Mayfield KY: Decimated By Tornado, Piled On By Climate Change Jerks

Mayfield KY: Decimated By Tornado, Piled On By Climate Change Jerks

Mayfield KY: Decimated By Tornado, Piled On By Climate Change Jerks

Mayfield Kentucky is in shambles right now. All because of a tornado that ripped through nearly 200 miles of land. A town of 10,0000 is nearly obliterated, and who is showing no compassion? The climate change leftists.

Churches were reduced to rubble. The courthouse was wiped out. A building where the utility company parked its trucks had seemingly vaporized, taking the vehicles with it.

And the candle factory was nothing more than a spread of assorted debris. The only indication of what it once was: The scents of vanilla and lavender, along with aromas that conjured up springtime and fresh laundry — all from the chemicals used in the candles — were picked up by powerful winds.

“I don’t know how Mayfield will rebound,” Joe Crenshaw, 37, said as he stood along the perimeter of the factory on Saturday afternoon, hoping to help, somehow, with efforts to find survivors in the rubble.

The videos and photos are horrific. 

Thus far, it’s still unknown as to how many in the candle factory are still unaccounted for. However, instead of stepping up and figuring out ways to help, the climate change jerks are gleefully recounting all the ways that this tragedy wouldn’t have happened if there had been MORE SOLAR, MORE WIND, MORE GREEN NEW DEAL! 

The fact is, Mother Nature is a grade A BITCH. Right now, as I write this post, my hometown in Wyoming has been in the midst of not only a major snowstorm, but also dealing with a full day of 85+ mph wind gusts. So much so, that visibility has been near zero for HOURS. 

Yet here we have climate change fascist jerks piling on and ignoring the loss of life and the decimation to cities and towns so they can tout their green new deal bullshit. 

If you recognized the last name, you would be correct. That’s Alex Vindman’s wife. Oh, but she wasn’t the only one. Oh no. There were many. 

She ended up deleting it and then trying to “explain” her way through it.

No rational person bought her reasoning, so yes. Epic fail. In fact, so much of a fail, she deleted her account. 

Meanwhile, Smallballs had to weigh in. 

Right now, not one single person who was in the path of that storm is even considering what Rand Paul did or didn’t do. What they ARE working on is digging out from the storm, trying to find survivors in the downed buildings and nursing homes, and attempting to get services turned back on where they can. So sorry Eric Smallballs, but your dunk ain’t it. 

Oh, but that’s not all. Grandpa Joe weighed in!

You know what? Americans dealing with the aftermath of this 250 mile path tornado storm don’t need to hear about climate change bullshit. What they NEED to hear is a President saying that the resources that have been requested are on their way. And well, if that happened, it doesn’t inspire confidence in any way shape or form.

Mayfield’s Mayor is on the ground trying to figure out how to help her community pull together and recover. 

This is what those with search and rescue are involved with. 

“I pray that there will be another rescue. I pray that there will be another one or two,” Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said, as crews sifted through the wreckage of the candle factory in Mayfield, where 110 people were working overnight Friday when the storm hit. Forty of them were rescued.

“We had to, at times, crawl over casualties to get to live victims,” said Jeremy Creason, the city’s fire chief and EMS director.

And yet, for those who are all in for climate change, the injuries, the casualties, and the decimation to entire towns doesn’t matter. They are and they will use this to promote their climate change bullshit. Climbing over the bodies of the injured and the dead to make their asinine inhumane point. 

Ivy Williams’s wife, Janine, had called him Friday night to tell him that a bad storm was coming when the call abruptly cut out. He hasn’t heard from her since.

The 50-year-old quality assurance worker was several hours into her night shift at Mayfield Consumer Products with more than 100 other employees when a tornado swept through and flattened the metal building on top of them.

People across multiple states, including Ivy Williams, are hoping and praying that their loved ones survived the tornado/storm aftermath that devastated entire towns, took out an Amazon facility and decimated a nursing home. 

What Mayfield, KY nor anyone else needed is a lecture on the issues of climate change. Yet, that is exactly how Twitter blue checks and the President of the United States responded. 

Feature Photo Credit: tornado flag via Pixabay, cropped and modified

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  • cirby says:

    It was a strong and long-running tornado, but not a particularly big one. It was supposedly an “EF3+” on the enhanced Fujita scale. Winds topping out at about 165 MPH, but it traveled for about 150 miles.

  • James Thompson says:

    Never let a crises go to waste! Geez! Just when you think the Crazy Left has hit bottom they find shovels and dig. Why don’t these evil people just do their evil dance on the graves of the victims?

  • Deborah B says:

    These people are appalling. She is directing hate at the two senators? Here is a thought. Why not direct some love and charity toward the people of Kentucky who desperately need assistance?
    I also recommend learning weather history. Tornadoes and hurricanes have always been around. The internet and social media are recording for us the nastiness and downright evil of these disgusting fools blaming the victims for a weather disaster.
    May God have mercy on their souls.

  • For the Left, politics is their religion — their One True Faith. Everything, without exception, must be politicized. Tornadoes? Hurricanes? Volcanic eruptions? Rains of frogs? They’ll find a way. It’s what they do.

    I can only imagine what Leftist politicians and journalists would have said about the explosion of Krakatoa in 1883. Let’s try it on: First: if conservatives were dominant:

    “Heartless Far-Right Administration Refuses Blame For Massive Eruption”

    “Krakatoa Explodes: Poor and Homeless Worst Affected”

    Now, if left-liberals were in command:

    “President Warns More Eruptions Coming If Climate Change Not Fought”

    “Explosion Would Have Been Worse Except For Infrastructure Bill”

    Give it a spin on your carousel!

  • GWB says:

    it’s a direct result of climate change
    No, it’s a direct result of WEATHER.
    I grew up in TX, and trust me when I say that this sort of tornado is NOT a new thing.

    everything is more intense when the climate is warming
    That’s one of the claims about “anthropogenic global climate change”. But it is by far not directly supported by the scientific method, so far.

    Mayfield’s Mayor is on the ground
    Evidently the tornado blew her comb away. In the screen cap of the video she looks like the epitome of “tornado struck here.” (And yes, I know, looks not really a priority at that moment. At least not for someone who is actually working – it would be for a lot of politicians.)

    Always remember that progressives are more than willing to break all the eggs in the basket to make their omelet utopia. They don’t care because the people are to them nothing but the cogs in their machine.

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