Schiff May Have Oversold Whistleblower’s Testimony

Schiff May Have Oversold Whistleblower’s Testimony

Schiff May Have Oversold Whistleblower’s Testimony

In trying to sell impeachment to the American public, Comgressman Adam Schiff may have just committed a huge error.

This would be on par with Schiff insisting that HE JUST KNEW there was information that was going to take President Trump down that was contained in the Mueller Report. Well, not so much, as it turned out.

However, because Schiff is no stranger to simply making crap up when it suits him, he made this statement to Scott Pelley on “60 Minutes” on Sunday evening.

Democrat Adam Schiff is chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, in charge of the investigation.”

Scott Pelley: Where does your committee take this from here? What’s the procedure?”

Adam Schiff: Well, we have a pretty good roadmap– thanks to the courage of this whistleblower. The complaint sets out any number of witnesses, any number of documents that we need to seek.”

Scott Pelley: Do you expect the testimony of the whistleblower?”

Adam Schiff: Absolutely.”

Scott Pelley: Your committee already has an agreement with the whistleblower that he will testify?”

Adam Schiff: We have an agreement that he or she will testify, yes.”

Well, that was news to the whistleblower’s legal counsel. They posted a note on their website immediately after the Schiff interview aired that said “wait, no we haven’t said it’s happening and there is no agreement yet.”

Is anyone surprised that Schiff is jumping the gun and promising stuff that he can’t deliver? Hmmm, this sounds so familiar! And news outlets are leading with Schiff’s promise, not the comments from the whistleblower’s legal counsel. I wonder why? It’s MUCH less sexy and exciting to say “well, the lawyers are negotiating about testimony,” especially after Schiff just LIED on national television about a deal already being in place!

Or… is this just one of those magical things that Adam Schiff knows before everyone else?

This tweet is essentially the entire whistleblower complaint. The date is August 28th. But Congress wasn’t notified about the whistleblower complaint report until September 9th. The IG didn’t even talk to acting DNI Joseph Maguire about the whistleblower complaint until August 26th. So, either Schiff should be picking lottery numbers, or he got a heads-up about the entire whistleblower complaint. Surprise, it looks like it’s door #2, where the whistleblower may have just been too impatient to let the process play out, and notified Schiff, and Senator Richard Burr, in their roles as chairmen of the Intelligence committees, that “HEY I SENT A COMPLAINT TO YOUR MANAGER, DID YOU SEE IT???”

Schiff then leaked out what he knew over Twitter, and started lining his ducks up in a row for his moment of improv committee acting – something that has really annoyed Republicans in the House to the point that they want to censure him.

And now he’s promising testimony from the whistleblower – something that hasn’t been agreed to yet at all. But “60 Minutes” is completely okay with pushing that line, plus the one that “the whistleblower is under federal protection.” Again, the legal team is saying “wait, what?”

So, Adam Schiff is again overselling what he actually has in hand at the moment, and “60 Minutes” is helping that narrative along. Awesome. I’m sure that this is all just a honest misreading of the letters from the legal team to make things seem more dire than they really are at the moment. *cough* After all, when has Adam Schiff, improv actor extraordinare, ever stretched the truth?

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  • GWB says:

    MAY HAVE?!
    Possibly understatement of the season.

  • GWB says:

    It doesn’t take a stable genius to see the magnitude of this conflict.
    Well, there’s two words that will never be used to describe Schiff-4-brains.

    where the whistleblower may have just been too impatient to let the process play out
    Which, generally speaking, eliminates your protections. You want the protection, you gotta play by the rules.

    This is another bit of corrupt politicking by the progressives.
    I can only hope the electorate sees through it and strikes them down via the ballot, before more drastic measures are necessary.

    • Scott says:

      And these leftist traitors are attempting to change the laws to the point that any deep stater with an axe to grind can release classified information, and confidential Executive communications with foreign leaders with impunity. Talk about advancing the destruction of the nation! If a President cant talk the leader of another nation without it ending up in the news the next week, it will seriously impede his / her ability to function as President (exactly their intent, which is why they’re traitors)

  • […] is absolutely the point. If Shiff-for-Brains and Palsied get their way, the whole thing will be over by the time their suppor…. That celebration is their favorite, as they dress as usual, and scare the hell out of all of […]

  • Robert Sendler says:

    The two rule changes that were magically in place at the opportune time to allow this to happen and continue unimpeded didn’t happen in a vacuum…all this was planned.

    All of it.

  • Mike Wassil says:

    Are they really going to try to do this thing without ever having this ‘whistleblower’s identity known? Take down a president with anonymous gossip? Really?

  • Thewlyn Oh says:

    The GOP needs to show balls and a spine to call out and attack Schiff-for-brains and his colluding cohorts for their bs – not to mention go after Hands Biden for HIS role in using US aid to strong arm the Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who was investigating his druggie kid.

    Until then, it’s all theatre, and the Dems will continue to run rampant with no accountability…

  • Rick Caird says:

    Anyone who accuses another of a crime needs to stand up and make that accusation in public using his own name. This guy and his cronies are now responsible for impeachment lunacy and he does need need to take responsibility. I guarantee people know who he is and his name will be leaked as it should be.

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