The Biden-Harris Administration Is Now A Reality

The Biden-Harris Administration Is Now A Reality

The Biden-Harris Administration Is Now A Reality

The Biden-Harris Administration is now a full blown reality. Gird your loins folks, the ride has now gotten bumpy as hell.

“To downplay Biden, White House directs all agencies to refer to ‘Biden-Harris Administration’ in official communications
The highly specific language is unprecedented and also appears on the websites of all 15 executive departments.”

Guess what? It’s very real. Google Biden Harris Administration, or in my case use DuckDuckGo and take a look.

Indeed, all government agencies are now listed as the Biden-Harris Administration. But wait you cry! Haven’t all prior Presidencies been known as such? No and never. Until now. 

First of all, this is not a subtle move, it is a BLATANT move to diminish Joe Biden, diminish the Presidency and work on elevating Cackles Kamala to the Presidency. 

“The highly specific language also appears on the websites of all 15 executive departments. Press releases and other communications from the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs, and the Attorney General all exclusively refer to the Biden-Harris Administration, in lieu of only naming the president, which has been customary until now.

That language now appears to apply to all agencies that work with the federal government. The email provided to Outspoken and redacted to protect the identity of the source–who requested anonymity citing fears of repercussions in the workplace–was sent to a “bipartisan” federal agency established by Congress to deal in foreign relations and is not affiliated with the State Department.”

Here’s the thing. As I mentioned in my post regarding Biden’s triple trip, Kamala is stuck by his side like glue. Well, as we see from the above, it is more than that. Seriously, what other Administration in the history of this Republic has been referred to as the President-Vice President Administration? NONE of them. NONE. 

Here’s where we are. The Vice President is the one making the calls to our allies, as well was being on the hook to receive the calls from the same. This is a bad signal for our Republic on multiple levels. The PRESIDENT is the one who should be having those conversations The PRESIDENT is the one who should be discussing foreign policy with our allies. The PRESIDENT is the one who should be in the forefront directing our foreign policy. Instead Kamala is.

The President should’ve given a State of the Union address weeks ago. He has not. Instead he’s given a couple of speeches, made a few appearances, and called lids in the middle of the day. During many of his public appearances, guess who is by his side?

Here’s another thing that our national media is barely questioning, but many Americans are. Why no press conferences? Why no questions? Why are local reporters shut out of events in their own state?

How many other trips has Biden or Harris or both made that have had local reporters shut out?

“Most likely, the only press access Harris was giving on the trip was to the national traveling press corps, with whom the Biden admin’s handlers are more familiar in terms of knowing who will ask the lighter questions and who will be tougher.

The constant limiting of the press’s availability with the President of the United States is bad enough, but this just makes it worse, and part of a disturbing pattern. Usually, these types of trips from presidents and vice presidents involve interviews with local news outlets, which politicians typically view as more friendly and receptive to what they have to say. But that didn’t happen in this case, and it definitely raises more questions as to just who might really be running the show at the White House. Is it Jen Psaki? Biden chief of staff Ron Klain?”

Biden is supposed to give a real live press conference tomorrow. One that, presumably, involves a series of questions and answers from the press corps. Will Kamala be hovering in the background or off to the side ready to jump in and assist? 

This move, mandating all federal agencies be named and referred to as the Biden-Harris Administration, doesn’t inspire confidence and sends a very bad signal to the world. 

Dear Democrats and media. This is the President whom you fortified from his basement into the White House. You wanted Trump gone so badly that you, Kamala Harris (who got barely 1% of her party’s vote in her failed run for President), and the Biden family who is willingly committing elder abuse, shoved Joe Biden into the White House. 

Now we are dealing with a very real border crisis, that amazingly you the media are realizing is serious, a federal government that is running with scissors, and the message that is now sent out is…it’s a partnership Administration?

This move makes it official. With the Biden-Harris Administration, we are in the very worst of hands. Thanks ever so much Democrats and media. 

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