Stuttering Joe: A “Gift” To America

Stuttering Joe: A “Gift” To America

Stuttering Joe: A “Gift” To America

The stuttering fool who is being rammed down our throats for the next four years is not merely a privileged white man with a remarkable career in politics. No, stuttering Joe is a gift to America.

Biden has all been hailed a savior who can fix all of the damage done by the Trump administration over the past four years. WaPo calls us “vulnerable” until Biden is sworn in. We’re a country in “limbo“, according to CNN. In a time such as this, Joe Biden is a true gift, says Salon. His stuttering is what makes him so:

When I listen to Biden I hear vulnerability, confidence, rupture, hesitation, boldness, blockages, clarity. When I listen to Biden I hear the true nature of speech in all its extraordinary nuance.”-Jordan Scott, author and poet

Proof that anyone who supports stuttering Joe Biden will hear anything he wants to hear. To be honest, I don’t hear much in the way of stammering and stuttering. I hear defensiveness, confusion, muffled words and a sheer lack of ability to focus on the topic at hand. One would think that this is a warning sign to Americans of what’s to come. But this, according to our friends at Salon, THIS, is a gift to America.

Yet stuttering has, in many ways, defined Biden nevertheless. It’s hard to imagine that his extensive training to ‘think in terms of not rushing’ hasn’t come in handy in the past two soul-sucking months, or that memorizing all that poetry — like Seamus Heaney’s line about ‘the longed-for tidal wave of justice’ — was a bad idea. ‘God’s gift to me was my stuttering,’ he has said. Imagine, if you can after these impulse control-bereft past four years, a president who thinks before speaking. Sounds like God’s gift to us.”-Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon

Joe Biden actually thinks before speaking? He will think things through, America. Joe Biden is not about rushing life, liberty and you know the thing. He took on Putin and what was going on in Iraq. He took on kids swimming in the pool playing with his leg hair and who can forget, a neighborhood troublemaker by the name of Corn Pop. Look-think about it, man, poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids. Did he stutter? No, Joe Biden was not stuttering through any of the above statements he made.

Was Joe Biden stuttering when he told a New Hampshire high school teacher that his own IQ was “much higher” (when we know now that Joe was a mediocre student at best)? Was he stuttering when he commented about not being able to go into a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts without a slight Indian accent? Was Biden stuttering when he called American troops “stupid bastards” in 2016? Did he stutter when he called kids in hoodies “gangbangers“? Oh, the irony of Joe Biden and “Comma-la” being on the same team now is a laugh. Kamala Harris waits in the wings for her close-up. Was Biden stuttering when he called a woman a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier”? or was he stuttering when he told Charlamagne Tha God’s listening audience that if they voted for Trump (and not him), they “ain’t black”? Just wondering.

They hear a man who “studied poetry and prose” to combat his stuttering. We hear arrogance. We hear a smug spirit, a combative spirit even. We hear elitism. We hear an old, privileged white guy thinking he is smarter and better than others who dare to question his positions. We hear these sentiments echoed every day with the actions and the statements of liberals nationwide. Joe Biden did not stutter in the above statements. Not at all. He may have gaffed but he certainly did not stutter. And there were times when a stutter may have been welcome. At least it would have been a response. When the going got tough, Joe Biden did not stutter. He fell silent. He closed off his campaign. He locked himself up. He and his campaign avoided.

Like his intimate relationship with grief, Biden’s experiences of bullying have helped him recognize that particular pain in others. He has said that ‘I can think of nothing else that has ever stripped me of my dignity as quickly and as profoundly and as thoroughly as when I stuttered in grade school.'”-Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon

The bullies (because that is what they are) on the left want to make Joe Biden’s incoherence and incompetence about his stuttering. Isn’t that cute? Isn’t he amazing that he powered through this to become the next savior of the world? Aren’t we the petty ones who nit-pick at his lack of mental acuity? We are the bullies. How dare we question Joe Biden’s statements and character after four years of Trump? We should be utterly ashamed to call ourselves “Americans!”

Did Joe Biden stutter when he claimed to want a cut of his son’s business dealings? Did the “Big Guy” stammer and stumble and bumble about wanting ten percent? He wasn’t stuttering here. Did Joe Biden stutter when he spoke of more lock downs and supporting the very government entities who are shuttering our businesses and keeping our schools closed and, therefore, kids who are very much in need of speech therapy out of the classroom?

Salon and the left in general are grasping at straws here. Americans who did not vote for stuttering Joe Biden need to be kind and stop the bullying. We’re the problem in our communities and in our schools and in our workplaces. As a person who was bullied through elementary school by spoiled, little snowflakes, I recognize a bully when I see one. Throughout my years of life experience on this earth, I have especially come to recognize the dressed-up, puffed-up, passive-aggressive, “virtuous” bullying coming from the bigger machine. Who is really being bullied right now? America. Her spirit, her vitality, her strength. Not stuttering Joe Biden, “gift” to America. Who should we be defending in this fight? America. Did I stutter?

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  • Cameron says:

    As I recall, The Atlantic was saying how “we only need Joe’s corporeal presence” to heal the nation.

    Not a cult. Really.

  • John Wilson says:

    Where did the young woman go that he assaulted?

  • Quentin Q Quill says:

    “I recognize a bully when I see one.” Does that apply to Donald Trump as well? As for Biden being “rammed down our throats,” the news outlets you identified are doing the same thing that news outlets that supported Trump do. And what’s the deal with using “Comma-la?” Are you thirteen?

  • 370H55V says:

    News outlets that supported Trump? Name one.

  • Jack_of_Spades says:

    This is typically how the MSM reports (add scare quotes to taste) on every Democrat President: “Behold our Philosopher King President!”. Potty-mouthed Harry Truman is presented as a colorful personality. Take, for example, the anecdote about his wife Bess lamenting that it took her ten years to get him to use “manure” in mixed company. John F. Kennedy’s womanizing was carefully kept out of the news, the better for the media’s image of him as the devoted husband of Jackie and father of Caroline and John-John. It’s only when a Democrat President screws up badly enough that the media worship turns to unfavorable coverage, e.g. Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter.

  • william francis says:

    joe is our village idiot who will do his best to ruin America. You have not seen the
    range of the corruption yet.

  • Edward Lunny says:

    Libs are fascist terrorists in word, deed, and belief. Treat them accordingly.

  • GSR says:

    With China Joe & Kamasutra Harris, it’s gonna be four years of pandering to non-Whites and constant 24/7/365 insults and disparaging remarks towards White Americans.

  • Douglas Robert Loss says:

    Well, Biden will be a gift to America for sure…if you use the German definition of “gift” rather than the English definition…

  • Mikesixes says:

    By the way, the election was a fraud, as he is. From Jan. 20 to the end of time the word President should always be placed in quotes when referring to him.

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