Kamala Harris Foreign Trip Faceplant Shows Her Fails

Kamala Harris Foreign Trip Faceplant Shows Her Fails

Kamala Harris Foreign Trip Faceplant Shows Her Fails

Anyone who was paying any sort of attention to Kamala Harris during the Democrat primary for the 2020 election knew she was a bad candidate.

California is a one-party state and deep blue, and Kamala has that magical letter “D” after her name, so her Senate seat was a safe sinecure. Running for president was all about her over-inflated sense of ego and importance, which got ruthlessly punctured when Tulsi Gabbard knocked her out during a debate, and then she dropped out of the race before a single caucus or primary vote happened. Then, suddenly, Joe Biden resurrected Kamala Harris’s ambition by putting her on the presidential ticket with him. Not because of her personal charisma, intellectual gifts, or skill set. Nope, Biden picked Harris because she was a “woman of color.” Period. He needed a woman, and he needed someone who was not white. Those were Kamala Harris’s only two qualifications.

After nearly five months of being vice president, it’s becoming painfully obvious, even to Democrats, that Kamala Harris is a truly crappy politician. But the media was willing to cover for her, right up until her much-hyped “first trip abroad” to Guatemala and Mexico. The trip started with a mechanical malfunction on the airplane, which should have been a sign. Well, that and the cookies of herself that she handed out.

And then the faceplants began.

It isn’t just how extraordinarily BAD she is at answering a question that she should have come up with a better answer for a LONG time ago (Biden made her “border czar” back in March, and it is a job she has been running away from ever since), it’s the fact that her version of the “root causes” got a harsh blow from the reality on the ground.

Giammattei said in a CBS News interview that aired Sunday that the Biden administration is to blame for sparking the migration crisis.”

The Guatemalan president said he and Harris “are not on the same side of the coin” on migration.”

“We asked the United States government to send more of a clear message to prevent more people from leaving,” Giammattei said.”

When Biden took office, “The message changed too: ‘We’re going to reunite families, we’re going to reunite children,’” he said. “The very next day, the coyotes were here organizing groups of children to take them to the United States.”

Kamala Harris had first tried blaming climate change for the crisis (nice try, but no), but under pressure from Guatamala’s President Giammattei, she got in front of the cameras, literally looking like she would rather be launched into space than saying these words.

This of course, led to an outcry by AOC over how mean Kamala Harris was being, which just was the best part of the whole trip experience for Kamala, I’m sure. Meanwhile, she just CAN NOT STOP with her awkward cackling and her inability to give a decent answer to “when are you going to visit the border?”

It’s gotten to the point where apparently White House insiders are asking themselves, what the hell?

CNN’s Jeremy Diamond, who accompanied the vice president on her trip, said on “New Day” on Wednesday: “Some administration officials are quietly perplexed about the vice president’s answers to some of those questions, in particular that initial question that she got from Lester Holt about the border where she equated it with Europe.”

“There was a hope inside the White House that this trip would be a success, and by the end of it there was concern that it was perhaps overshadowed by her answers to some of those questions,” Diamond said.”

One unnamed Democratic strategist told The Hill on Tuesday that Harris would be “haunted by this trip and this issue for as long as she is in politics.”

“The border is a thorny issue and she can’t win inside her party and she’ll be targeted for these comments for a long time from Republicans,” the strategist added.”

Yes, we all know that immigration is a no-win scenario, because no party has a corner on having enough of a spine to actually secure the southern border and be willing to look like a big meanie. It’s just that Biden has made it so much worse – this is borne out by the numbers – and Kamala Harris knows that she is well and truly stuck. It’s one thing to bitch and moan from the Senate about how if you were in charge, you would fix this. It’s another to be the person at the podium, ostensibly now in charge, and having to swallow all your previous rhetoric and sound like Donald Trump.

Yeah, being in charge isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, is it, Kamala? It’s even worse when you’re so bad at it.

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