Rolling Stone: Trump Is The “No Lives Matter” President

Rolling Stone: Trump Is The “No Lives Matter” President

Rolling Stone: Trump Is The “No Lives Matter” President

Does anyone read Rolling Stone anymore? This latest article is seriously making us wonder. Just when you thought the spin cannot get any worse from the left, along comes Jamil Smith.

First off, if I had to take a shot of whiskey every time I heard a token buzz word in this article, I would be rushed to the closest emergency room for alcohol poisoning. White Privilege. Racism. White supremacist. Toxic masculinity. Misogyny. Bigotry. Marginalized. Climate change…

As I pry myself out from under the table, Smith starts spinning the tale of Trump the Terrible with the wildfires in Oregon. Yes, this is tragic and scary.

The Rolling Stone gathers no moss to quickly jump to the defense of governor Kate Brown (of course, she’s a Democrat) and blame the President for not returning her phone calls in a timely fashion. Of course, Brown blames a “wind event” and climate change on the millions of acres burned.

Our state is ablaze for reasons much deeper than weather. For years, we’ve suffered from misguided priorities and dramatic failures of leadership. Now, the bill is coming due.”-Oregon Governor Kate Brown

The “bill” is coming due thanks to urban concerns of “ecotourism” and overgrowth-policies put in place by Democratic lawmakers, like Governor Kate Brown, in the states who want to hug these big, overgrown trees. But now, even though the fires in Oregon have been burning since August, Trump shows up late to the party and now, all of a sudden, wants to kill the very white people he claims to support because, yeah, the state of Oregon is 87 percent white.

This, according to the delusional writers on their laptops in their urban domiciles, equates with Trump’s desire to kill white people. Kill them all. Let it all burn. Even though some us distinctly remember a certain Governor and Mayor of the largest city in the great tree-hugging state of Oregon, wanting Trump NOT to intervene back in July.

But wait…there’s more:

He’ll guard federal employees from the scourge of terms like “white privilege” and “critical race theory,” and will keep children from learning about the country’s fraught history with racism by reading the New York Times Magazine’s 1619 Project, published last summer. The white suburbanites, he’ll protect from the supposed hordes of poor, black people who are threatening to further diversify their neighborhoods.”-Jamil Smith

Huh, Jamil? These white suburbanites you speak of did NOT vote for Donald Trump. These white suburbanites and their children are the VERY individuals threatening the diversification of neighborhoods by rioting and smashing windows in the name of “diversity”. These white suburbanites and their Democrat Demi-god governors and mayors (also, mostly white) are the ones who are encouraging this horrific behavior. They are the very reason that our cities now-once melting pots of diversity-are now looking like third-world $hitholes. THEY are the reason for increased crime. THEY are the ones who are trashing the place and going back to their suburban farmhouses to devise more plans of destruction. These people are the very people Trump is against.

And then, there’s Smith’s opinion piece would not be complete without a spin on COVID-19. Rolling, rolling, rolling…

The disease has killed more than 192,000 people to date, and yes, the toll has been disportionately heavy on black, Latina, and indigenous communities. Trump made it clear to Woodward that he couldn’t give a damn about us, scoffing when the author asked him whether they as white men of privilege have a duty to “understand the anger and pain” of black Americans. But Covid-19 has also killed tens of thousands of white people, which is something, theoretically, Trump would care about.”-Jamil Smith, The Rolling Stone

Let’s unpack this for a minute. Donald Trump told journalist Bob Woodward on March 19th that he wanted to play down the pandemic. He did not want to panic Americans. In reality, people and journos were already panicking. Did they ever think for one minute, as they took this out of context, that perhaps a panicked president is a severe compromise to the defense and security of our country? What, exactly was he supposed to do? Scream at the falling sky on national television? The journalists who picked apart every. Single. Word. at the Coronavirus briefings as racist would have been foaming at the mouth to talk about what a weak and panicked president Trump was at the onset of this pandemic.

As this sad tragedy unfolds, we hope that people will remember who was ultimately responsible when they check off their ballots in November. Democrat lawmakers in states that are burning right now. Democrat lawmakers in cities that are being destroyed. Democrat lawmakers who decried the president closing the border to and from China because this is where the virus came from. Democrat lawmakers who have been responsible for locking down businesses, caving to demands of teachers’ unions and shuttering schools and responsible for millions if jobs and dreams lost. Democrat lawmakers who encourage rich, white kids to go into urban centers in the name of “peaceful protest” in droves in the midst of a pandemic and infect the marginalized minorities they claim to stand up for.

Really, I hope some people, especially on my side of the country, will wake up and smell the burning stench in the air and remember the Democrats in charge of the left coast in November. I also hope they would consider The Rolling Stone next time there is a mass toilet paper shortage.

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  • rbj1 says:

    “Our state is ablaze for reasons much deeper than weather. For years, we’ve suffered from misguided priorities and dramatic failures of leadership. Now, the bill is coming due.”-Oregon Governor Kate Brown”

    I agree with Gov. Brown. Now which political party has been in charge of Oregon for years?

  • Quentin-Q Quill says:

    I don’t think most of the fires burning in Oregon have been burning since August. If you’d bothered to check you would have known this. And yes, there was a wind event that is thought to have started fires because of electrical lines. Meteorologists were warning about this wind event, which was strong winds coming in from Eastern Oregon, and there was much concern about this wiind event because of the dry conditions in Oregon.At least one of the large fires in Oregon was caused by power lines due to the wind.

    You could be right about the Rolling Stone article, but your lack of fack checking about the fires in Oregon makes me wonder about the accuracy of anything you write.

  • Quentin-Q Quill says:

    Here’s something I googled about the “wind event” Lisa wrote about: “The National Weather Service has placed Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington under a critical fire weather waring due to the confluence of high temperatures, low humidity, and rare easterly winds that are predicted to hit tupwards of 35 mph in the Portland area beginning in the late afternoon. It’s only the second time such a waning has been issued in Oregon according to a tweet from the Oregon Climate Office.” I’ve also read in a couple other articles that these types of winds from Eastern Oregon only occur a few times a century. So, yes, there was a wind event. Although I live a ways south of Porltand, I received the high wind warning on my phone, and we did have high winds,. Not too long after the high winds, a fire, which has grown to around 150,000 acres was spotted in the area. Ths fire was not burning in August. So, yes indeed, there was a “wind event,” and it most likely contriubted to some of the fires in Oregon. Do your homework next time about something that can be so easily checked like an unusual wind event.

  • 370H55V says:

    “Our state is ablaze for reasons much deeper than weather. For years, we’ve suffered from misguided priorities and dramatic failures of leadership. Now, the bill is coming due.”-Oregon Governor Kate Brown”

    Um, there hasn’t been a Republican governor of Oregon since Vic Atiyeh left office end of 1986.

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