China’s Tantrum: Trump’s Trade Threat Is UNFAAAIR! [VIDEO]

China’s Tantrum: Trump’s Trade Threat Is UNFAAAIR! [VIDEO]

China’s Tantrum: Trump’s Trade Threat Is UNFAAAIR! [VIDEO]

If you haven’t heard already, North Korea tested another nuke, and seismic stations, both nearby and worldwide, registered the blast.

The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization, which monitors the globe for nuclear tests, said that its monitoring system had gone off-scale. The U.S. Geological Survey recorded a 6.3-magnitude earthquake, which was human-made. That’s far larger than the seismic signature from the North’s last test, conducted roughly a year ago.

The fat little psycho in charge has decided to get froggy this weekend and lob a hydrogen bomb into the universe. Because REASONS. Because he needs to show off his mettle. Because he hasn’t seen his own giblets without a mirror for years, and needs to compensate somehow. This quite predictably caused the United States to react with a threat to cut off U.S. trade with countries that deal with North Korea.

And it’s about damn time.

China’s response? That’s not FAAAAAAAIR!

Because, see, China works so hard to find a peaceable solution to the North Korea crisis!

China is doing its best, and the big, bad United States is threatening to pound them over the head with those evil sanctions! China is a victim in this. Don’t you know?

And China has already proposed a plan to bring North Korea “in line” by forcing the United States to cancel regularly scheduled military exercises with South Korea in exchange for the fat little psycho laying off his nuclear ambitions for a while.

Yeah, how about no? Is no good for you? These military exercises are an annual thing. Foal Eagle has been an exercise since 2001, and for some reason Kim Dung Crazy has decided this is the year to start threatening nuclear holocaust, and China has decided the United States should bow and accept this crazy “compromise.”

The United States has had sanctions in place – both economic and political – for years, including a stronger set of economic sanctions enacted by Barack Obama in February 2016, which requires that any entities involved in supporting the North Korea’s WMD or arms trade program, human rights abuses, cyber attacks, and entities involved in North Korea’s mineral or metal trades, which comprise a large part of North Korea’s foreign exports, be sanctioned by the Office of Foreign Assets Control. Other nations, including Japan, South Korea, and the EU have imposed sanctions of their own in an effort to put pressure on Kim Dung Crazy, and yet the Norks still somehow manage to get access to the global financial system and do business as usual with willing nations who don’t give a rat’s flying ass about the effectiveness of economic sanctions or the danger of Kim Dung Crazy’s access to nuclear weapons and willingness to use them!

One of those nations? That would be China.

Despite Beijing’s protestations, China appears to have been actively helping North Korea evade sanctions and access the international financial system, as well as providing ways for Kim Dung Crazy and family to move their ill-begotten assets. The Bank of China is a particularly egregious actor in this game.

An unpublished report by a U.N. panel responsible for enforcing existing North Korean sanctions suggests that China has been lax in ensuring the current measures were carried out. The report, obtained by Foreign Policy, also cites evidence that Pyongyang moved tens of millions of dollars through a Singaporean branch of China’s biggest bank to evade sanctions. Beijing has held up publication of the review for two weeks, though copies have been leaked to a handful of reporters.

U.N. diplomats are looking for a bright spot in this blight, hoping that Beijing’s delay is merely a strategy to keep Kim Dung Crazy from becoming even more insane from everyone piling up on his fat ass. But honestly, China has never been a fan of sanctions ideologically, and has been absolutely uncooperative in the past when presented with evidence that Chinese entities have been involved in helping evil scum evade sanctions.

Is it any surprise that economic sanctions seem to be having little effect on the bad actors in North Korea?

China may give lip service to tougher U.N. sanctions against Pyongyang, but they’re unwilling to do anything about stopping the fat little psycho from creating havoc in the world environment!

And why should they? Their banks, shipping companies, and other sanctions evasion facilitators are making oodles of money from those activities, and China is loath to shut those activities down. That’s why China is bristling and whining about further U.S. action against their banks and any other entity that facilitates North Korea’s access to the global financial system! It seems they just don’t want to lose the money.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s about time to shit or get off the pot when it comes to stopping North Korea and making economic sanctions a useful tool in the global game. It’s time to impose stringent economic sanctions against any Chinese entity that helps Pyongyang evade sanctions, and that includes the Bank of China as a main target.

Would such an action impact us economically? Undoubtedly. But I think we’ve been way too cautious about ensuring our sanctions are a surgical strike that don’t impact our economic interests. I think if we’re going to use sanctions policy as a tool, we need to be willing to make some sacrifices if we want it to be an effective one. We needs to show both China and North Korea that we mean business, and we cannot back down. We need to send a serious message to both Beijing and Kim Dung Crazy that we are no longer playing around.

And by the way, that should also include the Russians, who appear to have been turning a blind eye to their players helping out the Norks.

Enough is enough! Appeasement of both China and North Korea has proven to be ineffective. It’s time to show we mean business.

And because the calls for increased pressure on China seem to be getting louder, the Chinese are raising their voices in a collective temper tantrum.

Let’s hope the Administration’s response is “Speak to the hand, assholes.”

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