Islamist fighters advance in Syria despite U.S. strikes

Islamist fighters advance in Syria despite U.S. strikes

That headline—the top story on Reuters as of 0145 EST—says it all.  Despite the fact that President Obama has been hailing the US airstrikes as some serious message-sending, the truth is that not only did he not bother to get Congressional approval—not that anyone is paying attention to that part—but the strikes have done a whole lot of nothing.

“Those air strikes are not important. We need soldiers on the ground,” said Hamed, a refugee who fled into Turkey from the Islamic State advance.

Mazlum Bergaden, a teacher from Kobani who crossed the border on Wednesday with his family, said two of his brothers had been taken captive by Islamic State fighters.  “The situation is very bad. After they kill people, they are burning the villages. … When they capture any village, they behead one person to make everyone else afraid,” he said. “They are trying to eradicate our culture, purge our nation.”

Kurdish commanders have called the strikes “ineffective,” and pointed out that “They struck empty buildings. Isis fighters used to be there but they left, so they haven’t helped us. If anything, they are now fighting harder to push forward before there are more strikes,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood—yes, the same MB that has several high-ranking members in the Obama administration—may be coming into the fight on the side of ISIS in Syria.  Walid Shoebat attempted to explain some of the complexities of inter-sect relations yesterday, and the Investigative Project on Terrorism points out that the fight between the MB and ISIS is purely an intellectual one.  In fact, Liberty Voice points out that at least in the case of al Qaeda and ISIS, “the insurgents were able to put their differences aside in order to achieve their common goal of destabilizing and opposing President Bashar al-Assad.”  The enemy of my enemy is my friend, you know.

The bottom line is this: Obama can go before the UN and pontificate about “degrading” and “destroying” ISIS all he wants to, but in reality, ISIS is not being degraded or destroyed—it’s growing.  In fact, some 40 Americans have left the country to go fight alongside ISIS…and have now returned to the US.  Don’t worry, because the FBI says it’s monitoring them.  Just like it’s monitoring cartel activity on the border and whatnot.


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  • Chris in N.Va. says:

    SUBJECT: Memo to Self

    Must remember to include ISIL (can’t forget to make sure Israel is included in their claimed domain) on distribution list for future combat and political considerations to ensure they comply with expected outcomes.

    Dang loose cannons….and knives…

    Stupid reality can really be a pain in the butt sometimes… (also the neck…)

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