Climate Change Hysteria Fuels Sri Lanka Collapse

Climate Change Hysteria Fuels Sri Lanka Collapse

Climate Change Hysteria Fuels Sri Lanka Collapse

 The collapse of Sri Lanka this week is due in part to climate change hysteria.

Wickremesinghe announced earlier that he would resign in response to calls by political leaders for him and President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to quit, after tens of thousands of people trooped to the capital to vent their fury over the nation’s economic and political crisis.

“Today in this country we have a fuel crisis, a food shortage, we have the head of the World Food Program coming here and we have several matters to discuss with the IMF. Therefore, if this government leaves there should be another government,” Wickremesinghe said.

After the announcement that the entire country is bankrupt, protestors stormed the Presidential Palace.

Sri Lanka, which was facing major economic woes even before the pandemic cratered their tourism trade, bought into the climate change hysteria and destroyed the country’s once thriving agriculture industry. 

Faced with a deepening economic and humanitarian crisis, Sri Lanka called off an ill-conceived national experiment in organic agriculture this winter. Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa promised in his 2019 election campaign to transition the country’s farmers to organic agriculture over a period of 10 years. Last April, Rajapaksa’s government made good on that promise, imposing a nationwide ban on the importation and use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and ordering the country’s 2 million farmers to go organic.

The result was brutal and swift. Against claims that organic methods can produce comparable yields to conventional farming, domestic rice production fell 20 percent in just the first six months. Sri Lanka, long self-sufficient in rice production, has been forced to import $450 million worth of rice even as domestic prices for this staple of the national diet surged by around 50 percent. The ban also devastated the nation’s tea crop, its primary export and source of foreign exchange.

How did this start? It all began, as the article points out, in 2016 when the government adopted new climate change methodologies that included a movement called Viyathmaga. Notably, the experts planning this utopia kept all agriculture experts out of the planning equation. 

Which led to the banning of fertilizers (which act as vitamins for the crops) and a mandated push to go 100% organic. Need fertilizer? Just use good ole cow, elephant, or ox manure and your crops will be great! Until they weren’t. 

The crop yield after the bans on fertilizer were imposed plummeted by over FIFTY PERCENT. Yes, you read that correctly. Which, in addition to the tourism trade cratering, has decimated the economy. This is what Sri Lankan citizens are dealing with right now. 

Jason Anthony has been in a two-kilometre fuel queue for two days now. In the capital city of Colombo, in the crisis-hit South Asian nation of Sri Lanka, the 35-year-old sleeps in his tuktuk when he’s exhausted, or sits on the pavement with other drivers who have been there for several days too.

When the fuel station closes for the day, he walks several kilometres back home, only to return the next day to queue up. He showed VICE World News his makeshift home by the road over a video call.

Sri Lanka has a huge garment industry. As of three days ago, the entire industry only had enough fuel for TEN DAYS. 

But sure! Let’s go all in on climate change, destroy the country’s agriculture industry in the name of ESG (environmental, social and governance goals) that has been promoted widely by climate change fanatics who have ZERO understanding of what is truly necessary to raise crops that feed families, the country, and the world. 

Nitrogen is bad they say, so lets ban all synthetic fertilizers, which again act as vitamins to crops, and use cow manure and other environmentally UNfriendly organic farming techniques. Except that nitrogen is an incredibly necessary element for agriculture. In fact it is vital for all life on this planet. 

That’s is what the climate change fanatics refuse to realize. And so, even as the Dutch farmers are fighting back in the Netherlands because of idiotic nitrogen policies …

Something to keep in mind, the Netherlands is the worlds SECOND largest agriculture exporter after the United States. So if the Dutch government wants to tank its economy, this is the way. 

The entire country of Sri Lanka has collapsed with adoption of asinine climate change policies as one of the biggest culprits in this mess. 

The world’s food supply was jeopardized by the Covid lockdowns. Adopting climate change policies that are detrimental to the food supply won’t fix the climate, in fact it will make things worse. 

It will take years if not more for the country to recover. The very first thing on the agenda should be to let all the farmers go back to doing what they do best and never ever impose a fertilizer ban again. 

Feature Photo Credit: Sri Lanka flag on hand via Pixabay, cropped and modified

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  • Scott says:

    And this surprises exactly NOONE! (at least among those capable of critical thought, which leaves out all those on the left, and fans of the “green new deal”

    Do the proggies ever touch anything that doesn’t turn to shit?

  • NTSOG says:

    What did these extremist idealists and theorists expect when they banned fertilisers? I can see the difference in my pasture production when I have fertiliser spread ever few years as well as lime to stop the fields becoming too acid. [I do have lots of manure, but that’s not enough for effective production of any scale.] The Green rot is spreading to other countries too. New Zealand is planning to implement a tax on cattle and sheep by 2025 so as to help the nation reach the Green fantasy of ‘net zero’ emissions. Of course NZ is a tiny nation and contributes virtually nothing to causing climate change, real or imagined. Such a tax will severely affect farmers, but also the wealth of the Nation as NZ exports very large volumes of goods and food produced by primary industry. Local food costs will rise for the NZ population, business will cease operating and people will lose their jobs.

    What a socialist way to run, actually ruin, a Nation.,the%20emissions%20produced%20by%20their%20cows%20and%20sheep.

  • BSmith says:

    Hmm, perhaps it’ll be Greta who is put up against the wall.

  • Cameron says:

    “The very first thing on the agenda should be to let all the farmers go back to doing what they do best and never ever impose a fertilizer ban again.”

    Only after the politicians who caused this are put down like rabid dogs and their successors are put on notice that this will be their fate as well.

  • George V says:

    You must all now be quiet and eat your Nutritional Paste Derived from Insects.

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