Melania Tapes: Listen Up, She’s Relatable

Melania Tapes: Listen Up, She’s Relatable

Melania Tapes: Listen Up, She’s Relatable

First of all, my best wishes for a quick recovery to First Lady Melania Trump. Having lost a family friend to COVID early on, I fully understand what this virus is capable of.

Second, Melania Trump needs better friends. Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, her former aide-turned-backstabber, decided to release audio tapes of the First Lady to accompany her tell-all book. Did she think these tapes would make Melania look bad? Because, if she thought that… the answer is NOPE.

Melania Trump has been the most fashionable First Lady since Jackie Kennedy (despite the media’s overwrought attempt to make Michelle Obama into a fashion icon), and because she looks so outwardly calm and polished, her personality doesn’t truly begin to come through unless she talks. Her RNC speech recently was excellent, but it’s obvious that she doesn’t relish public speaking. These tapes show us a different side of Melania – the one who gets aggravated with the media, the one who is frustrated with the demands on her, and the one who is JUST TRYING TO GET THESE DAMN CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS UP, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Somehow, these tapes are supposed to make us think badly of Melania Trump? These tapes make her SO relatable to every single mom in America, it’s not even funny.

Now, the “journalists” are trying to spin the first part of the tapes, when Melania Trump addresses the family separations at the border. Most are chopping off the next sentence that Melania uttered, which was “where were they when Obama did that?”

This is completely correct. The person who had the audacity to record “girl talk” with Michelle Obama for a tell-all memoir would have been tarred and feathered by the media elites – the same ones who are busy sliming Melania now.

But the segment that instantly made moms across America sit up and take note was the comment about Christmas decorating.

HELLO? YES, THIS IS ME. I live in a house with a Christmas “elf.” This is what I call my oldest son (who is on the autism spectrum, so crank up everything you’re imagining up to eleven), who begins demanding a Christmas tree up as soon as the Thanksgiving turkey has been consumed. (No joke.) Once it is the Christmas season, he fully expects to get the tree up and decorated, and then get every single piece of Christmas decor up immediately. He bugs his dad to put up the Christmas lights outside. He nags me until his favorite Christmas cookies have been made (for the record, it’s gingerbread). Everything must be done according to our most sacred and holy family traditions, and when it’s done, he has the audacity to look at me and say “what took you so long?”

Now, imagine being Melania Trump, who must decorate the White House in a new way with a new theme each Christmas, only to be ripped up and down by the press over whatever she chose, or what she did or did not do. Yes, she does get a lot of help every year – many from volunteers who come from across the country. (Who knows what this Christmas at the White House will looks like in 2020?) But the First Lady and her staff take on the planning and execution of the whole thing – and it’s obvious that the entire process wears on Melania in a way that every mom should be able to empathize with.

Obviously, the impact that these tapes were supposed to have has been severely blunted by the news of the First Lady’s positive COVID test. That aside, these tapes don’t make Melania Trump look bad. They make her look frustrated, confused, aggravated, upset, disappointed, and angry. So, they make her look human. How is that a bad thing?

Featured image: First Lady Melania Trump at the White House (photo taken November 25, 2018, Official White House photo by Andrea Hanks, public domain)

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