DNC Chair Tom Perez Cheers For The Deep State Whistleblowers

DNC Chair Tom Perez Cheers For The Deep State Whistleblowers

DNC Chair Tom Perez Cheers For The Deep State Whistleblowers

Last night, prior to the start of the Democrat Debate, DNC Chair Tom Perez unmasked himself. In his ‘Rah Rah!’ speech to the crowd, he gave a shout out to the Deep State whistleblowers for their efforts to undermine Trump and this Republic.

Yes, Perez really said that. Yes, the audience applauded and quite a few cheered.

Perez took off the entire mask this time and showed the Democrats’ true colors. I know we’ve been writing about this, but today’s crop of Democrats really want Trump gone. Why? So they can have unchecked free rein on trampling our Republic into dust in favor of their socialist agenda.

Every single candidate on stage last night spoke in favor of impeachment. It doesn’t matter to them that Nancy essentially said the votes aren’t there. In fact, Kamala came up with a doozy of a justification for impeachment.

Oh. Well, isn’t that nice? Due Process? To hell with that!

Let’s have a rundown of impeachment justifications shall we?

  • We don’t like Trump because Hillary was supposed to win.
  • That Steele dossier is true; Fusion GPS said so!
  • Comey was right to stand tall against Trump supposedly demanding loyalty!
  • Anything Trump has done is far worse than Hillary wiping 30,000 emails from her potty room server!
  • Bill Barr is covering up for Trump/Russia and hiding real evidence from the Mueller report!
  • Breaking the law…any law…is absolutely ok as long as it means Trump is impeached!
  • Evidence? Who cares about evidence? Trump is bad because we say so!

Yes, it all looks ludicrous, but they don’t care. Victor Davis Hanson:

“Sane observers see impeachment as a travesty without either moral or legal grounds to justify removing an elected president 13 months before the 2020 election. But sanity means nothing these days, given the hatred of Trump, the volatility of the electorate, and the furious bias of the media.

After all, we are planning to impeach a president on the basis of a “whistleblower” who will not come forward, who is a Democratic partisan, who worked for a current Democratic presidential candidate, who contrary to the whistleblower statutes went first to the Democratic Chairman of what is now the impeachment inquiry committee, Adam Schiff, also chair of the Intelligence Committee, and whose formal complaint was prepped by Democrat-affiliated lawyers. The whistleblower claims second-hand knowledge from leaking White House Staffers who heard a confidential Trump conversation—a conversation whose transcript was immediately released and was at odds in key places with the whistleblower’s second- and third-hand versions.

We are headed for a train wreck.”

Yes, we are indeed headed for a train wreck if we let the Democrats continue to be the conductors of this farce.

Kimberley Strassel:

They are gleefully working to break this Republic. Why? Because now they feel they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. They kept their hatred for this country, for our freedoms, and for our Constitution under wraps for a very long time. The Clintons started the ball rolling during his two terms, and then Obama came along. By his silence and lectures to law enforcement for being mean during Ferguson, by his beer summit in the Rose Garden, his Gumby-style red lines that encouraged Syria and others, terrorist JV squads, and the secretive Iran Deal…Obama let the mask slip a lot more. Then Trump was elected.

It is now verified that the New York Times worked 24/7 on Russia, is still working on impeachment and is somehow in any way possible going to make Trump racist. If Trump even dares to blink his eyes, that will mean he’s racist!! Sound absurd? Not to the media it doesn’t. CNN was exposed by Project Veritas the other day. Their mask slipped BIGLY on election night. Now? They don’t even bother to hide their animosity.

In recent weeks, whistleblowers showed up to the party. The Democrats are running full speed ahead with this, even though the information they have is essentially hearsay from folks who weren’t even involved with the Ukraine call! Do the Democrats care that the whistleblower(s) look even more shady by refusing to testify in person and instead want to submit their testimony in writing? No, because Trump!

Last night Tom Perez yanked the mask off and set it on fire. By giving a shout-out to the whistleblowers and Deep Staters, he said out loud what many of us have known all along: the Democrats will do anything and everything they can to destroy this Republic.

They want a coup. It’s up to all of us to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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  • John says:

    The Demonrats have to see a way to win here, unless they see themselves as so screwed that they have nothing to lose, and that would require some kind of attention to reality, which I haven’t seen from them.
    They will probably drag the House circus out as long as they can, and if impeachment is voted out of the House, without having voted to start the process, there will be suits as to the validity of the act before it goes to the Senate for trial.
    The Senate is Constitutionally obligated to hold a trial, but it has the power to determine the admissibility of evidence and the required standards of proof.
    A conviction is unlikely.
    This may be intended to motivate the Prog base to violence upon the reelection of Trump if, as I expect, he wins.
    The only path I see for the Progs to “win” is to completely wreck the nation, and try to be in control afterwards. Their base is among the richest and the poorest, the national influencers and the street level folks. Their usual pattern is to use the force of government to impose their will.
    This may mean that they will try to bring the Right into violent conflict with low levels of government, specifically police and Natnl Guard forces so that their opposition can be physically and politically eliminated.
    Something like an assassination after a Trump reelection could spark this, especially if done in conjunction with some general attacks on us of the Right.
    Should this happen, any response that individuals of the Right might take should be strategic, focussed, and measured, rather than random and tactical.
    To avoid becoming the Balkans or recreating the old Irish Troubles, we will need to return to a government guided by the Constitution, and reject the message of the Globalist common interests which direct the messages and actions of the Progs.
    I hope that we will be able to vote our way out of this mess

  • Scott says:

    The fact that these Traitors (yes, I said it, every one of them is violating their oath of office in clear-cut fashion) have the level f support that they do is clear evidence that our “education” system has become nothing but a leftist indoctrination mill that fails to teach anything of value, and needs to be burned to the ground and taken out of the hands of government and the leftist that run it!
    Previous generations fought against socialism and communism, and the current one is fighting against islamic terrorism, and our school system teaches that these are all good things, and it’s our Constitutional Republic that’s evil…These people are truly evil, delusional, or both.

  • Rick Caird says:

    If impeachment is voted on and passed, I want to see an trial in the Senate that focuses on the tricks leadng upp to the vote. I want to see Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, etc called t testify under oath. Perjury should result in criminal indictment, trial, and long prison sentences. Any “whistle blowers” should be unmasked and questioned under oath. The idea of backdated allowing of second hand data should be explored and rescinded. The FISA warrant frauds should be exposed and punished. The Democrats will rue the day they started this. Every Republican should vote for impeachment just to get to an “under oath” trial that will destroy the Democratic Party and the deep state.

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