Missiles Fired At US Navy Ship Reveals Another Middle East Mess [VIDEO]

Missiles Fired At US Navy Ship Reveals Another Middle East Mess [VIDEO]

Missiles Fired At US Navy Ship Reveals Another Middle East Mess [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton claimed that she negotiated sanctions that “put the lid on” Iran’s nuclear program during last night’s debate.

And then Donald Trump called the Iran deal “dumb.”

Well, what Russia did with Assad and, by the way, with Iran, who you made very powerful with the dumbest deal perhaps I’ve ever seen in the history of deal-making, the Iran deal, with the $150 billion, with the $1.7 billion in cash, which is enough to fill up this room.

Hillary is on record supporting the Iran deal, with a few minor quibbles about technique.

And while the two of them were discussing this on stage, Houthi rebels in Yemen decided to lob a couple of missiles at the USS Mason, which was in international waters at the time.

USS Mason (file photo courtesy of US Navy)
USS Mason (file photo courtesy of US Navy)

In a statement, the Navy said no American sailors were injured and no damage was done to the USS Mason, an Arleigh Burke class of guided missile destroyer whose home port is Norfolk, Virginia. Lt. Ian McConnaughey, a spokesman for U.S. Navy Forces Central Command, said Monday it’s unclear if the USS Mason was specifically targeted, though the missiles were fired in its direction over an hour’s time period, starting at around 7 p.m.

An American defense official said the USS Mason used onboard defensive measures after the first missile was fired, but it wasn’t clear if that caused the missile to splash harmlessly into the sea. The destroyer at the time of the missile fire was north of the Bab el-Mandeb Strait, which serves as a gateway for oil tankers headed to Europe through the Suez Canal, the official said.

And who exactly is giving the Houthis missiles? Wait for it….

U.S. officials have long accused Iran of supplying missiles and other weapons to the Houthis.

While ISIS gets most of the attention in the Middle East, Yemen has been having their own civil war over the past year. The United States embassy there is closed, and the Obama administration decided to toss its support behind the Saudis.

Since March 2015, Saudi Arabia has targeted Yemen’s Shia Houthi militias and their allies, loyalists of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who two years ago seized the Yemeni capital Sanaa by force. Several months later, they drove the Saudi-backed President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi into exile. When Saudi King Salman announced the intervention in Yemen—an intervention the kingdom has painted as a proxy war with Iran, its regional foe—the White House immediately authorized a support package that included intelligence-sharing and logistical support for military operations. That package has seen the United States deliver more than 40 million pounds of fuel to Saudi jets over the past 18 months, according to U.S. Central Command. The Saudis would be crippled without direct U.S. military assistance, particularly aerial refueling, which continues unabated.

Well, isn’t this just lovely. The Obama administration decides to support the Saudis in a “proxy war” with Iran, who are using the Houthis as their puppets, and the USS Mason gets to use “onboard defensive measures” to not get hit by missiles.

So, while the administration claims a “diplomatic success” with Iran on one hand, they funnel support to the Saudis to fight against Iran with the other hand.

Paging Chris Wallace, who gets to moderate the final debate. Could you please ask Hillary Clinton if she supports the administration’s decision to give the Saudis a helping hand, and dragging us into yet another conflict in the Middle East? Missiles were just fired at our ship, and this should be a big deal. At least, until the media decides to bury it with the next controversial thing that Trump says.

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  • Jim Christian says:

    Chris Wallace? The next Liberal moderator? Why not Hannity? Rush? Why now Howie Carr? Chris Wallace? Why not just dig up Mike Wallace?

  • Sea Dragon says:

    All major news media companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Clinton Crime Family Foundation or the DNC.

  • Kodos says:

    “Onboard defensive measures”??

    Too vague and nebulous to take seriously.

    I have a hard time believing *any* USN Captain would be anywhere near an active war zone (yet alone Yemen), without the Phalanx guns in standby. And they won’t fire unless there is a definite inbound threat.

    Sorry; some chaff/decoys being released, or jammers being turned on does NOT equal a declaration of war against the Ayatollahs. Which is what too many seem to want.

  • GWB says:

    the USS Mason, an Arleigh Burke class of guided missile destroyer

    That makes absolutely no sense.

    the USS Mason, a guided missile destroyer of the Arleigh Burke class

    FIF the reporter (or their editor).

    Not sure what you mean with your comments, Kodos. There are more “onboard defensive measures” than the Phalanx. And I doubt anyone here wants to go to war with Iran – but it might be necessary if we really care about removing them as a threat to our interests around the globe.

    Based on what I was reading elsewhere, I’m guessing the defensive measures weren’t necessary. The ship was just too far from the missile source, and the missile flamed out.

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