George Clooney’s “Dark Cloud”: Proof Hollywood Lives Under a Rock

George Clooney’s “Dark Cloud”: Proof Hollywood Lives Under a Rock

George Clooney’s “Dark Cloud”: Proof Hollywood Lives Under a Rock

When in Europe as an American actor, do what every American actor is expected to do…rip on the homeland!

It’s part of the pretentious Hollywood playbook and George Clooney is no stranger to this act. In fact, he laid it on thick this past Saturday at a news conference in Venice:

“There is a dark cloud hanging over our country right now.”

Clooney was attempting to draw the parallel between his latest directorial endeavor, “Suburbicon” and the current state of affairs in The United States. Clooney claims “Suburbicon” is an “angry movie for an angry country”.

“Unfortunately, these are issues that are never out of vogue in our country. We are still trying to exorcise these problems. We’ve still got a lot of work to do from our original sin of slavery and racism.”

It’s so precious when Hollywood actors with their homes on Lake Como tell us what kind of cloud we’re living under, don’t ‘cha think?

The cloud is so “dark”, ol’ George came scurrying back with his wife, Amal and his twins from their sprawling estate in the English countryside to the safety and security of…Sunny Studio City, California!

Why yes, George. Some people were living under some dark clouds this week. Those people are in Texas right now as you enjoy your time on Lake Como and talk about how messed up our country is. They have come together and helped each other out. While you’re in Europe spouting your vitriol, people across this country you claim that is “under a dark cloud” have risen to the occasion and pooled their time, money and other resources to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. What have you done? Right. Your “Foundation for Justice” donated $1 million to the (race-baiting dark cloud) Southern Poverty Law Center!

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