Harris Still Giggling Her Way To The Bottom

Harris Still Giggling Her Way To The Bottom

Harris Still Giggling Her Way To The Bottom

For maybe a week, Kamala Harris was a serious presidential primary contender. Then Tulsi Gabbard upper decked her onstage, and Harris has never been able to regain her momentum.

As a result, Harris is still campaigning and going around taking money from guilty liberals (Seattle was her latest place to cash in) as she merely delays the inevitable. She has long since slipped from top tier to mid-tier, and her personality and grandstanding isn’t doing her any favors in the vice-presidential stakes, either.

Harris was asked point-blank the same hypothetical that Elizabeth Warren was asked – would you let your vice-president have a child sit on a foreign board? – and it’s clear that none of them have a good answer. Warren fumbled it.

Kamala Harris just giggled her annoyingly fake laugh and tried to bluff her way to ORANGE MAN BAD in her answer.

Can we all just agree that Kamala Harris is the human embodiment of John Candy’s creepy laugh in “Uncle Buck”? And also, “leave Joe Biden alone” is part of her answer? WHAT??? Harris is the same person that laid down a “you worked with segregationists, so you must be a racist” hit on Biden during the first debate, and now she’s saying that Biden should not be aggressively questioned about how much he might have intervened in Ukraine to protect his son?

So, why leave ol’ Joe alone? Is this an acknowledgement that the Democrats know that in using Ukraine as the pretext for impeachment, they will end up sacrificing Biden in the process? Is this a concession that it might just be better to let Joe slowly fade away, since he apparently can’t explain why he should be president at all?

Is this an attempt to deflect because then Harris and Warren and the rest of the field might have to actually consider the ethics of Hunter Biden’s sweet ride on Daddy’s coattails? Nikki Haley has a very pointed question about that.

It will never happen, but I would dearly love to see each candidate asked this question on a debate stage, in front of Biden himself, and watch each of them try to squirm under the lights and the cameras. I find it astounding that two reporters have had the guts to actually pose this question (but I wish this kind of question wasn’t a rarity).

Regardless, Harris has no answers to legitimate questions except that she wants to run the lives of the American people through executive order, and that she hates Trump. No wonder she hasn’t been able to stop her long downward slide out of the top tier of the polls. When all you have is a cheap giggle, dictatorial impulses, and ORANGE MAN BAD, even Democrats are looking in other places to find their next progressive champion and party nominee.

Featured image: Senator Kamala Harris, official Congressional portrait, public domain

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  • GWB says:

    When all you have is a cheap giggle, dictatorial impulses, and ORANGE MAN BAD
    Hey! Don’t forget her sleeping her way to the top! Give credit where credit is due!

    • Scott says:

      You’re exactly right GWB, she must have some serious skills in that realm, since it’s gotten her this far (nothing else she has done would explain her position)

  • Tyler says:

    She truly has lost any ground she had during her candidacy when Tulsi pointed out her flaws. She also acted completely unprofessional during the 3rd Democratic debate by talking only about president Trump’s flaws and not her future plans for this country which should worry anyone who wants her as a president, which is a terrible idea in the first place. My only question is why is the question, “Would you let your vice-president have a child sit on a foreign board?” so important to ask?

  • Johnny says:

    Kamala who?

  • Nabuquduriuzhur Kemal says:

    It’s noteworthy that recent photos of Harris that are not retouched, look terrible.

    The same for the rest of the Democrat “intelligencia,” as the Warsaw Pact used to call their “elites.” The multiple self-destructive lifestyles they’ve chosen, combined with God’s judgement (one of them is the 2015 onset of the 2Thess2 “strong delusion” that precedes the AC’s arrival) and they look patently awful. Harris has gained about 76 lbs in the last year and looks 15 years older than just two years ago.

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