Obama: Iran Deal Is Diplomatic Success, Announces Public Inventory Of U.S. Nuclear Stockpile

Obama: Iran Deal Is Diplomatic Success, Announces Public Inventory Of U.S. Nuclear Stockpile

Obama: Iran Deal Is Diplomatic Success, Announces Public Inventory Of U.S. Nuclear Stockpile

Obama has evidently decided that he’d better look busy over the next few months before he’s able to embark on his 3 month nap. Today, at the Nuclear Security Summit, Obama spoke glowingly about his diplomatic triumphs and informed the world that the Iran Deal is THE model for nuclear diplomacy. Say what?

“This deal has achieved a substantial success, and focused on the dangers of nuclear proliferation in an effective way,” Mr. Obama said. “This is a success of diplomacy that hopefully we’ll be able to copy in the future.”

RIIIGHT. Such a success that Iran is still firing off ballistic missiles, threatening Israel, demanding more access to our U.S. banking system, complaining they haven’t gotten their money fast enough, and essentially thumbing their noses at every aspect of that oh so stellar “deal” that Obama and Secretary of State John {{HUGS}} Kerry cooked up. Wanna bet they both still believe that Iran won’t build nuclear weapons of their own?


Oh but that’s not all Obama said today…

What could possibly go wrong here? I mean, its not like there’s a threat or anything.


Oh wait. Did someone say North Korea? Somehow I doubt they will heed the nicely worded warnings of additional sanctions that were just issued by the U.S. and China. Meanwhile, Obama reminds us we have terrorists running amok who might or might not be a concern if they get their hands on any enriched uranium.

“No terrorist group has succeeded thus far in obtaining a nuclear weapon or a dirty bomb made of radioactive materials,” the president said. “But we know that al-Qaeda has long sought nuclear materials…ISIL has already used chemical weapons including mustard gas in Syria and Iraq. There is no doubt that if these mad men ever got their hands on a nuclear bomb or nuclear material, they most certainly would use it to kill as many innocent people as possible. And that’s why our work here remains so critical.”

THUS FAR he says. Would someone please tell me how publicizing our entire inventory of highly enriched uranium (HEU) for all the world to see will stop North Korea for continuing their build up, or stop terrorists from doing everything they can to get their hands on nuclear materials? That’s right it won’t.

Good question. Especially since Pakistan, or Russia for that matter, didn’t show up for this year’s summit. Both countries have stockpiles of their own that they don’t plan to give up. And I highly doubt they will publicize their inventories!


Some are wondering if Obama intends this as a joke.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is definitely not an April Fools joke. And yes indeed, lets just give the criminals and terrorists a map to everything that comprises our national security and call it a day for the U.S.

Oh well then, that makes me feel SO much better. Here’s an idea. How about keeping the facts and figures regarding the U.S. nuclear stockpile a secret? I know, wishful thinking and pretty much like closing the barn door well after the horses have left the ranch for good.

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    In saner times, assuming this guy even got this far, Zerobama would be now removed from office for obvious mental illness after making this clearly insane statement.

    When the nukes finally hit this country I want him to die the slow and painful death that radiation poisoning brings because he will have deserved it for making such a nightmare even possible.

  • GWB says:

    So, he’s declassifying the protective measures we take, as well as the what and where? Anyone who can’t see this as an attempt to give away what the Chinese espionage agents paid the Clinton administration for, is an absolute, friggin’, total moron.

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