Liberals Love Biden’s Rancid Divisive Anti-American Speech

Liberals Love Biden’s Rancid Divisive Anti-American Speech

Liberals Love Biden’s Rancid Divisive Anti-American Speech

Biden’s speech in front of Independence Hall last night was the most divisive rancid Anti-American screed I’ve ever seen. And the liberals along with every Never Trumper across the land loved it.

They saw nothing wrong with the spine-chilling optics of the deep red lighting, Biden’s clenched fists, and his informing the world that anyone questioning his agenda should be silenced. Dissent is fascism and is verboten is the implication here. 

While some in the media and a very few liberals spoke against both the divisiveness and horrendous optics, many others are applauding madly or calling out those who dared dissent.

His speech, which we ALL need to read and remember, according to our betters working in the White House, wasn’t political and therefore we are to believe it was unifying

White House officials on Thursday pushed back against criticism that President Biden’s prime-time speech, in which he warned that former President Trump and his ideology pose a threat to democracy, was overly political in nature, arguing that Biden was simply recognizing the urgency of the issue.


“Many great journalists have reported as fact that the former President & his most loyal supporters in Congress are a threat to democracy. They tried to overthrow an election, including by force,” tweeted Jesse Lee, a communications adviser to the National Economic Council. “The President bluntly described the same facts. It’s not ‘political,’ it’s his duty.”

It was PATRIOTIC according to another CNN journalist. 

“I think this is exactly what Democratic voters wanted to hear. We honor the will of the people, right? A nod to our democracy but also a nod to preserving reproductive rights. He is the president of all America,” she continued. “You mentioned before too much of what is happening is not normal in this country. We are still at our core a democracy. I mean all of these things, it was a very, very patriotic speech and I think that that is a lot of what Democratic voters across the country, they want to be patriotic too. They want to be part of the American story too. I think he spoke to that.”

This was an “urgent wartime address” according to Eugene Robinson. 

So, according to Eugene, his read on Biden’s speech is that the Biden Administration is at war with over half the country because we dare question the Administration’s agenda. We dare to question if the vote counts were truly accurate. We dare to question rampant crime and unchecked illegal immigration. We dare to question the Covid policies that have left our kids behind educationally, along with the extreme rise in mental health issues ALSO due to Biden’s covid policies. How DARE we question Biden’s Afghanistan debacle?? 

By doing so, we are the extremists and terrorists in lockstep with Trump. According to Biden and his handlers,

This is a nation that honors our Constitution. We do not reject it. (Applause.)

This is a nation that believes in the rule of law. We do not repudiate it. (Applause.)

This is a nation that respects free and fair elections. We honor the will of the people. We do not deny it. (Applause.)

And this is a nation that rejects violence as a political tool. We do not encourage violence.

We are still an America that believes in honesty and decency and respect for others, patriotism, liberty, justice for all, hope, possibilities.

The rule of law? This from Andrew McCabe last night, applauding Biden but also saying he DIDN’T GO FAR ENOUGH is sickening. 

Yes, THAT Andrew McCabe who was front and center on peddling the Trump Russia Steele Dossier and weaponizing the FBI. So no, Biden and the rest do NOT get to tell us that THEY are the ones who are safeguarding the rule of law. 

As Victor Davis Hanson pointed out the other day, rational Americans are looking at the Biden Administration, those in the Swamp, and the elites with growing disdain. We see the continued failures in policy. We see and immediately experience the deprivations caused by the tax and spend crowd. We see that climate change is a lie. They hate that. 

They hate the pushback, and have gotten more rabid and rancid in their defense of their failures. 

While liberals leap in to defend and applaud Biden’s speech, there’s a reason his speech wasn’t aired on any network save two. The optics and the rancid divisiveness enclosed therein. Or, as Powerline defined it, The Triumph of the Shill. 

Liberals are going to bat for an administration and an addled President who are labeling half the country as extremists and fascists. 

The walls of Independence Hall have been in the presence of greatness, men who put liberty above government and dedicated their lives and fortunes to create this great nation. Tonight, those walls heard the words of the demagogue, who waved a banner of democracy while denying the right to legitimate dissent for those who oppose his regime’s policies.

Liberals can spin all they want. But there is NOTHING to applaud with this rancid speech. 

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