Kamala Harris Becoming a Shadow President

Kamala Harris Becoming a Shadow President

Kamala Harris Becoming a Shadow President

Vice President Kamala Harris has been walking in presidential shoes recently by taking phone calls from world leaders. On Monday, she talked with President Emmanuel Macron of France. They discussed issues like COVID, climate change (naturally), and dealing with the Middle East and Africa.

Hold on — shouldn’t this be President Joe Biden’s role? Especially since he has far more experience in foreign policy than Harris?

You’d think a president would be speaking with another president, especially another G7 leader. But apparently not. The White House published a readout which read, in part:

“Vice President Kamala Harris spoke today with President Emmanuel Macron of France, and expressed her commitment to strengthening bilateral ties between the United States and France and to revitalizing the transatlantic alliance. Vice President Harris and President Macron agreed on the need for close bilateral and multilateral cooperation to address COVID-19, climate change, and support democracy at home and around the world.”

But that’s not the only time Kamala Harris has stepped into a foreign policy role. At the beginning of February, she spoke with Canadian President Justin Trudeau. Once again, according to readouts from the WH and Trudeau’s office, they spoke about COVID, climate change, and diversity. She also agreed to help gain the release of two Canadians whom the Chinese have held for two years.

However, neither side discussed Biden’s striking down the Keystone XL pipeline permit, a source of friction between Canada and the U.S. Not a surprise.

So what’s going on here? Is Kamala Harris becoming a shadow president and Joe Biden fading in importance?

It wouldn’t be the first time a woman stood in for an ailing president. In 1919, Edith Wilson, the wife of President Woodrow Wilson, took over his duties after he suffered a stroke. Thereafter Wilson had become bedridden, unable to perform his duties. Supposedly she was afraid that turning the presidency over to the vice president would emotionally “crush” the president.

The parallels, of course, are not identical. Kamala Harris, unlike Edith Wilson, is the Vice President. Nor is Joe Biden bedridden, either.

But there is something very strange going on. That’s because Vice Presidents rarely call foreign heads of state. Former Vice President Mike Pence, for example, never called Trudeau or Macron, although he did visit with heads of state in person.

It’s not that Joe Biden hasn’t spoken to foreign leaders — he has. Last week he spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping — supposedly for “two straight hours,” according to Biden. However, he wasn’t exactly Johnny-on-the-spot in making that phone call, as a journalist pointed out. Plus, he still hasn’t called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And Israel is one of our closest allies.

So what has Joe Biden been doing, other than signing executive orders willy nilly, à la Gov. Le Petomane in Blazing Saddles?

kamala harris


He’s been busy working on his goal of getting 100 million COVID vaccines in the arms of 100 million Americans. That’s about one million vaccines per day.

Except that President Trump had already reached that milestone before he left office.

Well, then he was going to make sure schools opened again.

Except that his CDC let the teachers unions run that show.

Okay, how about he beat his granddaughter in a game of Mario Kart?

Yes, really. He played the Luigi character, according to reports, during his recent weekend at Camp David.

In fact, Joe Biden reportedly did little else that weekend except play video games.

Yeah, I know. But Trump went golfing. Well, so did Obama. But neither of them allowed their Vice President to do heavy lifting in foreign policy, either. Love them or hate them, both presidents were the face of the United States when it came to meeting with world leaders.

There is indeed something very unsettling about the Biden presidency.


But seriously, weren’t you expecting this? That Joe Biden would fade from his leadership role, and quietly hand the reins over to Kamala Harris? It’s already happening, and the Biden Administration is not quite one month old. VPOTUS is becoming POTUS, not in name perhaps, but in authority.


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  • I’ve been calling the faux Administration the Harris Regime since day one. (When I am feeling charitable.)

  • Ampleforth says:

    They keep trying to make Joe Biden look like something other than a walking corpse, but at best he just comes across as weird. Tucker Carlson showed video of Joe and the Imminent, Most Learned, Dr. Jill Biden on the White House Lawn with their cadaver dogs. When the press starts asking questions, The scholarly Dr. Jill Biden moves to Joe’s side. She does this all the time.

    That’s a little weird but also suspicious. The real weirdness is when poor, dumb Joe — The Usurper — gives his cup of coffee to a reporter.

    My mother suffered with Alzheimer’s Disease for 12 years before it took her life. When I see Joe there is a familiarity that I’ve witnessed first hand. He’s on some sort of mental descent. Dr. Jill Biden — Super Genius — is his guard. My only question is is she doing it for the love of her spouse or the love of power?

    • T says:

      All of us who have experienced loved ones with mental decline recognize Biden’s cognitive issues. It isn’t just the obvious displays, but little things that get on my radar, like facial and eye movements, inflections in the voice, weird choices for words. If you’ve been through it before, you know what I mean. He was not fit for office on day one.

  • Uffdaphil says:

    I presume that the plan is for Dr. Jill to prop up the geezer for two years. After which Harris can be the puppet POTUS for the next ten years. More likely she will have to step up much sooner.

    If Harris gets a big head and actually thinks she can make policy… well accidents happen. Another hungry, malleable VP in the wings is good for discipline.

  • VW says:

    Biden is obviously incapable. Harris playing the role, but only as the face of it. Neither has ever had a meaningful, original thought in their entire lives. These two are absolutely controlled by staffers, advisors and God knows who else. They say what they’re told to say. And apparently understand little of it.

  • No One says:

    Shadow President Harris, it was in the election fraud from the beginning, remember Biden stated that after say 3 months he would fake an illness to give Harris the Presidency. With the way Biden is messing up it will not take that long to have him removed, I’m think’in Valerie Jarrett for possible VP…….pray not her or Hillary C. or Elizabeth Warren.

  • SteveP says:

    Biden is nothing more than a puppet; a public face for the cabal of communists, grifters, and traitors that have seized control of the country.
    Klamydia is acting like the president because she IS the president.

  • Ben Colder says:

    Ma Commie Harris is one scary broad Creepy Joe is a senile old fool and she is taking advantage of that.I think we will be in a war someplace within a year with this bunch.She scares the hell out of me she is stupid but thinks she is the smartest woman in the world just like Ma Clinton and look what she done and she wasn’t even president.Commie Harris is a down and out communist they will sell us out.

  • Sir Cumference says:

    So let me get this straight.
    We have a president with dementia
    An ex call girl for a vice president
    A transvestite over Human Health and Services
    A crack heads buddy over the DEA
    Hunter’s other buddy is now in the Dept. of Justice
    The guy who was sleeping with a Chinese spy is with out homeland security.
    Hundred of thousands of illegal alien invaders are coming in for OUR jogs and Social Security benefits.
    AND…they are still focusing on impeaching a President that is no longer in office.
    And this with the 40,000 plus jobs lost in the first week! Yet Joe Biden is pro-American?
    You can’t make this stuff up folks.

  • Anonymous says:

    Clearly, Biden is no longer mentally adroit enough to handle live conversations with even friendly foreign leaders. The man can barely read a script, much less think on his feet. It is no surprise that the vice president is making phone calls. What the Harris administration cannot tolerate is a foreign leader complaining to their local press that they just spoke to a babbling, senile old man. A large part of America keeping its place in the world is the projection of power. This old moron (who was stupid even before his Alzheimers kicked in), doesn’t project much more than the smell of stale urine.

  • Don Horne says:

    JoeBama ==> PINO

  • Taylor says:

    Benjamin Netanyahu is the Prime Minister not President of Israel.
    Harris who was a miserable failure as a presidential candidate during the primaries is the de facto president and let’s not forget Obama’s influence.

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