Kamala Harris Searching For Uniqueness At White House

Kamala Harris Searching For Uniqueness At White House

Kamala Harris Searching For Uniqueness At White House

Searching for uniqueness. That’s quite a headline from The Hill. It seems that the media is wanting to help Kamala find her way. Since she wasn’t handed the reins on the Covid response, people are evidently wondering what she’s actually doing there. 

““It seems like a lot of people are asking that question,” said one Democratic donor who expressed concern that Harris isn’t yet building her own brand. “She has the unique ability to take on her own portfolio and highlight her strengths so why not capitalize on that?””

What portfolio and strengths you might ask? Oh golly. How about her ham-handed and asinine truancy crackdown in California? How about her letting criminals go scot-free and essentially telling victims to pound sand? How about the fact that she was a failure for her one and only Presidential campaign? How about the fact that when she left California as Attorney General, the office was in complete disarray? Don’t get me started on her multiple lies regarding issues such as gun control, Ferguson, and asking for donations to the BLM bail funds. And finally, her dismal track record as a Senator that also included a very vicious attack on Justice Brett Kavanaugh? 

Is that the portfolio and strengths we are talking about? Yep, I thought so. Let’s add in her blatant vaccine skepticism during the 2020 campaign. Meghan McCain has rightly called Kamala out for her dangerous rhetoric on this

“She then aired a clip of Harris appearing on CNN during the 2020 presidential campaign, expressing concern about a vaccine rolled out ahead of the Nov. 3 election.

“So she’s expressing skepticism about the vaccine under the Trump administration,” McCain said. “A lot of Republicans I know are expressing skepticism about the vaccine under the Biden administration, which is why this has been so dangerous, that this has become so politicized. Both sides are equally responsible for this.”

Kamala has certainly contributed to the atmosphere of distrust regarding the vaccines, and I do agree that some on the Republican side are equally responsible. If Kamala is searching for uniqueness at the White House, her portfolio is being added to as a…secretary and speechifier?

She’s called foreign leaders! WOOO!!

She’s speaking out against racism (when it’s convenient), as Kim pointed out here.

She’s broken ties in the Senate involving bills that are detrimental to this Republic. 

Kamala is all about equity the Karl Marx way.

Five WH staffers get booted to the curb because of PRIOR marijuana use, but Kamala skates.

According to Max Boot, it is Kamala who will save us from any future Trumpism danger.

Biden has now, twice in less than four days, referred to Kamala as President Harris.

Which brings me back to the article in The Hill. Right now, according to an interview last month, her key focus to that unique path is “making sure Joe Biden is a success.” 

Is that why she’s been his literal shadow at nearly every event Biden appears at? Is that why, for several appearances around the country, POTUS and Kamala are on the same plane together? Is that why we see her, in the video taken in Georgia after Biden does his triple trip, she’s helping steer him in the right direction? 

Is part of her unique path in the White House that of Presidential Handler??

Oh wait, she’s all about women being the key to Democracy. 

But let’s look at two other key items buried within this Hill article. 

“Harris also finds herself in a delicate situation given the possibility Biden could only serve one term.


“Biden seems to like and respect Harris, but he has vastly more political experience and policy experience than she does,” Jillson said. “So she is shadowing as she becomes familiar with a broad and complex terrain.

“She is also being prepared, brought along, and she seems clever enough to realize and appreciate it,” he added. “If someone is taking you where you want to go, just pick up your feet.”

Who is the smartest person in the room?

The Hill very subtly said some quiet things out loud. Will Biden serve one full term? Will he even serve a half a term? This was broadly alluded to within this article. It’s also been hinted at big time given Kamala is literally Biden’s shadow for the vast majority of public appearances he makes. 

Kamala Harris is evidently searching for uniqueness at the White House. I’d say being Joe’s handler is definitely classified as unique.

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