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#NuclearOption: The Democrats Throw A Tantrum After It’s Invoked [VIDEO]

#NuclearOption: The Democrats Throw A Tantrum After It’s Invoked [VIDEO]

#NuclearOption: The Democrats Throw A Tantrum After It’s Invoked [VIDEO]

As Deanna wrote here, the Senate Republicans made a move right out of Harry Reid’s playbook. Yes indeed, the nuclear option is once again a reality.

Senate Republicans on Thursday voted to strip Democrats of the power to filibuster President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, invoking the so-called nuclear option.

Senators voted 52-48 along party lines to change the Senate’s precedent, lowering the threshold for advancing Neil Gorsuch from 60 votes to a simple majority.

They then immediately voted 55-45 to advance the nominee to a final confirmation vote, which is expected to happen Friday afternoon after thirty hours of more debate.

One the Democrats, liberals, and the media just can’t handle. Below is just the tip of the nuclear temper tantrum iceberg:

Yes, Sanders is ‘deeply disappointed’ and ‘deeply concerned’… I guess life as he knows it is OVER!

Oh sure, NOW you are concerned about the fate of our Democracy? Little late to the party aren’t you? The media is only sure about one thing, blame Republicans! Or something.

I am still wondering why Fox News hired Marie Harf given idiotic statements like that. Then again, she’s not nearly as bad as good ole Sally!

Meanwhile liberals heads are exploding all over the place.

Oh really? Well guess what Planned Parenthood. We unequivocally OBJECT to you!

Good grief! Drama much? Oh wait, that’s Liz Warren’s purview as she went on a Twitter rant. Here’s a sampling.

Oh well.. hmmm. About those rules changes y’all are whining about? Exactly WHO was it again who put this nuclear option thing in place just a few years ago?

Oh well…that was then!

And Harry Reid told us we had to!

Senator Harry Reid

Today we have the liberal democrat establishment crying buckets of tears over the Republican’s use of the nuclear option.

They would LOVE for us to forget that this is something they hoisted upon us all back in 2013!

Senator Chuck Schumer tried to explain a few weeks ago that he regretted being in favor of the nuclear option. You and I know darn good and well that he was trying to buy time to get votes and really wanted to filibuster the vote on Gorsuch!

Never mind the fact that Schumer had ZERO problems with Judge Gorsuch ten years ago! The fact is, the Democrats have been, for years, all too happy to use the filibuster like a club when it comes to the Supreme Court nominees. Republicans, not so much.

The Democrat liberal establishment tried to use two sets of standards regarding Supreme Court nominees, and they failed.

Today the Republicans, led by Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) got a backbone and used the Democrats playbook against them.

Yes indeed. Elections do have consequences and the Democrats just got reminded of that in a very YUUUGE way. SAD!!

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  • parker says:

    When a democrat references sticking a knife into the heart of the republic you know it is total BS. They hate the concept of a republic. They want one LBGTEIEIO vote and then a dictatorship. Totalitarians down to the bone marrow.

  • GWB says:

    NARAL and PP are just so full of crap. And who changed the rules before? Yeah, that’s right, Democrats. Take a look at history in this country, and you’ll find it’s Democrats changing the rules to suit their agenda and their drive for power, over and over again. *smh*

  • GWB says:

    But if a SCOTUS nominee isn’t mainstream enough for 60 votes, he/she shouldn’t be confirmed.

    Here’s what it should say:

    If a Democrat won’t even vote for a mainstream SCOTUS nominee, he/she shouldn’t be in the Senate.

  • GWB says:

    The Democrat liberal establishment tried to use two sets of standards regarding Supreme Court nominees, and they failed.

    Have to disagree with this. They don’t have a set of standards at all, except this: All actions must increase the power of the state and the prestige and privileges of the aristocrat class. They won’t be truly happy until they have turned the United States into the Ancien Regime, and put all the dirty peasants under their boot.

    “How can you tell he’s a king?”
    “He hasn’t got any s–t on him!”

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