Yazidis in The Valley of Death

Yazidis in The Valley of Death

As ISIS continues it’s path of eradication; details of the horrific atrocities visited upon the Yazidi people continue to emerge. Yazidis who have fled Sinjar are providing testimony and photos that show graphic evidence of that ISIS has executed 500 Yazidis in the last few days.

According to this article some of the victims, including women and children, were buried alive in scattered mass graves in and around Sinjar. ISIS reportedly has also taken women and children as slaves, keeping them locked up at Sinjar or sending them to Tal Afar. There is genuine fear that those women and children forced into slavery would then be taken out of the country.

The suffering of the Yazidi’s and others who escaped to Mount Sinjar is no less horrific. Jonathon Krohn, a reporter with The Telegraph UK writes this awful account:

Mount Sinjar stinks of death. The few Yazidis who have managed to escape its clutches can tell you why. “Dogs were eating the bodies of the dead,” said Haji Khedev Haydev, 65, who ran through the lines of Islamic State jihadists surrounding it.

The Iraqi Army is running multiple aid mission a day, and American aid flights have delivered over 7,000 gallons of water and 36,000 + meals. The Iraqi Army tries to bring out refugees after delivering aid, yet have trouble doing so because it isn’t safe for helicopters to land on such rocky terrain.

Question is: Will the humanitarian aid be in time and will there be enough of it? Refugees are trying to survive by drinking water from what springs they can find, hunting, and hiding in small caves. There are reports that 50 Yazidi refugees have died in one cave, others are going for hours and days with no food. In many cases it is an issue of one water bottle per 5 people.

This, from an Iraqi MP:

“We have one or two days left to help these people. After that they will start dying en masse,” Yazidi parliamentarian Vian Dakhil said. “If we cannot give them hope now-the (Kurdish) peshmerga, the United Nations, the government, anybody-their morale will collapse completely and they will die,” she warned.

The Yazidis know that if they stay, they will die at the hands of ISIS. So they flee, take their chances in incredibly harsh terrain, cry out to the world for help, and yet know that their world and lives have been irrevocably changed by evil.

Unfortunately there are some around the world and here in the US who have willfully put blinders on. They would much rather protest about the bombings than exhibit any ounce of compassion for the lives that ISIS is destroying. What those protesters fail to understand is that once ISIS is done with all the religious minorities, who will be next? Which Shiite or Kurd who sneezes the wrong time will be the first to die at ISIS hands? And who will be next after that? But never mind – those 30 or so misguided protesters in Chicago don’t like bombs! They’d much rather ignore the reality.

The thousands of Assyrians who marched in Chicago DO get it.  They know action is needed.  They know the US and others must come to help.

ISIS atrocities are real.

Genocide is real.

Are we, too, going to stand up and say “Enough is Enough.”?

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