Biden Does The Tonight Show, With Note Cards

Biden Does The Tonight Show, With Note Cards

Biden Does The Tonight Show, With Note Cards

Joe Biden just did the hardest-hitting interview that he is still capable of doing… pre-recorded… with notes.

Yes, Biden went on “The Tonight Show” to be interviewed by Jimmy Fallon. So, you know that this was going to be a deep interview filled with policy discussion and would require the obviously declining president to have notes in front of him. Oh wait, this is a “comedy” show, and Biden still needed notes.

But let’s be honest, it probably wasn’t actual notes – it was probably the scripted order of questions that Fallon was going to ask him. You know, those hard probing questions like “do you pay attention to your poll numbers?” In this case, Fallon gave Biden the set-up to deliver a one-liner that the media then breathlessly quoted in order to point out Biden’s “deadpan” sense of humor.

“The Tonight Show” host asked Biden during their virtual chat if he pays attention to his approval ratings, which have sunk since the summer.”

“Well, not anymore,” Biden deadpanned in response.”

“A lot has happened” since he took office, Biden said later, with people “being told that Armageddon’s on the way” when “the truth is the economy’s grown more than it has any time in close to 60 years, the unemployment rate is down to 4.2%” and “it’s going to go lower, in my view.”

Inflation is a concern but “it’s going to come down,” Biden added.”

Jimmy Fallon is still attempting to atone for his sin of making Donald Trump human, and what better way to continue your apologizing to the left than by shamelessly kissing up to this decrepit failure and letting him do a PRE-RECORDED interview with note cards. Oh, and to let him keep pushing his COVID vaccination mandates.

Biden also made a serious pitch to Americans, after getting tongue-tied while trying to express his frustration about the “politicization” of the vaccine.”

“There’s stuff about ‘Biden’s mandating these things happening.’ Look at it this way: it’s patriotic to get this done,” he said, urging people to get their shots.”

“There’s a lot of anxiety and my job is to be straightforward, shoot from the shoulder, let people know exactly what the truth is [and] lay out how I’m gonna try to make life better for them.”

Ah, back to that old “empathy” angle… that people are no longer buying after seeing the callous way Biden has dismissed their inflation concerns and the fates of American citizens left behind in Afghanistan. Time to burnish up the old man’s kindly funny grandpa image by pre-taping a segment on “The Tonight Show”! God knows he can’t actually do an unscripted interview with an actual news journalist.

And what Biden “Tonight Show” interview would be complete without mocking Trump? I told you that Fallon is still trying to atone for having Trump on the show in 2016. Fallon talked about how everyone applauded Biden at the Kennedy Center recently, and made this comment:

“I thought it was great to see you there, and I thought, I said I was — We gave you a standing ovation because I go ‘Here he is. He’s bringing class back. He’s a classy guy,’ and you’re bringing class back to the office. And I thought it was very kind of amazing that you did that.”

Classy? Biden? The man who sniffs children? The guy who said Mitt Romney was going to put black people back in chains?

I can think of many words to describe President Brandon here, and “classy” ain’t one of them.

Look, a “Tonight Show” interview is meant to be light and fluffy and full of softballs. The problem is that WE ALL KNOW that Biden is old, senile, and unable to answer complicated questions off the cuff even during press conferences, which is why his staff gives him lists of reporters to call on – and they don’t want him talking to Peter Doocy. The old man must be protected, and the cold war between Biden and Harris is becoming even more obvious over time. The Democrats know that they are in deep, deep poo right now, and their only chance to not get blown out in 2022 is to put a genial face on Angry Grandpa. And Jimmy Fallon willingly carried that water.

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