Media Firefighters Cover For Biden’s Triple Trip

Media Firefighters Cover For Biden’s Triple Trip

Media Firefighters Cover For Biden’s Triple Trip

Biden did a triple trip up the stairs to Air Force One. It was painful and sad to watch.

Quite a number of people are appalled and horrified about what happened. I am also wondering why no one rushed up the stairs to help Biden? Quite honestly, as you watch both of the above videos, it is evident (at least to me) that Biden was less than half a step away from taking a serious tumble down the stairs. 

Yes, I’ve fallen UP the stairs many times and have ended up barking my shins on some of those occasions. However, I’m not an eighty year old man who is dealing with some very concerning health issues and is recovering from a broken foot! 

Many were wondering if the media would give this the triple trip the same treatment they gave to President Trump for walking down the steps slowly, or President Gerald Ford for tripping?

Ehhh, no. Instead we have them reassuring us that Biden is fine! He’s so fine, he’s 100% fine!

“President Joe Biden is doing “100% fine” after he tripped while walking up the stairs to board Air Force One earlier Friday, White House principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said.

Biden stumbled as he climbed the plane’s steps, initially appearing to trip, get up, then trip a second time. He struggled to get up the second time for a brief moment, before making it up, turning to wave at the top of the steps before hustling inside.”

Other media outlets are also being very reassuring. In other words, nothing to see here, move along! Let’s focus on Biden getting to Georgia so he can do a victory shuffle with the CDC. Let’s focus on Biden meeting with Asian American’s in order to reassure them that he’ll fix the violence problem. 

Oh, ok. So he walked off the plane with no troubles at all. Except watch the video starting at about 1:10 in. Is Biden fine? It sure looks like he was having more than a little trouble figuring out which direction to go. 

According to the White House deputy press secretary, there was a specific cause for Biden’s triple trip. 

“White House principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters aboard Air Force One that the president was doing “just great” and blamed the incident on wind gusts.

“It’s pretty windy outside, it’s very windy. I almost fell coming up the steps myself. He is doing 100% fine,” she said.”

WIND??!! I’ll admit, my jaw dropped at that one! You see, I grew up in the wind capitol of the West, Wyoming. Just this winter alone we’ve had 30+ days where the wind speed is 50 mph or greater. Several times, including during this latest blizzard, wind topped out at 90 mph for several hours. All that to say, it was NOT windy at Joint Base Andrews. It was, at best, a bare hint of a breeze happening. 

I agree. First of all, the WH is blatantly lying about the wind factor. Secondly, in light of China rolling all over us during the meetings yesterday, Biden’s triple trip up the stairs is a major concern for this country on multiple levels. 

Using wind as an excuse makes the United States look weak when it comes to foreign policy. And right now, we absolutely CANNOT afford that. 

Secondly, it goes again to the very real and valid concerns I and many others have regarding Biden’s health and well being. Biden’s stumbles during the campaign weren’t funny, they were very concerning. Yet now he is President. These fumbles and gaffes (such as addressing Kamala as President Harris just the other day) should have sirens blaring. 

The media DEMANDED we be very concerned about President Trump’s health after the whole slow stair walking and holding a glass with two hands. Yet with Biden? Please ignore what you just saw and go on about your lives. 

So yes, the media firefighters have swung into action to explain away Biden’s triple trip and “doctored videos.” 

Yes, we are weak, the world is laughing at us, and the Biden Family and Administration have much to answer for in what they are doing to Joe Biden. 

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Feature Photo Credit: Biden on Air Force One steps February 2021, White House Public Domain via Wikimedia, cropped and modified.

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  • Robin H says:

    Besides him tripping up the stairs, why were he and Harris on the same plane? Isn’t that a safety breach?

    • Scott says:

      I thought the same thing. It was my understanding that the POTUS (or in this case FICUS) and the VP NEVER flew on the same plane… I guess Pelosi really is getting ready to take over..

  • John A Wilson says:

    But did he stick the landing?

  • Ken says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Kamala Harris is *always* with him when you see Biden on camera? She’s never more than a few feet away from him. I can’t think of any time in the past when a vice-president accompanied the president everywhere. Usually, they’re flying all over hell and creation going to funerals, having “unofficial” official meetings, plotting world domination (Cheney), etc. Is she there because nobody in their right mind would trust Unca Joe with the nuclear football, so Kamala goes wherever the magic boom box goes?

  • Bucky says:

    SNL has a great opportunity to have Chevy Chase reprise his Presidential tripping shtick, and he’s about the right age too.

    Justice for Ashli Babbitt!

  • italianguy626 says:

    The media: You know who else fell three times? Jesus. OMG! The savior has come!

  • RebeccaH says:

    What I saw on that video of Biden arriving in Atlanta is him going up to speak with a male military officer (check) and then stopping to speak with the female military officer (and getting right up in her face). My brain said, “He sooo wants to sniff her hair right now.” And then the plainclothes guys trying to guide him to Marine One, while he seems not to trust that they’re showing him the way.

  • SkySky says:

    I know I shouldn’t laugh but I did anyhow – nobody else seemed to have any issue with the breeze – whatevs

  • Johnny Lumber says:

    I liked those reassuring pats on the back that Harris gave to Biden as sh pointed out the presidential helicopter. It was sitting there bigger than life and he kept wanti g to go over to the left.

  • GWB says:

    Biden’s stumbles during the campaign weren’t funny
    No. It was (and is) elder abuse.

    (such as addressing Kamala as President Harris just the other day)

    and “doctored videos.”
    They just can’t help themselves. It’s like we kept saying about Dems (waaaay back when Hillary was still a First ‘Lady’) that even when the truth is a better answer, they can’t help but lie. It got worse during 0bama’s admin. And now – since the lying is maxed out – it’s on to this “doctored video” and fact-checking thing, where they just can’t help themselves.

    All this is in service of one thing: keeping Commie-La Harris from having to take over before she can max out her time in office. (The term limits amendment says your term doesn’t count toward the limit if it’s less than half the proper time in office; so they have to keep her in the background until Jan 21st of 2023.) I don’t think they can make it.

  • […] Herrell may just be looking to tag along during the planned trip that Harris is taking to Mexico and Guatemala in early June, but she does have a point. Harris has not been let off the hook by Biden, which is the only way she could get out of her supposed leadership position. And the longer this goes on, the more obvious it becomes that Harris is sticking close to old Joe in order to be ready the second he doesn’t make it up the next flight of stairs. […]

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