Ghouls Cackle Over Trump Covid Diagnosis

Ghouls Cackle Over Trump Covid Diagnosis

Ghouls Cackle Over Trump Covid Diagnosis

The ghouls are getting an early jump on Halloween. Their gleeful cackling over President Trump and Melania’s covid diagnosis is gruesome…and not unexpected.

The New York Times signals worry for the world while doing its best to mask shame the President. 

“Wang Huiyao, the founder and president of the Center for China and Globalization, an influential research group in Beijing, said, “When the president of the United States, the most powerful person in the world, can catch this, the virus has no boundaries.”

Mr. Wang said that the president’s positive test result might become a global reminder of the value of wearing face masks, which are still widely worn in mainland China even though it has not reported a locally transmitted case in more than six weeks.

“He has also had large crowds, shaking hands and greeting people, and he seldom wears a mask,” Mr. Wang said. “He probably serves as a good reminder to the whole world that, as U.S. experts have said, it is important to wear a mask.””

Don’t forget about those campaign rallies. The Hill helpfully publishes a timeline of where the President has been and whom he met with over the last week. Is The Hill trying to shame the President or those who met with him, or both? I’d say both. By the way, all the White House reporters including Brian Karem of the peaceful transition question dud were in close proximity to the President over the last week. Anyone in the media pointing out that they put themselves and others at risk for the virus? Nope. 

The Washington Post piles on with the campaign rally and mask shaming. 

“Even as the virus exploded across the nation, Trump has continued to hold large events indoors and outdoors featuring mostly maskless crowds of people who squeezed together to greet the president. Some members of the Secret Service have also contracted the virus while preparing for presidential events, The Washington Post has reported.

Trump has regularly appeared in public and in private without a mask — and has mocked Biden for wearing one and for curbing his campaign events for safety’s sake. The president has insisted that the virus is mostly dangerous to older people — a group to which he belongs — or those with health complications, although medical experts say the virus can strike anyone. Trump has publicly and privately squabbled with a number of the medical experts in his administration over how seriously the White House should take the virus.”

Meanwhile the media is reporting how STUNNING this news is. Also with a side of, millions of people have already voted. Whatever shall we do??!!

Furthermore, ABC is speculating that the SCOTUS hearings may not go forward because of this. They would LOVE THAT!

Several media ghouls once again show all of us why they are no longer respected. Don Lemon is thrilled. 

No, President Trump never said the virus was a hoax. What he called a hoax was the impeachment while also calling out the media for politicizing the virus. 

Meanwhile David Shuster tries the bleach dunk.

Except that President Trump wasn’t talking about actual bleach, he was talking about a type of technology that delivers intermittent ultraviolet light down the throat directly into one’s lungs. 

David doesn’t care about that however. No, he’d rather join his fellow ghouls in dunking on President Trump and Melania because they’ve been diagnosed with Covid-19. 

This is one helluva take. 

The replies to her tweet are even worse. 

This thread shows how ghoulish people really are. Meanwhile Chris Wallace tries his hand at mask shaming since his handling of the debate went so swimmingly. Except that a tweet from Ivanka kinda spikes that narrative of his. Nancy “beauty salon sneak” Pelosi also joins the mask shaming brigade. 

Chinese media is thrilled with President Trump’s diagnosis. 

Meanwhile I’m seeing calls for the 25th Amendment to be invoked and others wondering why hydroxychloroquine didn’t work for the President and First Lady. Last I checked, that is something that has to be prescribed. It isn’t an OTC medication! But ghouls are just gonna ghoul. The Lincoln Project has outdone themselves. So classy. 

Cam Edwards is correct. Joy Reid has a batshit crazy group of conspiracy theorists in her friends group. Then again, there are a few other conservatives who got themselves broken by President Trump, and are now engaging in tinfoil speculations. 

For all the ghouls cheering the diagnosis, the news that Vice President and Mrs. Pence have tested negative has to really chap their shorts.

The President and First Lady are experiencing mild symptoms, and given the President is 74, he actually has a 90% or more chance of coming out of this just fine.

None of that will stop the ghouls from ripping off their masks and showing their horrid skeletons to the world. 

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  • Politically Ambidextrous says:

    It’s intriguing as to which diseases different groups consider to be fully attributable the sick person’s behavior (“ain’t karma a b!tch”) and which ones are considered to be completely behavior-independent (“don’t you dare judge!”). Things are never so simple, and it’s never appropriate to wish ill of those who are sick.

  • People wishing ill of the First Family may find Satan’s hashtag:
    #We’reAllDownHereForever an unwelcome destination.
    Trust me, the climate’s no good and the company is worse.

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  • Eric says:

    Trump is an authoritarian and a racist. His refusal to address COVID, based entirely on political considerations, has cost more than 200,000 lives. He implemented a policy to separate migrant children from their parents. He continually undermines faith in the election and attempts to divide our country and, as such, is a threat to our democracy. I’ll save my tears for someone who deserves them, thanks.

    • Scott says:

      Hey genius, not only is every statement you make factually incorrect, showing that you truly are a delusional individual, if you had the slightest clue about reality, you would know we do NOT live in a democracy, but rather a Representative Republic..

      But thanks for your comments, no please go back to your antifa riot / moms basement.

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