Biden Speech Goes For Full Dystopian Optics

Biden Speech Goes For Full Dystopian Optics

Biden Speech Goes For Full Dystopian Optics

The Joe Biden speech on “saving the soul of America” went just about as well as you would expect from an old man who can only read off a teleprompter. The problem is, very few people watched it, and the images are truly bad. As in, they would have been considered overkill in a movie about a dystopian society.

Whose brilliant idea was it to light up the front of Independence Hall blood red? Yes, the two other sides were lit up in blue, but that’s not where the video cameras were pointed. When you see images from this speech, this is the image everyone gets.

The only good thing about this speech are the memes that are going to be coming out of it. We here at Victory Girls joined in that fun, as you can see by the featured image on this post. It was the low-hanging fruit. Just swap out the words “Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans” with “Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Jedi Council” and you end up with a speech that even George Lucas would have said, “You know, we might be a little too heavy handed with Palpatine’s dialogue here.”

The entire speech (if you can take it) can be watched here.

However, if you watch this speech, you’re among the few who did. None of the networks pre-empted their schedules for this primetime speech, leaving it solely to the cable news channels, Twitter, and YouTube. Which meant that the reaction to the speech went exactly as Team Biden wanted, right? This was all supposed to be about UNITY. UNITY, DAMMIT. Biden claimed to be the president of ALL Americans – right after he got done singling out “Donald Trump” and “MAGA forces” (forces??? I told you this had Star Wars overtones) as the ones disrupting his UNITY and if people would just AGREE WITH HIM, then the Bad Orange Man would go away and the Sith would once more rule the galaxy and we would have peace. And unity.

However, those who actually listened to the speech (and we all got a preview of what it was going to sound like) and then looked at the optics, came away bothered by the entire effect. First of all, the two Marines standing in the background. The military is supposed to not be used for overtly political speeches or campaign imagery. This speech qualified as both. There was nothing nonpartisan or unifying about Biden during this speech. This was a rip-roaring authoritarian screed, and having the Marines standing at attention behind him only underscored who this man actually is at this moment, and what is being implied by having uniformed military behind him. Or let me put it another way: imagine Donald Trump had given a speech – any speech – with these optics. The left would be SCREAMING. Now, the left isn’t screaming (because they agree with Biden), but when you lose a CNN anchor, perhaps it’s time to question the optics.

Even those who are more apolitical than not were offering commentary on the visual being provided.

The words of the actual speech are bad enough without adding in the dystopian horror show being projected in front of Independence Hall. This is the same place where the Declaration of Independence was signed, and where our Constitution was created and signed. That this speech was given at night, with RED LIGHTING as the projected backdrop, and Marines in the background… just whose idea was this??? It definitely wasn’t Joe; the old man can read a teleprompter, but staging and lighting are not what he does. Jill walked out with him and sat in the audience, and then escorted him back out after the speech (and why did she need to do that, I wonder – can’t Joe walk by himself?) – did she have a hand in this? Where’s Kamala Harris? This is such an insane staging set-up that someone needs to take credit blame for it. Those kind of optics just don’t happen by accident.

And Republicans need to be running clips of this speech and those incredible authoritarian optics from now until 2024. This speech needs to be in the ads of every single Republican running for office, because THIS is what President “Unity” really thinks of anyone opposing him. Every single Democrat needs to be held accountable by voters (because the media, with rare exceptions, won’t do it) and pressed as to whether or not they agree with Biden and his view of Republicans.

Forget the “soul of America.” This speech was an ugly look into Biden’s soul. The only chance we have left to stop this dystopian vision is to vote in record numbers against it in November.

Featured image: original Victory Girls art by Darleen Click

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  • EdwdLny says:

    Il Douche . What a vile, hateful, evil pile of shit he is. There are no limits as to how low this turd and his sycophants will stoop.

  • This makes it plain that the Democrats’ only hope for holding onto Congress in November is massive vote fraud. Don’t doubt that they’ll pull out all the stops. If they can produce a large enough fictitious majority, they can implement the practical consequences of Biden’s rhetoric: federal pogroms against anyone who opposes them.

    Be afraid.

  • Cameron says:

    And Republicans need to be running clips of this speech and those incredible authoritarian optics from now until 2024.

    Republicans: “GASP! HORROR! We’re better than that! Muh moral high ground!!!”

    Pardon my cynicism but there are very few Republicans who would use those clips to their advantage.

    • Scott says:

      Agreed, Republicans need to quit trying to “be nice” and “get along” they need to take a page from the dims, and beat them with this and all their other idiocy / fascism non-stop.. But sadly, they probably wont.

      ” That this speech was given at night, with RED LIGHTING as the projected backdrop, and Marines in the background… just whose idea was this??? ” I’ll take Soros for $1000 Deanna! He has plenty of experience with the performances of the Nazi’s, and he supports such ideology wholeheartedly, so why shouldn’t he recycle it? And we all know he’s one of the people bankrolling the destruction of America..

    • John Downing says:

      But they should. The Republicans need remind everyone where this country is headed if Senile Joe and his cohorts can continue with their insane policies.

  • GWB says:

    (forces??? I told you this had Star Wars overtones)
    Oh, Deanna, you’re much too near-sighted. That language goes back thousands of years, even to Rome. That is the sort of language Nero used right before burning Christians as torches.
    When they start talking about “forces” you’re unambiguously in religious territory.

    if people would just AGREE WITH HIM, … we would have peace.
    Said every abuser, ever. Also, everyone taking over a hostile country – from within or without.

    looks like the Soviet Union and Hitler had a baby
    Well, Progressivism is simply the American Marxism, so…. yeah.
    The important question is: Now that they have seen the hint of the end result of Progressivism, will they turn away from it? Or will they simply pretend “That’s not real Progressivism”?

    did she have a hand in this?
    Mrs Wilson? Oops, I mean Dr Jill? I bet she did.

    I will admit that, in all of my told-you-so-ing, I never thought they would reveal themselves this blatantly.
    But I will tell you now that a vast portion of America will not see it, or will not understand that those visuals really do mean something. And they will vote for these people anyway.

    Evangelize Christian morals and Americanism. And gird your loins. Because I don’t think voting will get us out of this.

    Oh, and nice artwork, Darleen.

  • GWB says:

    And, in answer to the old question: How could the German people ever let Hitler come to power?


    (I’m not saying Biden is Hitler. But this is exactly how it happens. One day you look up and wonder where all those people warning you about how awful things were going to get went to, and simultaneously asking “how did this happen?”)

    • NTSOG says:

      The imagery reminds me of all those old photos of AH ranting about the Bolshevik-Jewish menace in front of the adoring masses in Germany in the 1930s-’40s except that Biden was not targeting the Bolshevik-Jews, but half his own country men and women.

  • F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Well, I see this afternoon that Satan now has a new red Screen Saver.
    I hope they brought out the crew that cleans up after the horse carriages in front of Independence Hall. That sure was a deep pile of sh!t left by Brandon last night.

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  • LTC Ted says:

    IMO, the Marines in the background were to reinforce the idea that those opposing Biden will face “F-15s”.

  • Taylor says:

    I am proud to say that I always felt that Biden was a light weight and a jackass.

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  • A reader says:

    So we’re just conveniently forgetting that the RNC convention in 2020 was held in part at the White House? Or this?

    Oooh there were Marines there too! What about those optics? Spare me the pearl clutching.

    Biden specifically called out MAGA Republicans. He said, and I quote: “ Now, I want to be very clear very clear up front: Not every Republican, not even the majority of Republicans, are MAGA Republicans. Not every Republican embraces their extreme ideology.” He was referring to those who won’t accept the results of an election unless their candidate wins; those who support taking away long held rights, including to contraception and being able to marry who you love— including interracial marriage—; those who promote authoritarian leaders; who think the former president should be above the law; who believe that the January 6th insurrectionists are patriots; who don’t believe in the peaceful transfer of power and instead believe lies that the election was stolen. (There’s more but that’s a quick summary.)

    So if you don’t fall into those groups, then he wasn’t talking about you. And if you do, he was merely shining sunlight on your threats to our democratic republic. I find it telling that a writer for a blog who splashes its page with images and iconography from WWII, clearly has not truly studied the history of that time. The Nazis were a far right group, they were fascists. And wanna be fascists are still alive and well in America, even if they come cloaked in a different look. All one has to do is read about how fascists operate to see the parallels.

    And in case you can’t see it, read this: There are literally examples of points 1-5 and 8-14 that are cited in this link in the news related to things MAGA Republicans have said or done or supported in the last 6 years. In some cases, it’s purely rhetoric, but it’s all there. If you can’t see it, that’s on you.

    It’s as clear as day to most of us.

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