Obama Endorses The Only Democrat Left

Obama Endorses The Only Democrat Left

Obama Endorses The Only Democrat Left

You gotta hand it to Barack Obama. His political instincts are ON POINT.

After waiting out the entire competitive part of the Democrat primary, former President Obama has thrown his support behind his supposedly beloved former running mate, Joe Biden, because Biden is the last man standing in this race. And when I say “standing,” I mean “sort of propped up against a desk in his basement.”

And when I say “throw his support behind,” I mean “release a nearly twelve minute monologue that takes almost two minutes to even mention Biden’s name.”

This mini-speech would have been an absolute dragon-slayer two months ago (before the primary season began), or six weeks ago (on Super Tuesday), or even a month ago, and would have made Biden’s path to the nomination almost an assured thing. But Obama didn’t do that. Barack Obama waited until Bernie Sanders dropped out and endorsed Biden before even releasing this video! If THAT doesn’t scream “killer political timing,” I don’t know what does.

And even in Obama’s video, he praises the entire Democrat field and then goes on to PRAISE BERNIE BY NAME (at the 4:45 mark). Um, I thought this was supposed to be an endorsement of Biden? Why is Bernie getting lauded here for his “enthusiasm”? Ohhhh, because the Democrats need the “Bernie Bros” to bring up the youth vote. Obama then goes on to laud the “progressiveness” of Biden’s platform – you know, the kind of platform that he wished that he could have gotten away with in 2008, but knew he couldn’t run on in order to be elected. Obama endorses Biden’s “public option for all,” but then hints that Medicare For All is where we should be headed.

And then Obama complains that the Republicans are consumed with obtaining and keeping power. DUDE. Have you MET Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer???

Obama wants “a more Democratic America.” Big D, not small d. And you can tell that it is just killing him to not be running for president himself. Obama loved campaigning, he loved the adoration of crowds, and he’s probably reading all the Twitter replies right now. The media, of course, is absolutely slobbering all over this video, because OBAMA.

Um no, not even close. It would have been a big deal if he had done it earlier. To do it now, with Biden the last candidate standing, looks tacky. There was NO ONE ELSE LEFT.

Of course, Biden (or Biden’s handler who Tweets for him) was appropriately excited.

But you know what word didn’t even appear in this video? “Impeachment.” In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the impeachment debacle has been neatly swept under the rug of history, even though it was just finished up TWO MONTHS AGO. Granted, those two months have felt like two years, but you would think that if Democrats thought in the current moment that bringing up impeachment would hurt Trump, then Obama would be dropping that into his monologue. This is admitting, by omission, that impeachment was a gigantic FAIL on the part of Democrats. Obama is very much focused in this video on the current coronavirus pandemic. The problem is, of course, that Biden’s “plan” to restart the economy is a nothingburger – it has no hard numbers or facts. So Obama can say whatever he likes. His name still won’t be on the ticket. His endorsement right now sounds good, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s essentially worthless.

And given the #BidenHaikus hashtag on Twitter that seems to have drifted from mockery into despair by Bernie voters, I’m not sure that even the Chosen One Obama can convince the radical socialist left to support Biden.

All of Obama’s flowery rhetoric isn’t going to con the socialists into supporting Biden, or gloss over Biden’s ethical issues and cognitive questions.

Featured image: Barack Obama and Joe Biden, February 3, 2010, official White House photo by Pete Souza, government work in the public domain

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  • Joe in PNG says:

    To be fair, Former President Obama is pretty adept at the political game.
    He did say he would avoid “taking sides” during the primary season, which means he gets out of 2020 with his reputation intact. Considering the field of kooks, losers, whackadoodles, and other never-to-be dweebs that was the Dem clown car, that’s probably the best way to proceed.
    Had he picked a candidate that bombed, his reputation and his ability to act as king maker would be tarnished.
    This way, he will be able to actually have a say come ’24.

  • A. Human says:

    He never had coat tails in the first place. Many of his chosen candidates lost, many many of them. Even though Bill Clinton and Obama admitted that Hillary Clinton was even better than them, she lost. Even though Biden wasn’t mentioned until almost two minutes into the monologue, It most likely included the word “I” a few dozen times.

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