Perfect Union of Kabuki Dancers: DNC Night Three

Perfect Union of Kabuki Dancers: DNC Night Three

Perfect Union of Kabuki Dancers: DNC Night Three

The Democrats have given us more insight to their perfect oblivion and sheer tone-deafness and we here at Victory Girls suffered through it. Actress Kerry Washington took the virtual stage to introduce speakers and various and sundry videos highlighting key platforms.

As Kerry Washington emphasized the “perfect union” of an America under a President Joe Biden, the Democrats took to address the first epidemic. And by epidemic, we don’t mean COVID-19. we mean “gun violence”. Close up on a video of Parkland High School’s Emma Gonzalez calling BS on well, just about everything at the March For Our Lives Rally.

Is it too soon to call BS? Perhaps. No videos of violence in Portland and Seattle. No news stories of shootings in Democrat-run cities like Chicago. The focus was on Common Sense Gun Control and school shootings.

Earth to Democrats-to create a perfect union with teachers’ unions who protested returning to work with guillotines and coffins, you all closed schools down. Instead, some psycho with no regard for Common Sense Gun control won’t walk into a gun-free zone like a school packing heat this fall. Nah. He’ll just go ballistic with a shotgun in broad daylight.

What else would create a perfect union? Addressing epidemic #2: The climate crisis. At least, it’s like, pretty huge, according to the millennial who happens to think it’s “the most pressing issue of our time” and that it “needs to be treated as such”. Environmental annihilation is an epidemic, apparently. And restoring the environment with “green jobs” will improve the wrecked economy that the Democrats were largely responsible for crashing. Perfect.

The star-studded kabuki dancers loomed about. Hillary Rodham Clinton-who was responsible for roughly 65-million cracks in the glass ceiling-or was it 18 million? Who knows? Who cares?

Clinton graced those who wept her 2016 loss with her presence. She said she wished Donald Trump knew how to be a President. She claims another term under President Trump will wreck everything-our leadership in the world and even our (GASP) Post Office!

Nancy Pelosi broke the marble ceiling and urged Democrats that diversity is their strength and “urnity” (dentures must have come loose) is their power. They’re so powerful, Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump stood in their way. Trust Pelosi, she knows a temper-tantrum when she sees one! Liz Warren showed up to the party, too, to blame Trump and not China, for COVID-19 and to talk about her Aunt Bea which left us wondering…was Auntie on the 1/1000th Native American side of the family?

Then, along came Mr. Perfect-Selfie-Former-President, king and creator of the humblebrag himself, Barack Obama. BHO claimed Trump lacks reverence for the “democracy placed in his care”, that he needed to “feel the weight of his Presidency”, that he has not “grown into” the job, that he has not attempted to find “common ground”. While panning Trump, Obama all but applauded the “young people who led us this summer”. He applauded their desire for “better” and said that “messiness and frustrations” come out of their “noble” efforts of self-government. As if there were any doubt of Obama’s radical agenda, Number 44 just gave a nod to the CHAZ/CHOP in Seattle and other U.S. cities that now look like third-world countries and have become victims of the chaos of these young “revolutionaries”. He urged them to “not let them take away their power”.

Kabuki continued with Kumbaya Kamala as the final speaker to wrap things up. She talked of her perfect family, post-Wille and urged voters to “see a world beyond themselves”. Yawn.

In short, why do all of these perfect people think Americans should vote for Joe Biden? He’s sensitive, he’s funny, he’ll “care more about you then he’ll care about himself”, he’s honest, he’s decent, he’ll create jobs out of thin air, he’ll cure COVID (even though he hasn’t cured cancer yet) and even though you can’t underestimate his ability to f–k things up, he’s forward-looking and has a plan. To come out of his basement. Maybe tomorrow. Stay tuned for another episode of DNC Kabuki Theater.

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