Bail Reform Law Fails New York Jewish Community

Bail Reform Law Fails New York Jewish Community

Bail Reform Law Fails New York Jewish Community

The recent attacks on the Orthodox Jewish communities in New York has already exposed the yet-to-be-imposed so-called bail reform law as a failure.

Ostensibly, New York’s Democrat leadership – the feckless Governor Andrew Cuomo and the ethically-challenged Mayor Bill de Blasio among them – championed the law as “justice” for those too poor to make bail after being charged with a crime. You would think the solution would be to tell people to stop committing crimes, and then they wouldn’t have to worry about bail money. But nooooo, say the “compassionate” and “justice-minded” Democrats. The best solution to the problem is to stop asking for bail! It’s genius! It’s so simple! Why didn’t they do this before?

The liberal Brennan Center For Justice claims that the bail reform law will not affect the most violent felonies being charged. But then they admit, “yeah, there’s actually no provision to train the court for this change, so best of luck, guys.”

Despite the estimate that approximately 90 percent of arrests will result in release, the law did not provide funding for the implementation of bail reforms. This could prove problematic as many more people are expected to be under pretrial supervision, which will require training on the new rules as well as resources such as pretrial officers and technology to provide text reminders for court dates.”

The lack of training was apparent when the alleged attacker at the Hanukkah gathering in Monsey went before a judge. The prosecutor asked that the suspect be held without bail. The judge said she couldn’t do that, citing the new law, so she set bail for $5 million.

Even though the law doesn’t go into effect until January 1st, the courts know that Cuomo and de Blasio want this law to be enforced immediately. There’s a long, long list of charges, many of them violent, that will result in most people being released on their own recognizance with them pinky-promising (or whatever conditions a judge can impose) to come back to court. Sure. No wonder judges are completely lost as to what they can or can’t do. In the most recent attacks against the Orthodox Jewish community over the course of this last week, all three suspects that were arrested were promptly released without bail.

The most recent case of revolving-door justice came Saturday morning, with the release, with no bail, of a woman charged with punching and cursing at three Orthodox women, ages 22, 26 and 31, in Crown Heights, Brooklyn at dawn the day before.”

The accused assailant, Tiffany Harris, was hauled in handcuffs before a Brooklyn judge on 21 menacing, harassment and attempted assault charges.”

“F-U, Jews!” Harris, 30, of Flatbush, allegedly shouted during the attack.”

Brooklyn prosecutors didn’t even bother requesting bail Saturday, as they could have, given that the reform law, approved in April, technically doesn’t take effect until Jan. 1.”

“The de Blasio administration has made it clear that we all need to get into compliance with bail reform now,” said a law enforcement source.”

“If prosecutors had asked for bail, corrections would release them immediately,” or they would be sprung on Jan. 1, the source said.”

But the de Blasio administration responded that the DOC does nothing without a court order and can’t decide to release anyone.”

Brooklyn Criminal Court Judge Laura Johnson even made mention of the coming bail reform legislation in ordering Harris freed.”

So, how did that work out for Ms. Harris?

Awesome. Harris assaulted yet another woman on the street. But just keep letting her out, because all she does is slap women around, right?

But de Blasio is insisting that this is the right thing to do!

So, what is the mayor now proposing? We just need to sit the kids down and tell them that beating up Jews on the street is bad. And we have to make sure we get a program to do it, and put curriculum into the public schools to teach it. We’re going to “Cure Violence” as if it were the measles!

The suspect in the Monsey stabbings is 37 years old. Tiffany Harris is 30. The other arrested suspects are 43 and 28. These are not schoolchildren who can be told “violence is bad, mmkay?” and have it stick. This has gone far beyond that.

The Orthodox community has begun to realize that when seconds count, the police are minutes away. So some of them are going to protect their communities (as our own Marta advised), and New York gun laws be damned.

Yes, just imagine the optics of the state attorney general prosecuting Orthodox Jews for daring to protect themselves by openly carrying scary black rifles. Quite a deterrent, don’t you think? Is anyone going to come up and slap around someone holding a AR-15? Will anyone dare to bring a knife to a gun fight? This is what the Second Amendment was written for, and while some in New York are going to be upset, that’s just too bad – though I doubt that the authorities will stay quiet about it for very long.

New York’s bail reform law is already harming real people, and it isn’t even legally in effect yet. California passed a similar law, but the law is now subject to referendum by the people and will be on the November 2020 ballot. I hope California is watching what is happening in New York right now. If this bail reform law is not repealed or modified, we might be learning just how far the arm of the law reaches when it comes to enforcing gun control, or we might prove the adage that an armed society is a polite society.

Oh, and if you check that list of crimes that no longer qualify for bail under this law? It includes “criminal possession of a weapon on school grounds or criminal possession of a firearm” AND “criminal sale of a firearm to a minor.” Tell me again how New York takes gun violence and gun crimes so very seriously, again?

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  • Scott says:

    “Oh, and if you check that list of crimes that no longer qualify for bail under this law? It includes “criminal possession of a weapon on school grounds or criminal possession of a firearm” AND “criminal sale of a firearm to a minor.” Tell me again how New York takes gun violence and gun crimes so very seriously, again?”.. I know this is rhetorical, and that you (along with anyone with a functioning brain and critical thinking skills) understands completely that “gun control” is all about control, not guns.
    You are 100% correct that the govt. in general, and in leftist enclaves like NY in particular does not give a whit about the public, beyond the votes they can get, and that people will die because of laws like this.
    Years ago, I had a chance to take what I believed to be my dream job in NYC (and in many ways, it would have been), for a number of reasons, that didn’t happen, and seeing what is happening in that state now, I can only believe, even more strongly than I did back then, that God was watching over me, and guiding y decisions! I cannot imagine living in such a shithole.. NY and CA truly do seem t be in a race to see which state can become a third world country first.

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