Douglas County Deputy Zachary Parish And Two Civilians Killed During Domestic Violence Response [VIDEO]

Douglas County Deputy Zachary Parish And Two Civilians Killed During Domestic Violence Response [VIDEO]

Douglas County Deputy Zachary Parish And Two Civilians Killed During Domestic Violence Response [VIDEO]

This morning the news broke of an officer-involved shooting in the Denver metro area. That shooting resulted in tragedy. 

The deputies were responding to domestic violence call just after 5 a.m. at the Copper Canyon Apartments, 3403 East County Line Road, when shots rang out, according to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

Within minutes Douglas County Sheriff sent out an alert.

Sadly for three families, their New Year will begin in mourning. Two civilians and a sheriff’s deputy from Douglas County were killed. Four other deputies were injured. The fallen deputy, now identified as Zachary Parish, was taken to Littleton Hospital.

A heartbreaking scene for all.

Lawmakers, law enforcement from around the country, and President Trump have offered their condolences.

Every day law enforcement officers respond to distress calls. Every day, they never know what will happen at the scene.

Today, for deputies in Douglas County the distress call they responded to was more dangerous than anyone thought and people died.

Just a few days ago a dispatcher in Wichita, KS received a 911 call regarding a highly dangerous situation. 

A Wichita police officer shot and killed Andrew Finch after a prank caller – suspected to be 25-year-old Tyler Barriss – reportedly told authorities Mr Finch had killed his father and was holding hostages inside the man’s home.

As Kim wrote here, the second-guessing of the police response to the SWATting hoax started almost immediately. However, the Wichita police had exactly ZERO idea that this call was a hoax. They couldn’t read minds. Yet, the second-guessing over the police response went into high gear. However, keep this in mind.

…911 dispatchers have to take everything seriously, as do the police. What if the call was a bona fide shooting/hostage situation, and dispatchers and police brushed it off as bogus?

Law Enforcement has to and MUST respond as if every situation is real. They did so in Wichita, they did so with Patterico, they did so with Brian Krebs, and with far too many other individuals, schools, or government institutions.

Early this morning, sheriff deputies in Colorado responded to a domestic violence call. Now two civilians and a young sheriff deputy have died in what Sheriff Tony Spurlock termed an ambush style of attack.

Was this attack a set up? No one knows at this time. Was the call in Wichita a hoax? Yes, but police didn’t know that when they responded. However, in both cases the deputies and officers responded as if the call was dangerous. One was and one wasn’t. Unfortunately both ended in tragedy.

As we move forward to ring in the New Year, please keep Deputy Zachary Parish’s family, the families of the civilians, Andrew Finch’s family, and all those in law enforcement in your prayers.

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  • Mel says:

    Hi, I’m sure this has been brought to your attention already, but the two civilians that were shot were not killed. The only fatality was Parrish, and that has been hard enough for our community. Can you kindly edit this blog post to reflect the truth?

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