusalem its capital. I know this is hard for a raging anti-Semite like yourself to understand, but Donald Trump did not make Jerusalem the capital of Israel. All he did was acknowledge that Israel says it is the capital, and decided to move our embassy there. And thanks to him and to Ambassador Nikki Haley, we have affirmed our friendship with the ONLY stable democracy in the Middle East.

I hope that video gives Linda Sarsour heartburn.

5) Ben Rhodes and lies

Oh, where to begin with Ben Rhodes, noted author of the Iran deal disaster and Obama apologist. Let’s look in the wayback machine for this one:

This is a tweet that Rhodes really should regret, but I’m fairly certain he possesses no capacity for shame or self-awareness.

Maybe, just maybe, the guy that wrote and pushed the Iran Deal would care to explain this?


He just called Politico “right-wing.” I don’t think he’s familiar with the national media if that’s the angle he wants to play.

Maybe Rhodes should sit down and shut up until he can explain himself.

So there you go – five tweets that did not age well in 2017. Got any others that you remember? Share them in the comments!

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  • John says:

    I forget … What no-show fraudulent business was the Congressional Democrat IT Support Amir clan involved with?

    Oh, that’s right … Used Cars!

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