Politico Suggests Ways To Fix Kamala Harris

Politico Suggests Ways To Fix Kamala Harris

Politico Suggests Ways To Fix Kamala Harris

From the pages of Politico, comes the latest compilation from AP reporter, Khadejeh Nikouyeh. We all know Kamala’s numbers, along with ol’ Joe’s approval ratings, are tanking.

This, here, from Politico, is an analysis on what Kamala Harris and those who work for her (who keep quitting because she’s such an insufferable wench) can do to help a sister out.

Vice President Kamala Harris is a pioneer, a political celebrity and — as a media-savvy Gen Xer — a natural successor to the oldest president ever elected. She’s also in trouble.”-Politico

Naw, really? Do go on, please…

It’s not all her fault — her boss’ numbers are slipping too, and she’s been handed a portfolio of friction-filled policy issues like immigration and voting rights. She’s also taken heat from the media in ways that her defenders say is unique to the country’s first female, Black and South Asian vice president.”-Politico

According to this, it is not Kamala’s fault. (Sniffle, sniffle.) Kamala Harris was given all of the hard jobs, all of those jobs with friction-filled policy issues. I mean, really? They handed her the tough job of tackling immigration, of all things! Flash forward to about 4:20 in this clip:

It also doesn’t help Harris that she is taken criticism unique to America’s first Black and South Asian Vice President. Of course. The racists cannot handle a Black/South Asian Vice President in office. Right.

So how, do police analysts suggest Kamala overcome the fact that she’s been given challenges that she has been seemingly ineffective at conquering and the sheer racist hate coming from the naysayers? Read on.

Kamala Harris needs one transformational project. Unless she meets achievable goals on problems of central importance to America, she will fail utterly and end up as a marginalized and discredited political figure with little if anything to show for her time in the nation’s second highest office. Her staff departures only confirm that absent a reboot, she is likely to be as relevant as Dan Quayle was in 1992 and thereafter.”-Douglas Schoen

A transformational project? Like voluntarily paying reparations since her family members were slave holders?

Kamala Harris has always been and will always be a star. Regardless of the environment — from San Francisco district attorney to California attorney general, to U.S. senator and now vice president — she understands her duties are to the American people.”-Michelle D. Bernard

From San Francisco DA to California AG? Are you for real, Michelle? What about this previous endeavor makes Kamala Harris a star who understands her duties to the American people? Was it her refusal to endorse a 2015 bill calling for a special prosecutor to investigate deadly police shootings? Or the fact that she rejected calls from civil rights groups to investigate deadly police shootings in Los Angeles and San Francisco, following the 2014 police-involved killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri? And what was that long feud with police unions about, anyway? Oh, right. Because she refused to pursue the death penalty of a West Mob gang member who murdered San Francisco police officer, Isaac Espinoza. So much for duties to the American people. Espinoza left behind a wife and a three-year-old daughter at the time.

But, go on, Michelle. The delusion is real with these Democrats.

Unlike some of her predecessors, Kamala Harris is not a sedate, stodgy, older white man. The daughter of immigrants, she is a Black woman of Jamaican and Indian descent. She’s a feminist.”-Michelle D. Bernard

A feminist who slept her way up the ladder? Not a very “feminist” thing to do but I guess if you “identify” as a feminist, this counts. Do continue…

And she’s a politician with a background as a former prosecutor who has worked tirelessly to put criminals where they belong, while advocating for the rights and dignity of all Americans.”–Michelle D. Bernard

Marijuana offenses? But, by all means, don’t give a gang member a lethal injection for killing a cop! Yep. Putting those pot-peddling criminals where they belong!

Harris is warm, charismatic and bright. Her laugh is infectious and her rapport with children heartwarming.”–Michelle D. Bernard

Not sure if I want to let out a Kamala-style cackle after reading all of this or take a shower. Kamala Harris is sharismatic and bright. So is her fake, French accent. And her rapport with kids is stellar as long as their parents send them to school on-time. I mean, jailing the parents of these truant, little hoodlums was an absolute riot! (Insert “infectious laugh” here.)

Politico drones on with more suggestions from other political analysts. Kamala should stump for fresh-faced progressives like political freeloader, Mandela Barnes in Wisconsin and Malcolm Eight-Point-Agenda Kenyatta in Pennsylvania (Michael Starr Hopkins). Liz Mair thinks Kamala needs to focus on being “three dimensional and likable”. Ooof. Charles Ellison thinks Harris should “fashion herself as a West Wing subject matter expert”.

Harris needs coaching on giving stronger and much more earnest speeches that reflect the gravity of the mood and times we live in. We want Harris to be on the center stage but to do away with the constant grin flashes and repetitive head nods of someone who can’t stop being smitten with their new surroundings. Every visible opportunity must offer a public glimpse of a strong and decisive future President Harris.”-Charles Ellison

Chuck, some people are beyond coaching at a certain point in their lives. And, if you’re running for the second highest office in the nation, perhaps Kamala Harris should have already been through that coaching you speak of. Moving right along.

Harris is perceived (fairly or not) as synthetic and elitist. She has repair work to do on her image…”-Larry Sabato

Will Kamala Harris yield to Peggy Noonan’s advice? We, personally think the train has left the station and has derailed. Kamala Harris is beyond fixing here and into 2024. Politico is calling her a savvy Gen X-er. Red State, on the other hand, is calling her the Black Hillary.

We all know What Happened to Hillary. And, there it is. The proverbial nail in the coffin. There is no fixing Kamala.

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