Columbia, Harvard, and Georgetown Law Student Snowflakes Need “Coddling”

We have a new batch of special snowflakes to take care of. It seems that the decisions by the grand juries concerning the Wilson and Garner cases have been so awfully traumatizing that these snowflakes can’t handle their everyday lives. And so, they’ve asked for extra special consideration of their poor widdle hurt feelings. Paul Mirengoff of Powerline blog writes:

Columbia Law School is permitting students claiming to be impaired due to the emotional impact of recent non-indictments in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner matters to postpone taking their final exams.

Impaired???!! What the hell do you mean they are impaired? Did they get trampled on the streets of New York City during one of the protests? Did they get stranded in the Lincoln Tunnel when trying to shut it down? Were they standing across the street when businesses in Ferguson burned to the ground? What kind of “impairment” are we talking about here?  Paul provides us with the explanation from Columbia Law School’s interim dean, Robert Scott:

The law school has a policy and set of procedures for students who experience trauma during exam period. In accordance with these procedures and policy, students who feel that their performance on examinations will be sufficiently impaired due to the effects of these recent events may petition Dean Alice Rigas to have an examination rescheduled.

So, the “impairment” is that students attending law school who just can’t handle the decisions by a grand jury, might be too upset and it may cause these fragile law students additional trauma if they are forced to take their final exams?  Well bless their little hearts.  What will they demand next?  A cry room for every law school and a waambulance on call for whiners?



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