Cops Ambushed: Will The Left Ever Disavow Black Lives Matter?

Cops Ambushed: Will The Left Ever Disavow Black Lives Matter?

Cops Ambushed: Will The Left Ever Disavow Black Lives Matter?

Will the Left ever disavow Black Lives Matter over attacks like this? Two cops were ambushed and shot last night outside a Compton train station. 

“Two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies are “fighting for their lives” after they were shot in the head in an ambush at the Metro station in Compton, officials say.

The incident happened Saturday at the Metro Blue Line station at Willowbrook Avenue and Compton Boulevard around 7 p.m. The location is a short distance from the Compton sheriff’s station.”

Both deputies are young. One is 24 and the other is 31 with a 6 year old child. Both were sworn in just fourteen months ago and work for the department’s transit services bureau. 

The attack was caught on video. It’s tough to watch, but necessary. 

Why is it necessary to see this? Because this was an outright unprovoked attack on our law enforcement. There was no reason for this attack. Period. 

Infuriatingly, we are seeing attacks like this as well as attacks on police stations themselves (Portland and Minneapolis as prime examples) being applauded and encouraged by the Left. The media themselves have gone into pretzel contortions to insist all the protests and the Black Lives Matter protestors are mostly peaceful and oh so misunderstood. 

Will the left, Democrats and media support the Black Lives Matter thugs who tried to storm the hospital and were blocking the entrance to the Emergency Room?

Let’s see, two transit cops are, according to these BLM jackasses, notorious gang members. Cops at the hospital are called pigs to their face. Watch additional videos by these “peaceful” punks here. 

“We hope they die!” Such an interesting and violent narrative. You want to know what Black Lives Matter is? THAT is who and what they are. They WANT violence! They WANT all police officers dead. They embrace lawlessness! 

And our political betters, by their silence are encouraging this! Two NYPD officers were shot in 2014 by a BLM supporter. Five Dallas PD officers were murdered in 2016 by a BLM supporter. This morning two LA Sheriff deputies are fighting for their lives because they were ambushed and shot. BLM supporters then tried to get into the hospital, while yelling obscenities and wishing for their death. 

Black Lives Matter is NOT a peaceful movement.  

Exactly. We have had protests all over the country for MONTHS. What has been the response from the Left? Appeasement. Yanking funds away from the police departments. Disbanding entire police divisions, hello De Blasio, and letting the violence go unchecked and essentially rewarded has and very likely will lead to more incidents like this if we don’t stand up and say ENOUGH. 

The LA County Sheriff department serves an immense area and a population of over 10 million people with only 18,000 employees, yet they too are facing calls to “defund the police.” 

“The LA County Board of Supervisors voted to put a measure on the ballot shifting up to $490 million of the county’s budget to social services in a move the sheriff likens to partially defunding his department.”

The NBA and the NFL are two professional sports organizations who are blatantly supporting Black Lives Matter. Their continued silence regarding the violence in our communities and against our police speaks volumes. The Dallas Cowboys weren’t allowed to wear anything in support of the five Dallas cops who were ambushed and killed, but this year the entire NFL is ALL about BLM. With hypocrisy on blatant display like that, do you think anyone from the NFL will speak up in support of two LA Sheriff deputies who were ambushed and shot last night? I’d be shocked if they did. 

Will any Democrat politicians denounce the BLM activists who tried to get into the hospital while yelling that they hoped the two cops would die? 

It took over twelve hours for Gavin Newsom to say something about this crime, and all he did was send out a lousy tweet. Same with Eric Garcetti, the LA Mayor. Were either of them asked about the ambush this morning on the Sunday talk shows? Were either of them asked about the BLM creeps at the hospital? Nope, both of them instead spent their time bitching about climate change, wildfires, and Trump being MEAN! 

Yes, tt was a rhetorical question. While two cops are fighting for their lives, don’t expect the political, media, and corporate Left to disavow Black Lives Matter, or Antifa anytime soon.You see, the left LIKES the violence and destruction that has been going on since May. If they didn’t like it, all the Democrat leftists would’ve spoken up LONG before this and shut the violence down.  

Feature Photo Credit: Video Screen grab via Fox News, cropped and modified 

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  • Paladin says:

    “ Will the Left ever disavow Black Lives Matter over attacks like this?” No.

    • dmpendragon says:

      Of course they will never disavow blm. Their sugar daddy soros wants this and is paying to make it happen. They are happy to play along as long as the money keeps rolling in.

  • TERRY L says:

    For those of you too young to remember you need to look up the Black Panther Party from the 1960’s. BLM is nothing more than a regurgitation of the Black Panther party. A party founded by black socialist militants who embrace communism and who vowed to convert and change America to their version of a socialist utopia dream. Their tactics have not change since the 1960’s. They still believe in the black superior race theory. They still call for the abolishment of the police. Their symbol is still the black clinched fist of revolt and revolution calling for the destruction and death of America. That is why they’re working so closely with Antifa because their ultimate goal is the same, to destroy freedom and our republic. By the way, if you donate to BLM you will be directed to a website call Act Blue. A company which has donated almost 120 million dollars to the DNC and Joe Biden. Very little, in fact none, of this money actually goes to help black families.

    • GWB says:

      They still call for the abolishment of the police.
      “Abolition”, actually, is the word. Which is really ironic when you think about it……

  • GWB says:

    Will the Left ever disavow Black Lives Matter over attacks like this?
    A piece of advice: Say “Black Lives Matter, Inc.”
    Because black lives do matter. All lives matter. But the problem is not the many folks who are a little misled into believing there’s some great cop conspiracy to keep black people down. The problem is the folks who stir them up, and those who believe the rhetoric entitles them to commit murder and mayhem. Those folks are BLM, Inc. (the actual organization).
    (It’s one of those bits of phrasing/framing that can help us and help to isolate the bad people on the other side, imo. It’s tactics.)

    They WANT all police officers dead.
    No. They just want cops that work for the current governments to die. So they can take over and impose their own police on the populace.

    Better word: collusion

    You see, the left LIKES the violence and destruction that has been going on since May.
    More like since 1968, but yes. They applaud breaking our society, so they can ride in as saviors and deliver their glorious utopia to us all. Fie on that.

  • dixieBelle says:

    Flip the race of the shooter, flip the victims to criminals or protestors instead of police officers…… the outrage and the call for President Trump to disavow would be huge and nonstop. Folks, when do we wake up and realize that a war has been declared on us? This is insane. The MSM, the Democrats, the idiots on the professional sports teams, large global corporations….all are fully committed to see America thrown in the “dustbin of history”.

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