Biden’s Second Son

Biden’s Second Son

Biden’s Second Son

Biden’s second son, Hunter, is at the root of this latest impeachment drama. Amidst the roar for Trump’s head on a platter, or at least the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, many people are ignoring a Democrat liability. Hunter’s past may undermine the Democrat hopes for a future in the Oval Office. 

Hunter’s History

Hunter Biden has a complicated, and dramatic history. Much of it due to his own design. Skirting financial peril, drug addiction, an affair with his brother’s widow are some of what he admits to doing. Others accuse him of incentivizing on family connections for personal gain, exploiting his name and father’s position to increase his financial portfolio.

The youngest Biden’s life story is the embodiment of a biblical soap opera. His older brother, Beau, revered and beloved in the limelight. Excelling at life with a bright future, his father’s golden child. Writing in his recent memoir, “Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose”, Joe Biden describes his eldest son’s life and death,

[Beau’s death] had threatened to undo him but ultimately brought his family closer. Beau, his father writes, was “Joe Biden 2.0,” a war veteran, a prosecutor, and a promising politician who “had all the best of me, but with the bugs and flaws engineered out.”

He continues,

“I was pretty sure Beau could run for President some day, and, with his brother’s help, he could win.”

Ouch. We learn that not only is Beau the embodiment of a perfected Joe Biden, his brother’s role is to help him secure the White House. Well at least there is clarity about his place in the pecking order.

Second Son Saga

The younger Biden’s story is like a made for TV movie, where the plot is so obvious one can’t help but wonder why the main character is oblivious to their bad decisions. In a July 2019 piece in the New Yorker, Hunter states,

“Everybody has trauma. There’s addiction in every family. I was in that darkness. I was in that tunnel—it’s a never-ending tunnel. You don’t get rid of it. You figure out how to deal with it.”

Hunter has serious addiction issues. He’s spent decades in and out of rehab. His addiction cost him his marriage, his Naval Reserve commission, and undoubtedly influenced his judgement. He relapsed multiple times, and engaged in risky behavior. Yet we are to believe that, despite being under the thumb of addiction, he always practiced sound judgement in his business dealings? That he never traded on his position as the son of a US Senator, and Vice President? No. I refuse to abide by that narrative, as will anyone who has lived with an addict. Every action is directly related to feeding or starving the craving. Addicts do not make good choices.

Hunter’s Fortunate Coincidences

Hunter’s connections have spared him the harshest penalties of his addiction, and insulated him from the ramifications of his choices. He admits to using cocaine as far back as his days in 1990’s Georgetown, from the New Yorker,

 he took up smoking Marlboro Red cigarettes, and occasionally used cocaine. Once, hoping to buy cocaine, he was sold a piece of crack, but he wasn’t sure how to take the drug. “I didn’t have a stem,” Hunter said. “I didn’t have a pipe.” Improvising, he stuffed the crack into a cigarette and smoked it. “It didn’t have much of an effect”

Fortunately for Hunter, his last name was helpful. Especially when it came time to get a job. This one coincided with his dad’s re-election campaign.

a job as a lawyer with MBNA America, a banking holding company based in Delaware, which was one of the largest donors to his father’s campaigns. At the age of twenty-six, Hunter, who was earning more than a hundred thousand dollars and had received a signing bonus, was making nearly as much money as his father.”

Incidentally, the son was running his father’s campaign while employed by one of the largest campaign donors. I’m sad that nobody reading this will be shocked. No wonder Biden’s son felt at ease engaging in opaque business ventures overseas during Joe’s time as VP.

and Connections

If Hunter has gotten a job on his own merits, it’s not well documented. It seems his employment has been obtained through high powered friends in political circles.

  • In 1998, he contacted William Oldaker, a Washington lawyer who had worked on his father’s Presidential campaign in 1987, for advice about how to get a job in the Clinton Administration
  • In late 2000, near the end of President Clinton’s second term, Hunter again consulted Oldaker, who was starting a lobbying business, the National Group. Oldaker asked the co-founder of the firm, Vincent Versage, to teach Hunter the basics of earmarking
  • In 2007 Hunter obtained a million-dollar note against his house from Washington First Bank, which was co-founded by Oldaker. (The house, bought in 2006, at $1.6-million. Purchased without a down payment, but authorized a mortgage for a hundred and ten per cent of the purchase price)
  • 2009, five months after Joe Biden became Vice-President, Hunter co-founded a second company, Rosemont Seneca Partners, with Christopher Heinz, Senator John Kerry’s stepson and an heir to the food-company fortune, and Devon Archer.
  • In 2012, Archer and Hunter talked to Jonathan Li, who ran a Chinese private-equity fund, Bohai Capital, about becoming partners in a new company that would invest Chinese capital—and, potentially, capital from other countries—in companies outside China.
  • Hunter joined the Burisma (one of Ukraine’s largest natural-gas producers) board in April, 2014. Vice-President Biden was playing a central role in overseeing U.S. policy in Ukraine.

Biden’s Son, Blame Trump

Ahhh finally, Ukraine. The subject of the Democrats latest witch-hunt on Trump. Looking at Hunter’s history with drugs, alcohol, exploiting his connections for personal gain, and the protection provided under his father’s position has afforded him…. Is it any wonder Trump took the opportunity to request the matter be reviewed by the current Ukraine leadership? Does it matter what his motivation is for asking? If a US citizen is violating US laws, albeit overseas, shouldn’t the US Government investigate? Not if that person is the son of the VP.

after Hunter’s role on the Burisma board was reported in the news, Jen Psaki, a State Department spokesperson, said that the State Department was not concerned about perceived conflicts of interest, because Hunter was a “private citizen.”

A “private citizen” who requested to join the Vice President on a trip to China, where he met business partners and arranged a meeting/photo op between his associates and the Vice President. Even by the Obama standards, this was highly questionable. According to a White House aide,

… Optics really mattered, and that seemed to be cutting it pretty close, even if nothing nefarious was going on.”

A Vice President boasts about meddling in the internal politics of a sovereign county, after a time when that country had reportedly investigated the business dealings of the company paying said VP’s son. If that son is Hunter Biden, all bets are off. To quote the White House aide, “Optics really mattered, and that seemed to be cutting it pretty close, even if nothing nefarious was going on….”


I Think Hunter is…. a Vile Person

Imagine the press if Donald Trump Jr’s divorce filing included the following:

“His spending rarely relates to legitimate family expenses, but focuses on his own travel (at times multiple hotel rooms on the same night), gifts for other women, alcohol, strip clubs, or other personal indulgences,” Kathleen Biden says of Hunter in the papers filed in Washington, DC, Superior Court on Feb. 23.


Kathleen’s papers do not name her husband’s purported paramours. She claims that if the court doesn’t rein in Hunter’s spending soon, she and the kids will soon be broke. Hunter has already “maxed out available cash advances” on his American Express credit card, the filing says. And the family is in a deep financial hole. They owe $313,970 in taxes, have a double mortgage on their home and recently bounced three checks to a housekeeper, according to the filing.”

As if it’s not bad enough to put one’s family in that financial bind, how about shacking up with your sister-in-law?  The divorce case doesn’t address that he bed hopped into the arms of his brother’s widow. But, because he’s Biden’s son, all the outrage is tampered down. Joe even gave his approval. If Hunter was Trump’s son, the coverage would be relentless.

Son of a Veep

The outrage surround Trump’s request of Ukraine’s President is not undue. It smacks of dirty politics. But what people are not addressing is why our own system allowed someone like Hunter Biden to continue to profit from his status as the son of a powerful politician. It is an affront on every level of meritocracy, a value we hold across political lines. Democrats have built their platform on the idea that their politics don’t allow privilege to prosper, and everyone is held to the same standard. They view favoritism and nepotism as something only done by Republicans.

Well, this proves they don’t follow their own rules. Biden’s son is a beneficiary of his father’s position. And a complicit media. Or as stated May, 2019 in The Nation:

If coverage of the Trump clan’s numerous imbroglios is beneficial to the public, a story about the man who may well become the next president, falls in the same category.”

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