UN Security Council To Meet About North Korea Again, But What Can We Expect? [VIDEO]

UN Security Council To Meet About North Korea Again, But What Can We Expect? [VIDEO]

UN Security Council To Meet About North Korea Again, But What Can We Expect? [VIDEO]

If North Korea truly did set off a hydrogen bomb underground, and then felt like bragging about it to the world, then the United Nations is at a real crossroads. And they know it.

The international community cannot ignore something this big. China and Russia are precisely where they do not want to be, because North Korea’s actions are forcing them to be much tougher politically than they would prefer.

Yesterday, President Trump and Secretary of Defense Mattis spoke up about North Korea. Today, the UN Security Council is going to be meeting.

France’s President Macron, Japan’s Foreign Minister Taro Kono, and Britain’s Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson all agree: North Korea must be brought to heel and these increasingly aggressive shows of nuclear and missile power have to stop.

So, how?

Well, South Korea is now quite interested in finishing the installation of anti-missile defense system and making sure it is operational, and Japan probably isn’t far behind them. Secondly, the United States and South Korea will be doing more military response drills. But all military options, short of self-defense initiatives like the missile defense systems, are on hold while there is even still a glimmer of possibility that economic pressure, and the idea that North Korea doesn’t want to be made into an international pariah, still exists.

Of course, there are some groups – including American ones – who just believe that poor Kim Jong-Un is a misunderstood soul and isn’t really as bad as the media is portraying him. Naturally, these are communist and Marxist groups who are organized against Trump. I know, you’re all shocked.

All bets are off the second one of North Korea’s missiles hits land, be it South Korea, Japan, or even the United States. The Korean War was never officially declared over, and I’ve said it before – we would be much better off if we believed North Korea when it has claimed, repeatedly, that it considers the armistice over. Whether we like it or not, Kim Jong-Un has demonstrated that he believes that the Korean War is back on. We may not like it, but we are going to have to finish it.

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  • TRX says:

    The last *three* administrations have given the Norks money to abandon their nuclear program. Each time, the Norks took the money and kept on going.

    Well, *duh*.

    “The avalanche has begun, it is too late for the pebbles to vote.”

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