Kathy Griffin Blames Everyone Else For Her Career Implosion [VIDEO]

Kathy Griffin Blames Everyone Else For Her Career Implosion [VIDEO]

Poor, poor Kathy Griffin. She hired lawyer Lisa Bloom in order to defend herself from that mean old Trump family who has been “bullying” her. I mean, all she did was pose with the bloody prop head of Donald Trump? Why on earth would his family get all upset about it?

Oh, and in case you’re wondering where she found her lawyer… Lisa Bloom is the daughter of infamous ambulance chaser Gloria Allred.

Lawyer Lisa Bloom with Kathy Griffin (screenshot via live feed)
This press conference was a joke. First of all, Bloom started off by calling Griffin “one of the funniest human beings on the earth,” so it started off with a gut-buster.

Bloom’s defense of Griffin is this:
– Griffin was offended on behalf of Megyn Kelly (Bloom is insisting that Trump owes Kelly an apology without ever mentioning Kelly’s name)
– Other male artists have done the same thing
– The Trump family tweeted out how upset they were

Tweeting about Ken Jennings is also bullying
CNN fired her because of the bullying (Bloom now calls her firing “censorship.”)
– The Secret Service has contacted her, so Griffin has *gasp* had to retain a criminal attorney

Ergo, Bloom sees this as a personal attack on Griffin’s “art” by the entire world, spurred on by Twitter. Because FIRST AMENDMENT.

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