#Gorsuch: Cloture Has Failed, Nuking Imminent [VIDEO]

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#Gorsuch: Cloture Has Failed, Nuking Imminent [VIDEO]

#Gorsuch: Cloture Has Failed, Nuking Imminent [VIDEO]

The Democrats have cast 41 votes to avoid cloture, and the Senate is about to go nuclear. Again.

Schumer now lies in a bed of Reid’s making. Hope it’s comfy.

As Chuck Schumer throws his “woe is us” party

… please remember that he stood by Harry Reid’s side to push the nuclear option back in 2013. That’s him on the left, as Reid tells the press that he doesn’t care if the rules get changed to allow a simple majority for a Supreme Court nominee.

The “poor me, you big meanie” act that Schumer is trying to pull now is frankly, hysterical.
It’s all over but the shouting. Congratulations to soon-to-be Justice Neil Gorsuch, and to the Democrats for setting the precedent for allowing this to happen.

Because this is too good not to add.

And we are in motion to watch the boom.

Schumer is pouting.

I guess he didn’t mean what he said three years ago when he wanted to move things along “no matter who is in power.” Hmmm. Too bad.

And that’s all, folks….

McConnell will win this on a party-line vote.


The only thing left that is protected by a 60 vote cloture rule in the Senate is legislation. All nominees that need Senate confirmation are now going to be confirmed by simple majority.

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  • GWB says:

    But over the course of the hearing, in which Judge Gorsuch employed practiced evasions & judicial platitudes, the mood of our caucus shifted

    That’s just flat out a lie. You never intended to let him get by because of your pissiness about Garland. Admit it, Chuck, it’s all about the power to remake America into an aristocracy, with the Democrats being the noble house, isn’t it?

  • parker says:

    Oh snarky Chuckie, just admit you want to be the head of the politburo with the shrew dear leader inviting you to parties at the daca where the shrew dear leader and Huma whip you until whine about her shrewness as the most shrew shrewness in the mirror as everyone of us peasants must gaze upon her shrewness after we toil 16 hours a day for tiny cold water apartments, and eat our alotted 1600 calories and swill our alotted liter of vodka.

    In other words get a mirror and stick it where the sun does not shine, except in your case the sun shines occasionally.

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