Ralph Northam Shoves Virginia To The Left

Ralph Northam Shoves Virginia To The Left

Ralph Northam Shoves Virginia To The Left

Virginia has been shoved to the left by Governor Ralph Northam and a Democrat-led legislature. Over Easter weekend, he served up a slew of rotten eggs by signing over 1200 bills into law.

“Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D), caught between an economy cratering from covid-19 and the ambitions of newly empowered Democrats, froze all new spending in the state budget and delayed an increase to the state’s minimum wage, part of a flurry of amendments his senior staff announced Sunday.

Northam signed and amended a mountain of legislation over Easter weekend, up against a midnight Saturday deadline to act on all 1,291 measures passed during this year’s General Assembly session

Wearing a medical mask as he worked with staff in his Capitol Square conference room, Northam grimly reined in the Democrats’ two-year, $135 billion spending plan while happily signing landmark gay rights, environmental and criminal justice bills backed this year in a Capitol that was fully under Democratic control for the first time in a generation.”

Life is grim in Virginia says the WaPo, but that certainly didn’t stop Northam from “happily” signing all sorts of progressive leftist pieces of legislation into law! Let’s take a look at some of the new laws Virginia has to deal with. 

Gun control and a Red Flag law. Because of course, in a time when people are uncertain and scared, in a time when criminals are being let out of jail willy nilly, purchasing a gun for protection or practicing at a shooting range is way worse than criminals roaming around freely!

It’s already been shown that releasing criminals isn’t a safe thing for the community. But oh well, control those EEEEVIL guns and we’ll all be safe! Right? Wrong. 

What else did Northam sign into law? 

The minimum wage increase is still in play. Never mind all the small businesses that are totally shut down during this virus crap. Once they reopen they will have to raise their minimum wage threshold whether they can afford to or not. Hint: many won’t be able to sustain that so either won’t hire people or will close down altogether. Oh well…it’s for the people! Or some such crap. 

The dairy industry got shafted as well. It’s ok for almond milk to be classified as actual milk because freedom of speech! Yeah, that’s some interesting logic there. 

What else did he sign into law?

A version of California’s horrendous AB5 gig worker legislation

Bills devoted to so-called “clean energy” and closing down those icky fossil fuel plants

Remove those awful Confederate monuments that, just by being there, ensure racial discrimination is alive and well. Who knew statues had so much power? Masks? Not so much.

Lots of protections for the LGBTQ community

Roll back all sorts of abortion restrictions. Big surprise there given Northam’s evil stance on babies who survive abortions. 

How about elections? Oh yes, let’s have fair elections everyone! 

“Virginia will no longer require voters to show a photo ID prior to casting a ballot and the state will join a handful of states across the nation in making Election Day a state holiday, Gov. Ralph Northam (D) announced Sunday.

Northam said he signed a series of bills aimed at expanding access to voting.

“Voting is a fundamental right, and these new laws strengthen our democracy by making it easier to cast a ballot, not harder,” Northam said in a statement Sunday. “No matter who you are or where you live in Virginia, your voice deserves to be heard. I’m proud to sign these bills into law.””

Of course, Virginia democrats are THRILLED with this news. It seems they firmly believe that access to voting has been consistently denied to those (read illegals) who want to vote, and this will magically solve everything! 

What really made me laugh in disbelief is the legislation that provides for early voting to start FORTY FIVE DAYS before the November election! Yes, you read that correctly. As I asked yesterday, what could possibly go wrong? Well…this thread highlights a history of major changes that happened during national campaigns within that 45 day window. It’s worth scrolling through it all. Two examples: 

Don’t forget about the Willie Horton ad, or Dukakis and that tank ride! Oh wait, it’s in there. As is this.

Exactly! However, if those pesky little facts are pointed out to the Democrats who happily shoved Virginia to the left, their battle cry will be “but that’s DIFFERENT BECAUSE!” 

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  • Sally says:

    Northam should always wear a black face mask.

  • Bevo says:

    Buy more guns and ammo while you can. People with guns are citizens. People without guns are slaves to the state.

  • UH1H CE says:

    The saddest part of the fall of Virginia is that the republican party orchestrated it. When they re-redistricted the state years ago, they actually made sure super-clown Jerry Connelly had a safe seat. They also handed what had been Frank Wolf’s seat to the Dems by removing republican leaning areas from that district and not doing anything to support any republican candidate other than that God-awful Barbara Comstock, (who flamed out right away). This past election cycle, they didn’t even run state candidates in almost a third of districts. They have failed to support any republican Senate or Gubernatorial candidate for more than 12 years. The republican party of Virginia sold us out, and it was no accident.

    • Nottingham says:

      Are you 100% sure it was the Republicans who were being the redistricting of the county lines.
      Democrats usually do those things. As for the new gun laws you all should start filling TREASONOUS charges against him . He is breaking his oath to defend and uphold our Constitution. This to sounds like a direct attack.

  • Fred Ohr says:

    I am a newly minted resident of VA. I bring a deeply conservative set of values with me as does my wife. I am appalled at what is going on but was unable to vote last fall. My ballot will be cast going forward.

  • beau says:

    i do not want to live in the same country with those of northam’s (small letter intended for the small man) ilk any more than they want to be in the same country with me.

    divide the nation. give them THEIR HALF to destroy instead of the entire country.

    evil is ascendant as long as allowed.

  • STOP early VOTING
    STOP paper BALLOTS
    ICE or local police stationed at polling places to assure ONLY AMERICAN CITIZENS VOTE

    • Margaret says:

      Yes! Yes! Yes!
      We can’t do anything without showing an ID. Voting is the most important thing we do. No ID and I love the finger print no vote. Only mail in ballots are for our military over seas. No early voting! Election Day is Nov 3. Get to your voting place. If it’s important to you to vote then you’ll get there. And it’s not voter repression.

    • Nottingham says:

      Stop the infringing of the 2nd amendment this is a clear act of TREASON! What happened to Upholding the Constitution and the protection they sware to uphold. These sound like a clear attack

  • I will make sure he is voted out. This is NOT my Virginia anymore

  • Mark Alan Gallagher says:

    I am quite disappointed that this happened. I love Virginia and recall when it was the most conservative state around. We have seen all of these new subdivisions pop up like dandelions and fill up with people from other liberal areas. I dont begrudge anyone for wanting to live here, its just that they are destroying the cultural fabric of a once proud state. California seems more conservative now. I hold my fellow conservatives that didn’t care enough to support conservatives to actually get up and vote. Hopefully we can mitigate this damage in the next term.

  • John says:

    I lived in Virginia for almost 50 years and watched it Slowly go down the Toilet. I’m happy to now be in North Carolina, but feel sorry that my children and grandchildren are still stuck in the Peoples Republic of Virginia.

  • Nottingham says:

    Stop the infringing of the 2nd amendment this is a clear act of TREASON! What happened to Upholding the Constitution and the protection they sware to uphold. These sound like a clear attack !
    Our government officials have forgotten just who they work for. Must be the bribes from special interests groups and lobbyists who line their pockets maybe it’s time we elected officials who will not be bought and change the laws

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