Faking it for Different Reasons: Biden/Harris 2020

Faking it for Different Reasons: Biden/Harris 2020

Faking it for Different Reasons: Biden/Harris 2020

The candidates faking it for the Biden/Harris 2020 kick-off campaign event in Delaware this evening was awkward.  The lack of cohesion, and the contrast in age magnified Joe’s diminishing ability to fulfill the demanding role of POTUS. Biden may think he’s ready on day one, but the media has Harris in his seat on day two. Don’t be fooled, this isn’t about Harris under Biden. The imagineering media is putting Harris on top.

Same ticket, different campaigns

Watching the event, it looks like Joe is running the “Get off my grass!” campaign. Everything about this event highlighted Biden’s “old man” image. In fact, their intro song did triple duty. It highlighted Joe’s age -Curtis Mayfield’s 1970 song, “Move On Up” … really. In 1970 Biden was 28 and Harris was 6?! The lyrics, “Hush Child”, touched on his “Creepy Uncle Joe” image. The chorus , “Move on up” was a blatant reminder that his running mate (to quote Victor Davis Hanson’s Aug 12 podcast),

Takes on the specter of a bird of prey, circling around him…”

This song is everything a guest on “The Late Show With Johnny Carson” would want for an entrance. Smooth horns, jazzy ensemble… and in 2020, completely flat with voters under 70. The 2020 electorate, according to Pew, is 62% of people born after 1965. Not only does Biden look like Grandpa, but it’s as if they share a library of 8 tracks.

Marta Hernandez opined in “Biden and the Quest for the Perfect Vagina“,

So the pursuit for just the right plumbing continues. Biden made a commitment a few months ago to only select a running mate with a vagina, and since then, pressure has mounted to pick a colorful one, as opposed to a white vagina, because no appeasement to the social justice hyenas will ever be sufficient.”

The “perfect vagina” is on this shared ticket, where we find his frenemy running-mate, Kamala Harris. There is no way Biden chose Harris based on mutual respect or shared values. Their Primary engagements were heated, and personal  (well, mostly she kicked his wrinkly ass about his loyalty to Klansmen and his voting record against mandatory bussing to integrate schools). In response, he became apoplectic and likely started foaming at the mouth, looking every bit the flustered octogenarian.

Kamala is running the “Snake in the Grass” campaign. Laying in wait until the right time to strike. Her primary numbers were dismal, and she had a real problem with black voters. Apparently they have issue with her history as California Attorney General. Back when she was happy to zealously incarcerate black men and support the prison industrial complex. Or, as the LA Times writes,

Most of those prisoners now work as groundskeepers, janitors and in prison kitchens, with wages that range from 8 cents to 37 cents per hour. Lawyers for Attorney General Kamala Harris had argued in court that if forced to release these inmates early, prisons would lose an important labor pool.”

Point being, Kamala can’t win a primary and secure the nomination. But as the VP on the ticket with a declining Presidential candidate, she just needs to wait until he’s removed from office. Biden has been living in his basement, if they win the election, keeping him in the bunker isn’t a big change he’d notice. This is the political version of Anna Nichole Smith marrying a 90-something billionaire. Sure, it’s true love…. of what she’d get from the relationship.

Kamala is faking it with Biden because he’s her best hope to get into the White House without an official invitation. Biden is faking it with Kamala because his caregivers handlers told him she’s his best foil against being old and white.

Hannity brings the highlight roll of Kamala V. Biden

Rebranding a potential Veep for the top spot

Kamala Harris has problems. Her history as a prosecutor is highlighted in the Washington Examiner piece, “Five times prosecutor Kamala Harris got the wrong guy” Notably the case of Kevin Cooper, a death row inmate.

For the past 15 years, his attorneys have been fighting for advanced testing of DNA evidence which they claim could exonerate their client, a move that was opposed by Harris while she was attorney general of California. Last year, after the case was publicized by the New York Times’ Nick Kristof, Harris backtracked and told the paper that she felt “awful about this” and now supports the testing, but did not explain what prompted her change of heart.”

Oh dang, Sorry Kev! I had a change of heart (that looks a lot like an office in the West Wing).

Of course, now Kamala is the champion of police reform. Politico would appreciate it if people just got over her past and embraced the new version,

Since the campaign, however, Harris has emerged as one of the leading voices in Congress on criminal justice reform, co-authoring Democrats’ sweeping police reform legislation earlier this summer in the wake of national protests over police brutality.”

Did you know that Kamala is the first black woman to run for Vice President? Don’t believe the hype, she’s not. Charlotta Bass did it back in 1952.

Well okay… did you know that Kamala is the first inspiration for young black and brown girls? Someone please alert Condi Rice, and Nikki Haley that their groundbreaking accomplishments pale in comparison to being #2 on an election ticket.

Kamala is the first Indian-American to …. ah yeah. Nikki Haley, been there and done that. Looking good for 2024 too. Sorry Kam.

The bastions of print media would like to inform you that Kamala is a middle of the road moderate candidate. No, really. FOX News, writes,

On Tuesday, The New York Times raised eyebrows for referring to the California senator as a “pragmatic moderate.” An op-ed from The Washington Post on Wednesday similarly declared her as a “small-c conservative.”

A small-c conservative? What the what?

GovTrack.us disagrees. Fox News cites the source for the following,

According to GovTrack analysis, Harris was ranked as the “most liberal” senator in 2019 outranking both Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.”

Oh snap!

Moving from the bottom to the top

The absolute strangest part of this campaign is the fact that so many people are comfortable discussing the ascension to the Presidency by a VP candidate. In light of the questions about Biden’s ability to perform the job, it’s become a frequent topic by other politicians. Notably former Democrat VP candidate Tim Kaine recently told Politico,

“Listen, when you’ve done this line prosecutor job, and then you’ve been an AG, and then you’ve been elected statewide in the largest state in the country, you’ve really demonstrated your chops,” said Kaine, calling Harris “a really good pick … For Joe, as I look at it, she merges those qualities of being a good governing partner and helping you win, but also (she) could be president,”

I can’t help but wonder if Biden will remember and come to regret his campaign statement that,

“Kamala knows how to govern. She knows how to make the hard calls … She’s ready to do this job on day one,”

Careful Joe. You wouldn’t be the first old guy shoved aside when the winner’s trophy is presented. Hopefully when January rolls around, you are safely ensconced in your basement. Favorite snuggly tucked around your hips, safe to totter into older age, surrounded by the musical stylings of 70’s R&B. Life as a former VP may be slightly boring. But it beats the alternative.

Kamala, nobody is fooled by the rebranding efforts. You are not groundbreaking, moderate, or original.


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