Kamala Harris Has No Idea Why She’s In Charge

Kamala Harris Has No Idea Why She’s In Charge

Kamala Harris Has No Idea Why She’s In Charge

The vice-president, Kamala Harris, is completely confused. Why do people keep asking her about solving the problems at the border???

That’s not her JOB, she is insisting. That’s someone else’s job – you know, like the Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas. So STOP BUGGING HER ABOUT IT. She’s NOT going to the border, so STOP ASKING.

She’ll go to Mexico and Guatemala because she will be treated with all the trappings of power and authority, but she’s not going to show up on the border. Even though Joe Biden said, three weeks ago, that this WAS her new job. ROLL THE TAPE.

And here is what was said at the time:

“I have asked her, the VP, today, because she is the most qualified person to do it, to lead our efforts with Mexico and the Northern Triangle and the countries that are going to need help in stemming the movement of so many folks, stemming the migration to our southern border,” Biden said.”

A White House official said Harris’s work will run along two tracks — first to address the swell of migrants at the southern border, and second to build long-term partnerships with the Central American countries the people are fleeing.”

“She’ll work first on the goal of stemming the flow of irregular migrants to the U.S. … but at the same time, the real goal is to establish a strategic partnership with these countries based on respect and shared values,” the official said.”

Apparently, Kamala Harris has a one-track mind, so she can’t handle TWO tracks of work. Or she just doesn’t want the political optics of being photographed at the border, surrounded by illegal unaccompanied migrant children, like she’s Roy Neary at the end of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” Or, like Biden before her, she’s going to use COVID as an excuse to not do anything that she doesn’t want to do. Regardless, Kamala Harris has made it clear to the Biden team, if not Biden himself – she’ll do anything to be president, but she WON’T DO THAT. News flash – going to Mexico and Guatemala is NOT “going to the border” unless she’s going to stand on the Mexico side of the border and try and convince the people wearing the Biden t-shirts not to cross over.

This led Representative Steve Scalise to have a little fun this morning.

Oh no, a PROP. How DARE he mock Kamala Harris, who is taking the crochet world by storm? (Sorry, I just can’t get over that Washington Post coverage. Can you imagine Mike Pence getting that kind of fluff written about him? Nope, they were too busy mocking his personal conduct standards and his marital fidelity.)

Kamala Harris has more to worry about than just a simple “missing” notice on a milk carton. She’s got Texas Governor Greg Abbott demanding that the San Antonio Freeman Coliseum be shut down because of alleged sexual abuse of children in the facility, something which Jen Psaki was quick to dismiss, while still claiming that the allegations would be investigated. And now, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is suing the Biden-Harris administration over their border policy as well. And he’s got a rather creative point.

Brnovich said the rising numbers of migrants at the border has led to an influx of trash in the desert, arguing the uptick in waste poses an ecological threat.”

“It has been estimated that each border crosser leaves approximately 6 to 8 pounds of trash in the desert — the trash could be anything from human waste, to backpacks, to drugs, to plastic bags. And this trash, in and of itself, is a threat to wildlife and natural habitat,” he continued.”

“It also serves as fuel for wildfires. So, just the trash that is being left behind by people crossing the border illegally is a major threat to our environment.”

And if this lawsuit on behalf of negative environmental impact sounds familiar, it’s meant to.

Brnovich added that Democrats have used similar tactics in the past to halt certain projects from moving forward.”

“The left has used these types of lawsuits to stop development, to stop the building of highways, stop the expansion of airports. And so, you know, they pointed to whenever you get an increase in population it increases traffic, increases pollution, increases demand for services, and they use those to justify stopping development in the
past,” he said.”

“And all we are saying is, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. And so if you are really concerned about the environment, how can you not be concerned about hundreds of thousands of people coming across the border, damaging, you know, the native habitat, impacting migration trails, leaving garbage.”

No wonder Kamala Harris doesn’t want this job. She is aware of all the political pitfalls it entails. Too bad Joe Biden stuck her with it. She really thought she was just going to have to watch the old man and wait until he finally couldn’t make it up those stairs anymore. No one told her she was going to actually have to, um, WORK while she was waiting.

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