Who Would You Want For A Boss – Mike Pence or Harvey Weinstein? [VIDEO]

Who Would You Want For A Boss – Mike Pence or Harvey Weinstein? [VIDEO]

Who Would You Want For A Boss – Mike Pence or Harvey Weinstein? [VIDEO]

This now seems like an eternity ago, but does anyone remember when Vice President Mike Pence was accused of “perpetuating rape culture” and being “sexist” and a whole ton of other horrible things?

Mike and Karen Pence at the inauguration, January 20, 2017
All because of this?

The outrage was dumb.

The outrage was insane.

The outrage continued.

The outrage is now… strangely muted.

Really. This is the one and only tweet on Takei’s Twitter timeline since the Weinstein story broke. George Takei had more outrage and insults for Mike Pence’s marriage than for Harvey Weinstein’s systematic and continued sexual abuses of women.

The media went absolutely NUTS over the rules that the Pences had personally laid out for their own marriage. But somehow, everyone knew about Harvey Weinstein, and kept quiet?


But their “art” was more important than the real-life humiliation and pain that others were suffering.

That above clip is a lot more yucky to watch, knowing that at least 90 percent of that room was staying silent about the sexual abuser in the audience. So, is Viola Davis going to “exhume” some skeletons in Hollywood’s closet now?

So, ladies and gentlemen, I ask you this question – would you rather have Mike Pence or Harvey Weinstein as your boss?

This isn’t a difficult question. Unless you live in Hollywood, and you were willing to accept this sexual abuse because it was Harvey Weinstein. So long as he said all the right things, gave the right people money, and supported all the right causes, he continued to prey on women.

Honest people would prefer to have Mike Pence for a boss, because at least the women and the potted plants would be safe.

Hollywood could very well implode under their own hypocrisy. And they deserve it.

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  • skillyboo says:

    We all are well aware that whenever a conservative talks about their values they are mocked. And now a liberal is exposed as a predator and all the liberals who denounced the conservative for his values do the obligatory mock outrage dance. What makes their phony outrage comical is how they attack each other for not achieving the prerequisite level of outrage bar they set for themselves to show the masses how disgusted they really are. This is done for one reason only, to prove to their ‘fans’ their level of outrage is high and we should not stop being ‘fans,’

  • Wfjag says:

    The same people saying they are “shocked” about Weinstein’s behavior were, just a few months ago, mocking VP Pence for not meeting with women in private.

  • MikeyParks says:

    I’m pretty sure Harvey would never, EVER get laid if he weren’t wealthy. I don’t know what that says about women, but it must mean something.

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