Britain Votes Against Jeremy Corbyn’s Radicalism

Britain Votes Against Jeremy Corbyn’s Radicalism

Britain Votes Against Jeremy Corbyn’s Radicalism

Britain doesn’t want Jeremy Corbyn. Yesterday, his Labour Party suffered a crushing defeat. We thought the Trump win was a major earthquake! The results of the UK Election are an earthquake wrapped up in a tsunami. 

“Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party appeared on course Thursday to win a commanding majority in the British Parliament, a striking victory that redraws the lines in British politics and paves the way for the country’s exit from the European Union early next year.

The Conservatives were projected to win 368 seats in the House of Commons, versus 191 for the Labour Party, according to an official exit poll. That would give the Conservatives an 86-seat majority, their largest since that amassed by Margaret Thatcher in 1987.”

Folks, this is huge. Not only do the Tories win in as big a landslide as Margaret Thatcher did in 1987, Labour strongholds that have been in place for up to 130 years went Tory last night. Mining towns turned solidly Tory. For example, Blyth Valley is a mining area that has been Labour since the 1950’s. Last night Blyth voted in Conservative Ian Levy. Interestingly, that same area voted 60% in 2016 to leave the EU. Seems to me that the Labour Party ignored that warning sign.

Even with all that the votes were showing, and the fact that many in Jeremy Corbyn’s own party are calling for his head, the official stance of Labour shows that they will stubbornly ignore the lesson they were taught yesterday. 

“Obviously, we need to wait for the full results but it looks like Brexit dominated. It’s unquestionable that Labour’s policies are popular. Every poll shows it and there is absolutely no appetite to go back to the centrist policies of old. But in this election we were squeezed by Brexit and it was the defining issue.

Against that storm, we built a huge movement of hundreds of thousands of ordinary people and they won’t stop until we see real change in this country. We will resist Johnson’s attempt to destroy our NHS. We will keep the Labour party socialist. We will build a Britain for the many, not the few.”

What does all this remind me of? Why the reaction after a certain election night in 2016. Then we were told Hillary was a complete shoo-in. She would skate to victory!! And then, suddenly, all the deplorables who’d been telling the political chattering class for YEARS that we’d had it up to HERE with your nonsense, spoke. And that’s how we got Trump.

Yes, folks are quite peeved that Jeremy Corbyn has ruined their lives.

Well…that’s blunt!

However, there are ALSO some who, as the Labour Party statement shows, just don’t get it. When you have Labour Party officials saying they ‘feel sorry for the voters,’ as if the voters were too stupid to pull the right lever… That’s how you get more Tories.

Labour candidates who lost are fuming. They want Corbyn to quit. They don’t want him or the party as a whole to blame this on Brexit, on Boris Johnson, or the media. Instead they want the blame placed squarely upon Corbyn and his radical manifesto.

How positive is the vote for Britain? The pound sterling rose to its highest level since May of 2018 once the news broke of the Conservatives winning out over the Labour Party. That’s actually very good for Britain.

However, there are quite a few folks who are scrambling for their fainting couches and safe spaces upon learning of the election results.

Oh wait! It’s Putin’s fault!!

Goodness, those Fusion GPS folks are super talented! Oh wait…

Here’s the thing, what happened in Britain shows that those in politics, those making the decisions as to how the country will be governed, forgot to or decided that it wasn’t necessary to listen to the people.

The results of the election show that Jeremy Corbyn’s radicalism turned people off. It shows that Labour has lost touch with their party. It shows that far-left politics, socialism, anti-semitism, and woke social justice turns voters away.

The political left and the media here in the U.S. still haven’t learned to listen to the American people. Will Labour start listening now that they’ve had their asses handed to them by the British voters? It seems that Jeremy Corbyn got half a clue and resigned as head of Labour Party.

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  • GWB says:

    Instapundit notes that ALL of the Tory defectors (who voted against Brexit, then got booted from the party by Boris) lost their re-election bids. Sweet!

  • GWB says:

    Against that storm, we built a huge movement of hundreds of thousands of ordinary people
    Did anyone else get a Mexico-City-pile-of-Aztec-skulls vibe from that statement?

    If so – a victory of the old over the young, racists over people of colour, selfishness over the planet.
    Wow, what a pile of steaming horses**t. This is either an overwhelming amount of delusion (that religious progressivism and vast amounts of propagandistic indoctrination will do that to you) or a YUGE amount of lying.
    (Oh, and he spelled “color” wrong, too.)

    far-left politics, socialism, anti-semitism, and woke social justice turns voters away
    You know, if they had just been content with a semi-socialist welfare state, a sorta squishy foreign policy, big talk about how we could have one big peaceful world if we just kumbayaed enough, and at least some bowing to America being a pretty great place, they could have held power indefinitely. The people were in an only slightly uncomfortable place.
    But they just had to push for that final goal, achieve total power once and for all. (In the case of the UK, they just had to stick with the tyrants in the EU, who were pushing too hard.) And the people went from slightly uncomfortable to “We gotta do something about this!”

    • GWB says:

      we built a huge movement
      Oh. Wait. They said “movement”. For some reason I read it as “monument” – hence the “pyramid of skulls” vibe. Phew. So glad they won’t ever do that….

  • Hedgehog says:

    Labour: “We will build a Britain for the many, not the few.”

    Misread it the first time around. Thought it said “We will build a Britain for the many, not the JEW.”

    Sorry for the confusion.

  • GWB says:

    I also have to wonder: Did AOC’s last-minute endorsement of Corbyn help? Or hurt?
    (Even the English have to recognize just how stupid and ignorant she is.)

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  • JIm says:

    It seems clear that the concept of democracy understood by the modern socialist left in the West is more or less sliding toward that of the DDR [East Germany] and other communist ‘satellite’ states conquered by Stalin and the USSR during and post WW II. The statement by Heidi Allen MP, elected initially as a Conservative, but then switched to Liberal Democrats: “We are in a very bad place for democracy in this country.” shows both the arrogance of those who believe they, and only they, know what’s best and their fundamental denial of the democratic choices of the People – or as Hillary called them, the deplorables.

    By the way GWB we in the Commonwealth who speak the Queen’s English spell what you call ‘color’ colour.

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