North Korea Tests Hydrogen Bomb Deployable By ICBM, The U.S. Responds [VIDEO]

North Korea Tests Hydrogen Bomb Deployable By ICBM, The U.S. Responds [VIDEO]

North Korea Tests Hydrogen Bomb Deployable By ICBM, The U.S. Responds [VIDEO]

North Korea’s diminutive little dictator, Kim Jong Un—aptly nicknamed WHOA FAT! by Ace of Spades—has decided that Harvey has taken up enough time in the news feeds. This morning the world woke to the news of his announcement that he has a hydrogen bomb capable of being deployed on long-range missiles AND reports of an earthquake in North Korea.

North Korea taunted the world on Saturday with claims they had developed a new nuclear weapon. Dictator Kim Jong-un claimed his military could make the bomb in high volumes. The Korean Central News Agency even released a picture showing Jong-un inspecting the bomb with military advisers.

6th successful test

Just hours later, Jong-un’s regime announced they had completed the country’s sixth successful nuclear weapons test. The weapon was reported to be a hydrogen bomb.

CNN reported: “The test was a ‘perfect success’ and the final step in attaining a ‘state nuclear force,’ long-time news anchor Ri Chun Hee said in a televised announcement Sunday.”

This is how the New York Times reported it earlier today:

My response after sharing the news with my husband?

Now we have the news that the “tremor” was definitely localized and registered at 6.3 rather than 5.6 on the Richter scale. 6.3 hmmm? Localized? Yeah…they blew up a bomb. A VERY BIG BOMB. 

All of this comes after weeks of aggression and other missile tests by North Korea, including one that got uncomfortably close to Japan last week. Furthermore North Korea led by WHOA FAT! has continued to threaten the United States.

So how has the United States responded today?

President Trump:


Strong talk from the President. Of course, too many pundits and the media were like…ZOMG!! He threw  South Korea under the bus! Ummm…read his tweets again; maybe out loud this time? South Korea has tried appeasement. They as well as we are finding that it’s not working. That’s not throwing South Korea under the bus. Nope, that’s recognizing that North Korea doesn’t give a rat’s behind about diplomacy. Then there are those who are all aflutter about the trade tweet. Hey, guess what folks! If the NORKS are successful in a missile deployment, each one of those countries will lose trade AND anything else with the U.S. in a split second!

Secretary of Defense Mattis:

Absolutely on point.

This is the text of the Mattis statement:

Here’s the thing, as we’ve mentioned several times before, most recently in the last few weeks: we’ve had the opportunity to stop North Korea from building up its nuclear capabilities multiple times. Twice that has been halted. Once by Bill Clinton and a second time by Barack Obama.

Yeah, guys. You want to play the blame game? Try history. Needless to say, the history of inaction and appeasement lands us where we are now.

Let’s recap shall we? North Korea has been testing missiles for the last two years or more. They’ve stepped up their game considerably since last summer, WHILE Obama was still president. Now they’ve gone even further and not only announced but conducted a major hydrogen bomb test.

This isn’t good. This REALLY isn’t good. A response by the United States and our allies is necessary, and it needs to be significantly greater than singing Kumbya and playing patty cake.

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