Biden and the Quest for the Perfect Vagina

Biden and the Quest for the Perfect Vagina

Biden and the Quest for the Perfect Vagina

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s crusade for just the right vagina to accompany him on his odyssey to the White House continues.

We have recently learned that Stacey Abrams Grimace, despite her vagina of color, will probably not be Biden’s pick for a running mate, even in the face of intense pressure from the proglodyte wing of the Democratic Party. Grimace’s only qualification for the position of Vice President of the United States was… um… well…

Yeah, I can’t think of anything a failed gubernatorial candidate who refuses to acknowledge her loss, who knows next to nothing about foreign policy other than ORANGEMANBAD, who writes bad romance novels, and who resembles a social justice parade float can bring to the office of the Vice President.

So the pursuit for just the right plumbing continues. Biden made a commitment a few months ago to only select a running mate with a vagina, and since then, pressure has mounted to pick a colorful one, as opposed to a white vagina, because no appeasement to the social justice hyenas will ever be sufficient.

CNN, further dropping (as if that were even possible) any pretense of objectivity, is hand-picking Joe Biden’s partner vagina for him.

Biden already made history by committing to choose a female running mate. Fortunately for him, there are a number of talented and experienced women who are legitimate contenders for the spot. We believe California Sen. Kamala Harris, Florida Rep. Val Demings and former National Security Adviser Susan Rice should be at the top of Biden’s list.

Wow, stellar choices there, CNN.

Kamala Harris is possibly the most authoritarian of the three, incarcerating parents of truant children, actively denigrating any political nominee who might show a teensy bit of religion, and forcing companies to disclose financial data to the government to ensure that they are paying women as much as they’re paying men – at the point of a government gun.

Susan Rice, who famously lied on talk shows to cover up the Obama Administration’s bungling in Benghazi, which left Ambassador Chris Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and two CIA officers Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods dead.

Courtesy of Donkey Hotey; CC 2.0

And Val Demings, whom Black Lives Matter activists aren’t going to like because as Orlando Police Chief she did not immediately condemn one of her officers for breaking the back of an 84-year-old man. But she seems the least offensive out of the three. She at least serves on the House Intelligence and Homeland Security committees, which puts her head and shoulders above Grimace, whose only foreign policy “experience” was writing an insipid, poorly informed article in Foreign Affairs.

CNN is obviously aiming for a vagina of color, but there’s another vagina whose star is on the rise: Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin. Why is Baldwin’s vagina special and shouldn’t be discounted merely because she is white? Because Baldwin’s vagina is gay and consorts with other vaginas!

Whoa! Mind blown.

When she was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1999, she was Wisconsin’s first female member of Congress and the first openly gay nonincumbent elected to the House. When Baldwin won a seat in the Senate in 2012, she became that body’s first out gay member, too.

And if asked to run with Joe – or in this case limp along, dragging poor, senile Joe by the short and curlies – Tammy Baldwin would obviously accept, and the media, including the hags on The View, are having a collective orgasm at the thought of a vagina that’s seen more vagina than probably Joe Biden being Vice President of the United States.

No, Tammy Baldwin doesn’t have a vagina of color, but I cannot imagine proglodytes wouldn’t squeal in delight at the thought of a gay vagina a step away from the White House. A gay vagina of color would be preferable, but hey… you can’t have it all.

Why am I just simply referring to these women as vaginas? Isn’t that rude? Doesn’t it discount their accomplishments?

Well, yes… yes it does.

What is it that the Democratic Party and its presidential nominee are doing when they commit to only selecting a woman as Biden’s running mate if not simply reducing the person to their plumbing? What is it that the hags on The View are doing when they drool over the prospect of the first gay vice-presidential nominee, if not reducing Tammy Baldwin to her preference in mate? What is CNN doing by pushing Biden publicly to select a black woman if not reducing them to the color of their skin?

The left started this. I’m merely showing exactly what it means.

Enough already! There are plenty of women who are skilled, talented, and knowledgeable, and who just happen to be white, who would make a decent running mate for Biden. There are also plenty of men who are more than qualified for the job.

But Biden tried to who the proglodyte wing of his party that they should vote for him despite his decades as a Beltway insider, his advanced age, his gropey creepiness, and his rapidly advancing dementia by painting himself into a corner and promising to choose a woman for a running mate, giving the screeching social justice primates hope that a female will be a breath away from the highest post in the land once he is found incompetent to hold the office or simply expires after a year or so.

The Democrats don’t care about which woman he chooses, as long as it’s a woman, thereby reducing potential candidates to walking cooters.

CNN went a step further by demanding a black vagina, further diminishing the intelligence and capabilities of these women to nothing but lady bits.

And the View shrews are drooling over Tammy Baldwin because of the people she chooses to sleep with, lessening any qualities she may bring to the post to her preference of partner.

Frankly, I’m waiting for Grimace to opportunistically announce on Twitter that she is gay – or at the very least bisexual. That will make her the perfect Joe Biden running mate for the Democrats.

Featured photo: Brown beaver near body of water; courtesy of Pikrepo – royalty free photos

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Marta Hernandez is an immigrant, writer, editor, science fiction fan (especially military sci-fi), and a lover of freedom, her children, her husband and her pets. She loves to shoot, and range time is sacred, as is her hiking obsession, especially if we’re talking the European Alps. She is an avid caffeine and TWD addict, and wants to own otters, sloths, wallabies, koalas, and wombats when she grows up.

  • Tell me that a candidate has a vagina – or a penis – and I am unmoved. Zero points.

    But start listing the “accomplishments” of these particular vagina-possessing candidates, and the negative points rack up VERY quickly.

    That, maybe, is why only their parts below the slime-filled heads is mentioned by the MSM.

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  • Angie says:

    He’d hit the trifecta with a black transsexual vagina. Just sayin’.

  • CJ says:

    Why not Lori Lightfoot? Her vagina is black and gay, and she presides over lawless Chicago, a bonus for sure – especially since Sheik Obama used to pedophile there.

  • GWB says:

    by Marta Hernandez
    I knew from the title that this one had to be Marta. 🙂

    Biden already made history by committing to choose a female running mate.
    This is why they want to destroy history. So you won’t remember Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro. And so you won’t remember Sarah Palin. (And they can claim, technically they are correct, because he is the only one to commit to picking a woman before he is even the official nominee.)

    experienced women … Sen. Kamala Harris
    “Experienced” might not have the connotation when speaking about her that you might expect…….

    actively denigrating any political nominee who might show a teensy bit of religion
    Arguably violating the Constitution in doing so.

    Because Baldwin’s vagina is gay
    This makes it sound like it’s possible the rest of her isn’t. Is that what “being on the spectrum” means for homosexuality? You can have a transgender chest, a hetero crotch and a homosexual mind? Not sure I can come up with 57 body parts, though….

    I’m waiting for Grimace to opportunistically announce on Twitter that she is gay – or at the very least bisexual
    Or, more believably, asexual.

    Of course, this goes with your other post about gun rights. The progs always reduce people to their bits and parts and their tribal designations. As long as it doesn’t contradict the religious phrases you’re supposed to regurgitate as a member of that tribe.

  • JohnG says:

    Nobody’s mentioning it but Tammy Duckworth is not a natural born citizen as the constitution requires.

    She was born in Bangkok, Thailand. Her father was an American who was not on active duty in the military who was stationed over there nor was he a diplomat on station in Thailand – so no excuse for her place of birth. He is/was an Army vet but was not active duty. Her mother was Chinese descent Thai.

    Ergo, she is ineligible to assume the office of VP.

    Not sure if it’s accurate but Wiki states that she is married. I presume the article is current.

    • GWB says:

      Not entirely true. As long as she was registered with a birth abroad, and her father went through the right hoops when they returned to America*, she is considered a “natural born” citizen. The “natural born” is opposed to a “naturalized” citizen.

      It is possible she’s not a natural born citizen, but it would require more detail than simply being born abroad with a single non-citizen parent to make it so.

      (* I think her mother’s long-term status might have play in that. But I don’t recall.)

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  • hnw says:

    For accuracy it should be vulva, and not vagina… I expect all vaginas are relatively the same color.

  • Doug Israel says:


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