Obama’s Lecture at the United Nations

Obama’s Lecture at the United Nations

This morning President Obama gave his annual speech, I mean lecture, to the United Nations General Assembly. The lecture covered a wide range of topics including climate change, Russia, ISIS, Israel, and even Ferguson, MO.

He was on a roll it seems. Russia was told to quit bullying the Ukraine.

How is he going to make Russia and Putin stop?? Draw another red line?

Climate change was another scintillating speech topic. However, some of the President’s claims don’t quite match up with the facts. Dina Cappiello and Seth Borenstein report:

From a White House background document: “The Climate Action Plan is working. In 2012, U.S. greenhouse gas emissions fell to the lowest level in nearly two decades.”
THE FACTS: That plan has nothing to do with reductions in emissions in 2012 because it was not announced until June 2013. Moreover, two of its cornerstone regulations — controls on new and existing coal-fired power plants — are at this point just proposals. The administration isn’t expected to complete those rules until next year and some states may not submit plans until after Obama leaves office. The statement also leaves out the fact that in 2013, emissions in the U.S. rose for the first time since 2007.
Obama did invest in renewable energy and boost fuel economy before announcing the climate plan. But the plan can’t be credited with improving anything before it came into existence.

I’m surprised he didn’t take a minute to lecture the climate change demonstrators (including Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio) about all the trash they left on the streets of NY this week.

The President used strong and sometimes graphic language, yes he really did, when discussing ISIS, its reign of terror, and “network of death”

The President says we aren’t acting alone in our efforts against ISIS. Great, can anyone tell me how many allies we have working with us? We know Syria is helping to some extent. But how many others are really taking part in eradicating ISIS? Is it more or less than 40 countries? The President also said that we “never will be at war with Islam.” What about the fact that they are at war against us?

Never mind that, you see he had to lecture Israel next. According to the President,

“too many Israelis” were ready to abandon Middle East peace efforts and urged them to reflect on the matter, saying the status quo with the Palestinians was unsustainable.

Evidently its ok to lecture Israel, while ignoring everything that Hamas has done.  Meanwhile, White House will be hosting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu next week. Oh to be a fly on the wall for THAT meeting!

To cap things off, the President proceeded to inform the world that the instability in the Middle East and Ukraine are just like the unrest, looting, and riots in Ferguson, MO. Mr. President, I fail to see what the correlation is between ISIS brutally beheading journalists, raping and torturing Yazidis because of their religion, and the actions of those in Ferguson.

Lets boil his speech down to the brass tacks shall we? Russia needs to stop bullying the Ukraine. We are doing GREAT on climate change even when we aren’t. ISIS had better run ‘cause we’re gonna get you! Israel is the problem, but Hamas isn’t. And Ferguson, MO is not only a supposed  international embarrassment, its as violently extreme as the ISIS terrorist group is. Alrighty then!

Mr. President, now that you’ve lectured the world, may I suggest you take your Latte Coffee and skedaddle back to the golf course?  I really think you’ve done enough for one day.

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