Daily Show Goes Ghoul Over The SCOTUS Abortion Ruling

Daily Show Goes Ghoul Over The SCOTUS Abortion Ruling

Sadly, the old mantra that abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare” has completely disappeared in the liberal argument for abortion. The left has decided that they only care about one part of that sentence, and that’s the “legal” part. “Rare” – not so much. And after today, “safe” doesn’t mean much, either.

The Texas law required all clinics performing abortions in the state to operate as certified “ambulatory surgical centers,” which would be regulated under the same standards as hospitals. Doctors who performed abortions were also required to first obtain admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. Proponents of the law argued it would improve patient care and safety, though abortion rights groups contended the law made it nearly impossible to operate a clinic in Texas.

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