The Top 5 Biden Campaign Fails

The Top 5 Biden Campaign Fails

The Top 5 Biden Campaign Fails

The Joe Biden campaign has gotten a reputation for being a gaffeapalooza, and deservedly so. Trimming this list down to only five fails took some doing.

Joe Biden has been in politics since God created dinosaurs, but this post is only about the fails of his current campaign, without looking at the Ghosts of Campaigns Past. It was still a long list, but here are the Top 5 Biden Campaign Fails of 2019.

1) Where In The World Is Joe Biden?
Like the old Carmen Sandiego game, it’s always a mystery to Joe Biden as to where he really is in the United States. When he’s in Iowa, he thinks he’s in Ohio. When he’s in New Hampshire, he thinks he’s in Vermont. Someone show Joe how to use Google Maps on his phone – or just give him a literal map, with a red dot and a bubble that says “YOU ARE HERE” before letting him onstage for campaign events.

2) “Look, fat”
Biden and Trump have a similar problem: they can both lose their cool on the stump very quickly. Biden is the more combative one, who has been known to challenge people to “feats of strength” as if he was at a Festivus celebration. This became a problem when a Warren supporter decided to confront Biden at a campaign stop, and things got a little testy.

The Biden campaign tried to clean up this mess afterward by saying that Biden wasn’t saying “fat” but “facts,” but leaving that aside, the push-up contest? The IQ test? Biden sounded very defensive here, and if he reacts like this to a voter who he could technically convince to vote for him, should he be the nominee, how is he going to deal with Trump on a debate stage? The Biden campaign staff probably invested in a huge vat of Pepto-Bismol after this incident.

3) Bye-bye to blue collar jobs
At the last Democrat debate, Biden gave Trump the gift of a campaign ad. How many blue collar jobs will Biden sacrifice on the altar of clean energy? All of them!

Expect this ad to be played on repeat in middle America, should Biden be the nominee. And remember that Biden already blundered his way into saying he wanted $25 an hour for “renewable energy” jobs (even though his campaign says no such thing). This kind of Green New Deal pandering will play well in the primary, but will be terrible optics for ol’ Joe in the general campaign.

4) Creepy Uncle Joe
The #MeToo movement came for Biden, and he got off lightly, considering the body of evidence that he’s left behind. There was the unearthing of the 2017 video where he talks about kids playing with his “leg hair.” The finger-biting. Biden has a reputation. The public knows it. And this is going to continue to be an issue for the campaign.

5) Hunter and Ukraine
We still don’t have all the information regarding Hunter Biden and his dealings in Ukraine as a board member of Burisma. We don’t know what Daddy Joe did or didn’t do for Ukraine because of Hunter’s connections. We do know that because all of these questions are swirling around the Bidens, it does neuter Biden when it comes to questioning Trump about Ukraine (though the media would love to blame Trump for all of Biden’s Ukraine woes, as if Hunter was as pure as driven snow while he collected money from all over the world on Daddy’s name). That would be a very tricky minefield for Biden to run through during a debate against Donald Trump. Trump, who can command the room by force of personality, will make his best attempt to use Hunter’s shenanigans against his father. Joe was vice-president while Hunter was making his big money overseas, and with very open questions about how Vice-President Biden handled Ukraine himself, the fact that the campaign hasn’t been able to construct a solid defense for him is very telling – and a fail on their part.

Did we catch your favorite Biden campaign fail? Let us know in the comments if we missed one!

Featured image: Joe Biden (photo taken at LBJ Presidential Library on October 3, 2017 by Jay Godwin), cropped, public domain

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  • Scott says:

    as if Hunter was as pure as driven cocaine that got him kicked out of the Navy,,,, FIFY

    These posts are great Deanna, it must be very difficult to winnow each of these clowns down to just 5 fails..

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