Kamala Harris Going To Vietnam For Humiliation Tour

Kamala Harris Going To Vietnam For Humiliation Tour

Kamala Harris Going To Vietnam For Humiliation Tour

Does anyone remember that Kamala Harris is vice president? The last time we saw her face, it was in one of Biden’s Zoom calls about how Afghanistan was collapsing.

For someone who was billed as this supposedly “capable” person who would be ready to take over at a moment’s notice, and who clearly believed that she was being groomed to take over the second old Joe missed one too many stairs, Kamala Harris has discovered that the reality of the Biden White House has been quite different than her expectations.

The reality is that Kamala Harris is simply a prop who is running cover for the old man. She punched all the right categories on the intersectional card, which won her a spot on the ticket, but her negatives are so bad that she’s been sidelined by the Obama Old Guard who are running the show. And Jill Biden – who really IS the one running the show with Ron Klain and Jen Psaki – hates her for calling Joe a racist in that infamous first Democrat primary debate. If the struggle for control of Grandpa Joe was between Kamala and Jill, then Jill has won, hands down.

So Kamala Harris gets stuck with the jobs no one wants, like “fixing the border” and chairing the National Space Council (anyone remember that one?) and looking like a complete fool on her first foreign trip to Guatemala and Mexico.

Her second foriegn trip was announced in early August as a visit to Vietnam to promote the Team Biden message that “the adults are in charge again!”

“Her trip will build on the Biden-Harris Administration’s message to the world: America is back,” her office said in a statement.”

The statement continued, “Our Administration sees Asia as a critically important region in the world. The Vice President’s visit will emphasize the importance of comprehensive engagement and strategic partnerships — key components of our Administration’s approach to foreign policy.”

During meetings with government officials, the private sector, and civil society leaders, Harris will share the Biden administration’s vision for a free and open Indo-Pacific, her office said, raise trade and security issues, including in the South China Sea, and promote economic cooperation.”

Kamala Harris must be wondering which political gods she needs to make a sacrifice to in order to get out of this trip. Afghanistan is being called “Saigon on steroids” and now she is supposed to leave Friday for a trip to the country that everyone is now talking about. The timing feels like something out of a badly written political joke, and you know that the press is not going to let Kamala’s comments about helping Joe make that decision to leave Afghanistan alone while she is out smiling for the cameras in VIETNAM.

And it isn’t just the American press who is going to be pushing Kamala Harris for a comment. The foriegn press is going to be asking those incredibly awkward questions too, and Kamala will be standing IN VIETNAM, having to stammer her way (or worse, giggle) through an answer that has to gloss over the cruel reality of Joe Biden’s comments. And the reality is that this is Saigon 2.0.

And Kamala Harris will have to stand up and bear the blame that history will assign just as much as Joe Biden will.

So Harris will have to stand in front of cameras, in Vietnam, a plastic grin on her face and nervous giggles she will try to keep in her throat, and get hammered by the press because the old man just walked off the stage after saying “the buck stops with me” and blaming everyone else – while Americans are left to fend for themselves in Afghanistan.

Well, you wanted to be president, Kamala. You hitched your wagon to the old man and bought the ticket for the humiliation tour. Enjoy the ride, and the incredible optics of having to answer questions about the BIDEN-HARRIS administration‘s failure to plan for every contingency for leaving Afghanistan while in Vietnam. Have a nice trip.

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    Let her stay there!!

  • Susan Harms says:

    your light blue for the hyperlinks makes it hard to read. will not visit your blog again

  • Bruce says:

    The “disconnect” between reality and what the commentariat, churnalists and pollie-muppets spout never ceases to appall me.

    Then, there is the “interesting” situational awareness.

    My experiences over nearly two decades intermittently in country with the Viets were instructive. Many are voracious readers in general and consumers of news and also “non-fiction”, and many of them are also multi-lingual.

    Do Kamela and her handlers not understand that she was international “public property” from the moment she first expressed an interest in politics. The Willie Wonky thing just added another layer of wryly amusing detail.

    The Viet diplomats will have been filing daily reports to supplement what passes for news these days. Not that she is THAT special. However, “personal information” is HUGE business in the “diplomatic” world; HumInt and all that. EVERYBODY (sane) does it.

  • PeteVarg says:

    An unintersting, uninterested, lying, socially awkward, cackling incompetent 60 IQ lawyer (at least she wasn’t last in her class like JoeBama) who is in Viet-Nam now checking on he US border.

  • […] supposed to fix her messaging and communications problems. You know, problems like showing up in Vietnam with the theme “America is Back,” not leaving the airport but defining it as a full […]

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