WaPo: It’s Trump’s Fault That Joe Biden Has A Ukraine Problem

WaPo: It’s Trump’s Fault That Joe Biden Has A Ukraine Problem

WaPo: It’s Trump’s Fault That Joe Biden Has A Ukraine Problem

According to the WaPo yesterday, the reason Joe Biden has a Ukraine problem is because of Trump. You see, if only Joe Biden hadn’t said anything about Trump accepting help from a foreign government regarding election interference, then Trump would’ve never dragged the Biden name into the Ukraine mud.

“Biden assailed President Trump for having said he would accept help from a foreign government. “It is outrageous, it is un-American and it’s close to treasonous,” the former vice president thundered.

He could not have known that Trump would be accused of doing just that — asking Ukraine to help him dig up dirt on Biden himself.”

The WaPo then informs us that Trump’s Ukraine call on July 25, read the entire transcript here, is solely because of Trump’s months-long fixation on Biden. Not only that, we are supposed to believe that everything regarding the Bidens and Ukraine is actually a campaign of conspiracy theories and falsehoods that Trump – and evidently all Trump supporters – have bought into.

Interesting new spin on the media’s ‘Biden is really a great guy!’ narrative they have going isn’t it? Especially given that we now know that Hunter Biden not only raked in quite a bit of money for sitting on the Burisma board, we found out during testimony regarding the IG report that former Ambassador Yovanovitch was very well aware of the problems Hunter Biden and his involvement with Burisma posed.

Never mind that. In fact, ignore that Hunter had decided he wouldn’t work grift for any foreign entity while his Dad is President (if Biden can manage to win), and we need to ignore that Hunter was somehow missing from the Biden Christmas greetings.

Instead, the WaPo is here to tell us that ORANGEMANBAD! You see, Biden going after Trump’s immorality was good, Trump’s responses to that most righteous attack is… BAD.

““Some days it literally does shock me that the only reason Donald Trump is embroiled in this impeachment inquiry is because of the actions he took trying to take down an opponent in the race,” said Symone Sanders, a senior Biden campaign adviser. “That’s what the impetus was. Donald Trump only did it because of Joe Biden.””

You see, the new NEW reason Trump said what he said during the Ukraine call was because of polling numbers.


That tweet was just three days ago, and now the WaPo runs with this story. Isn’t that cute? They have crafted a whole new story line predicated upon two points.

  1. If Joe Biden hadn’t called out Trump for asking foreign government (Russia) to help chase down culprits in election interference and…
  2. Polling showed Trump was losing

First of all, when was the last or even first time we saw Trump govern by polling? I can’t find a single instance. Furthermore, we all watched in real time on November 8, 2016 as every single poll predicting Hillary’s win ended up being completely and utterly wrong.

Campaigns run polls all the time in an attempt to gauge their standings. However, as we saw in 2016, and have seen since (BREXIT anyone?), the polls are becoming more and more unreliable. Thus, for the media to infer that Trump’s Ukraine call was mostly due to a reaction to poll numbers? That really doesn’t pass the smell test.

Oh but wait! It isn’t only polls! Guiliani’s Ukraine conspiracy work and John Solomon’s reporting are also at fault for Joe Biden’s Ukraine issue. If it weren’t for them, Joe wouldn’t be in the pickle he is.

For an NBC government ethics reporter, Heidi sure gets a few things wrong here. She evidently missed or is ignoring fact that Sondland admitted he had no clue and could only presume to know what Trump was doing. I guess that is firsthand witnessing of a sort.

Biden is insistent that Hunter has done nothing wrong.

It sure is nice for Joe…and Hunter, that some of the media (the WaPo helpfully points out the media culprits – ABC and the New Yorker- who stepped outside the lines) is providing cover for them. Shady deals and raking in money for nothing is A-OK when the Democrats are involved.

Joe Biden does have a problem. It’s a problem of his own making. Hunter Biden did serve on the Burisma board WITH Joe Biden’s knowledge at the very time that Joe was handling the US/Ukraine foreign policy. Sorry WaPo, the problem isn’t Trump. The problem is Joe Biden with a side of Hunter.

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  • There may yet come a point, over the course of the next ten months, when the media realize that Biden’s candidacy is as dead as Carthage, and that the Democrats’ strategists and kingmakers want media promotions and protection to shift to another candidate. The backing and filling in media op-ed columns will be an amusing thing to watch.

    • Perhaps not so amusing.

      What I fear I am seeing is a pattern all too similar to 2007/8. Hillary was “the one to beat,” right up until just before the convention. When Barack popped up, the redirect of the opposition was too little, too late.

      There are some indications that War Whoop Warren is going to be anointed – and, while some of her problems are known, they are mostly petty (in the eyes of the general electorate). There is very little of the in-depth digging into her utter corruption that I have seen.

  • GWB says:

    The projection is strong with this group……….

  • W. Miller says:

    First of all, Trump did not as, Adam Schiff parodied, “seek dirt” on the Bidens during the Ukraine call on July 25. It was actually Schiff and his WhistleBlower Team that was seeking dirt on Trump for the past two years. For some time there had been speculation that the Bidens and the previous corrupt Ukraine regime and Barisma oil had engaged in dubious behavior. Trump merely asked the new Ukraine President to look into it. This was a legitimate request. If this bothered the Dems and they believed the Bidens were above board they should have requested an investigation to show Trump and the rest of the United States that Biden & Son were innocent of corruption claims. But what they did was to claim the Bidens were cleared (by the previous corrupt Ukraine regime) and try to somehow blame Trump for looking into the situation. But they were apparently afraid that a real investigation might find that the Bidens were actually corrupt. So here we are, impeaching the wrong person for possible corruption by the opposition Presidential Candidate & Son Criminal Team.

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