Trump In New Hampshire, Joe Tweets From Basement

Trump In New Hampshire, Joe Tweets From Basement

Trump In New Hampshire, Joe Tweets From Basement

After an explosive finale to the Republican National Convention last night, President Trump took to the road to rally in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

The President and his campaign staged of rally of about 500 people at an aviation hangar. The news outlets (and there are many of them), mentioned how crowded together the attendees were (nod to Washington Post) and taxpayer-funded PBS casually throws in that Coronavirus kills 1,000 people a day. How terrible of Orange Man to throw a rally.

Meanwhile, Al Sharpton speaks to thousands on the mall in D.C. the very same day at the “Get Your Knee off Our Necks” rally. Thousands of people. Not a mention on COVID-19 deaths in this story from ABC News in this article. Not a mention of crowded conditions contributing to the spread of a pandemic. No mention of the token few who were not wearing masks or dirty virtue cloths. Nothing.

The agitators will go from rioting in the streets to running the halls of government.”-President Donald Trump

Yet, the Reverend Al Sharpton, who continues to line his pockets nicely off of his fellow African Americans he claims to support, gathers with the masses-sans mask-bemoaning the current administration-to crowds of thousands-gathered shoulder-to-shoulder. Kamala offered her wisdom virtually, decrying the justice system of “denying Black Americans of their dignity and rights”.

Democrat Presidential hopeful, Joe Biden outdid himself yesterday, for sure. Trump took to the road, Kamala took to ZOOM or whatever and he took to Twitter:

Such a nice guy, that Joe Biden. All men and women are equal. Even the “poor kids” who are just as bright and smart and talented as the white kids, right? Even the black people who won’t vote for you who you think are not legitimate black people? Like that Corn Pop who was a very bad dude.

Along comes Joe again, he’s been on a roll:

Trump incites the violence? The shooters in these cities? Are they Trump supporters? The “thugs”, the “agitators rioting in the streets” Trump speaks of? Are they Trump supporters? The gun-toting anarchists in our cities? Trump supporters? Hardly.

Let’s go there, Joe. Do you know why stadiums are empty? Clearly, Trump can fill them so it’s not his doing that our nation is on the “sidelines”. Our nation is on the sidelines because Democrats put us there. Democrats, like yourself have choked this economy. And, correct me if I wrong but didn’t Basement-dweller Biden say he was going to put us on lockdown again if he were elected?

“I would be prepared to do whatever it takes to save lives, because we cannot get the country moving until we control the virus. That is the fundamental flaw of this administration’s thinking to begin with. I would shut it down. I would listen to the scientists.”-Joe Biden

And, last we checked, aren’t some sports teams putting themselves on the sidelines?

In short, we can sum up these events of yesterday as such. COVID-19 only spreads at Trump rallies, at the RNC, in churches, at our kids’ schools, in bars after 9:45 if alcoholic beverages are served and in family and social gatherings of friends of one person or more. COVID-19 does not spread at BLM “peaceful protests” where the streets are adorned in chalk art, at the Portland riots or outside the walls of the RNC amongst the overgrown children throwing temper tantrums. Got it? Good.

In reading the blatantly biased analysis of both of these events that occurred yesterday afternoon, I became fatigued. I know you probably are, too. Why are stadiums empty? Why are our kids not going back to school? Why are we running around in fear? Why are we on-edge and aggravated? Why are our loved ones so damn petrified of getting on an airplane and visiting us or having us come visit them? Because of a sinister, aggressive campaign against one administration. Because of a large group of agitators and thugs, not in the streets but in Washington D.C., in the halls of the House. Because of a media allegiance to these thugs. I know Republicans and Conservatives who are fatigued and are thinking that voting for Biden would actually end this $hitshow that we are watching in real time. Their fatigue is wearing them down. I know Republicans who have been Never Trump-ers from the very beginning who will happily cast their votes for Biden. Why? The path of least resistance, so they think. To end the violence and division and the lockdowns and the madness, they will vote for Joe Biden. The strategy from the left is wearing them down. They will cast their ballot for Biden and get what, exactly?

Americans, now is not the time to be weary. Now is While the nation as we know it is supposedly broken and falling apart. While Americans are dying of a pandemic (that is no longer a pandemic), Trump is campaigning and Biden sits in his basement. Joe Biden has been sitting there for MONTHS. Such a nice guy. He hangs with Cardi B and we know what a stand-up (classy) human she is. He’ll care more about you than he does himself while tweeting from his armchair in his basement. There’s a guy who will fight for you, don’t you think? Tell me, who is “President Tweety” now?

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