Reagan, Unlike Trump, Didn’t Downplay Assassins, Says Los Angeles Times

Reagan, Unlike Trump, Didn’t Downplay Assassins, Says Los Angeles Times

Reagan, Unlike Trump, Didn’t Downplay Assassins, Says Los Angeles Times

The L.A. Times takes the cake for last night’s narrative, and harkens back to a comparison of the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan.

President Trump was brought to Walter Reed National Medical Center yesterday via Marine One.

Conspiracy theories ensued. The ghouls came out on Twitter. But this report from The Los Angeles Times is enough to make anyone want to hurl sharp objects. Yesterday afternoon, the L.A. Times, in an op-ed piece claimed, “When Reagan was shot, the country rallied around but he hadn’t spent months downplaying assassins”.

More money than it is actually worth, apparently.

When President Reagan was shot and nearly killed by a would-be assassin, the country rallied around him. But he also hadn’t spent eight months downplaying the threat of deranged gunmen.

With President Trump’s announcement that he and his wife had tested positive for the coronavirus, I thought back to the last time the country confronted a major presidential health scare and what we might learn from those dramatic few days in the spring of 1981.”-Del Quentin Wilber, The L.A. Times

Uh, which dramatic few days is Del Quentin Wilber talking about exactly? The few days after former President Reagan, just 70 days into his presidency, was shot? The students who cheered loudly when they heard the news? Liberals are the same then as they are now. There is one exception to this and that is the liberal media at least, in some way, tried to pretend they were unbiased back in 1981.

It’s a different ballgame now, you see. As The L.A. Times gloats upon these news events, at the expense of the health and well-being of Presidents past and present. The narrative spins something like this: Reagan gets shot and Liberals and Conservatives alike gather in prayer and in unity. Why? Because Reagan was a more likable character. Because Reagan did not deny the concept that a crazy lunatic with a gun may shoot him 70 days into his Presidency. Reagan never said armed assassins were a hoax. Reagan never said that they would shrivel up and die in the warm summer months.

But boy, oh, boy, did Trump downplay the ‘Rona! And, because he did, the current President, according to The L.A. Times and a large amount of other liberal outlets, does not deserve the unity that was seen in 1981 under the Reagan Administration.

Reports are stating that the President and FLOTUS are experiencing mild symptoms of the disease to include headaches, slight cough and fatigue.

Do we expect Trump to evolve, to empathize more with those who caught the virus? To date, there’s little evidence of that, but the example of Reagan might stand Trump and his White House in good stead.”-Del Quentin Wilber

And while The L.A. Times is basically saying they have no sympathy for Trump, The Hollywood collective tells Trump “Get Well” and throws in a “We told you so“. There they go again, being the same, smug whiny brats they always are and forever will remain.

But he downplayed an illness with a 99.7% recovery rate in healthy individuals. And this is why, according to The L.A. Times, Trump deserves to one, have COVID-19 and two (you might have to read in between the lines for this one), garner no sympathy and support from the American people or the Democrats.

And while Trump may have downplayed COVID-19 for whatever his reasons were, some say his reasoning was not to strike any more panic and fear into the American people, (the media and our Democrat governors were already doing a fine job of this), you know what the Democrats in our ravaged blue states and our “truth worthy” media were downplaying? The sheer depression individuals experienced because they lost their jobs. The increase of child abuse and domestic violence during lockdowns. The “peaceful protests” that turned into riots that have lasted for months on end. The uptick in crime due to these “peaceful protests”. The fact that our kids have been out of schools for going on seven months. All the result of Democrat policies and Democrat voters. This destruction was not at all downplayed by Trump but they certainly pushed all of it, and the ugliness that has ensued because of it under a mask.

So, forgive us if we are not buying The L.A. Times‘ ploy to not pray for our President and FLOTUS. Forgive us if we think the analogy of infection versus armed assassin is quite the stretch. They want to teach Trump a lesson. Their veiled attempt at comparing and contrasting two completely different scenarios in Presidential history is yet another ghoulish attempt to wish ill karma upon the President of the United States. It’s dressed up as “journalism” and “intellectual thought” because, well, they’re smarter. We hope Trump emerges from Walter Reed healthy, strong and ready to take on Joe Biden. And we hope the likes of the “journalists” and editors at The L.A. Times have a great time crying in their Clorox cocktails on November fourth.

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  • Csj says:

    Their vile “it’s his own fault” accusations are a slap in the face to the millions of people worldwide who have caught the virus and the ones that have died. If the POTUS is to blame for getting it, then so are they.

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